Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Soviet Roots of Progressive Propaganda

Adam Baldwin inspired me to review some key propaganda concepts used by the communist movement. There are four keys to inspiring your comrades into emulating and propagating the message of totalitarian uniformity. These tenets are violated at the peril of those who are tasked with the creation of propaganda. (Special thanks to Maurice Friedberg for his work on this subject.)

Partiinost: obligates the creative person to eschew all pretense of objectivity and openly register his sympathies with positive values and hostility toward any opposing point of view. Opponents are portrayed as repugnant villains. Partisanship is a similar English term.

Ideinost: The requirement that propaganda embody a significant idea or "high seriousness." A similar English word may be ideological.

Narodnost: Popular accessibility in practice banishes overly difficult, intellectual and experimental art. Appeal to the lowest common denominator. In English we may say "keep it simple, stupid."

Tipichnost: Socialism is to be depicted "in its revolutionary development," it is to be "future-oriented." It is not that which is, admittedly, typical of today, but that which is to become typical tomorrow. English language socialists use the term "progressive."

Use these terms and see a pale, fear fall across the faces of those who wish to use them against you.  Use these terms descriptively. These terms are fun!

One example is the use of Partiinost to describe Alec Baldwin's rant against Florida. The state has made an effort to remove illegal aliens and dead people from voter roles. The far-left actor declared Florida to be "suppressing the vote."

UPDATE:Word Warrior had added to our soviet vocabulary with "Naoochni" or socialism is evolutionary and scientific

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