Monday, July 2, 2012

ObamaCare: Health Insurance in Any Color As Long As It Is Black

This is just a reminder that "progressives" are taking our country backwards and not FORWARD. It is clear that ObamaCare/ObamaTax is designed to force people off their employer sponsored plans and onto an eventual socialized single payer plan. This single plan is the equivalent of the famous Model T Ford. It came in any color, as long as it was black.



mystere's moonbat slayer club said...

These so called progressives remind me of Mr. Magoo driving a car: they're driving everyone into the ditch. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid didn't give a squat about ObamaCare's consequences; they're exempt from the disasters once they're retired from Congress and the Senate. They had the gall of not reading the 2000+ pages of the bill before shoving it down our throats.

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