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HBO's The Newsroom Finale: Tea Party is "American Taliban"

HBO's American Taliban

Last night's season finale of The Newsroom, "The Greater Fool," made the case that the progressive left has gone insane with hate for facts, math and especially the tea party. Aaron Sorkin, a musical theater major, uses the show to substitute characters' fictional credibility as "economists" and "moderate Republicans" to push progressive-left propaganda.

Behind a nice music track and lots of interpersonal relationship drama emerges a thinly veiled and uninformed political narrative. The insulting and incredulous nature of the show's political argument is breathtaking. Here are some musical theater versions of economic and political reality from the season finale:
  • Only drivers licenses and passports can be used as voter id. 
  • Debating the national debt is the cause of two U.S. credit downgrades, not the spending.
  • The tea party are the "American Taliban."
  • The tea party is responsible for the lack of compromise in Washington. (How was ObamaCare passed?) Here is a list of compromises from the right by fellow SLOB Blogger in Chief.
  • The tea party is xenophobic (racist) due to opposition to illegal immigration.
  • The tea party hates women despite being organized largely by women.
The clip of the tea party being called "The American Taliban:"

In defense of the Newsroom, this is not the first time that the left-wing "news media" has used this term. Here is The Ed Shultz show calling Rick Santorum the "American Taliban." wraps up the sentiment:
Will (Jeff Daniel's character) finally concludes the Tea Party is the American Taliban. When seen in that light perhaps the real enemy isn't some remote terrorist organization in Afghanistan. Our worst enemy has hijacked our government and is holding our country hostage.
Look closer at this article's title graphic. Without the music and the narrative, one might think it is referencing Al Gore, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi or Debbie Wassermann-Shultz. Maybe Aaron Sorkin believes America is stupid and believes anything when emotional music is playing.

America and President Obama would do well to listen to the tea party. The members of the tea party are more educated than the public at large. Personally, my financial education is in money, banking and investments. My goal in 2009 was to educate President Obama and the Democrat congress that, "raising taxes during a recession is doo doo economics." A New York Times article describes where the tea party placed blame in 2010:
But while most Americans blame the Bush administration or Wall Street for the current state of the American economy, the greatest number of Tea Party supporters blame Congress.
Surely, a larger proportion of tea party supporters blame President Obama at this point. However, we have not forgotten the Democrat and then Senator Obama's role in the economic collapse. Maybe Mr. Sorkin's failing memory forgot who took congress in January 2007 and what led to the 2008 collapse. Here is some background: Obama Lies About Creating 3 Million Jobs: Democrat Policy Since 2007.

The previously mentioned NYT article also points out that tea party members are not concerned for themselves, they are concerned for others:
But 55 percent are concerned that someone in their household will be out of a job in the next year. And more than two-thirds say the recession has been difficult or caused hardship and major life changes. Like most Americans, they think the most pressing problems facing the country today are the economy and jobs.
The debt and spending continues to drive tea party concern for America's future. The CBO recently warned of the "fiscal cliff" coming in 2013. It will kill 2 million jobs.

President Obama could have reached out to congress anytime. The President should have called a meeting to address this problem. It is he who will not compromise. Due to President Obama's amateurish behavior, Mitt Romney will inherit a much more damaged country than did Barack Obama.

Again the previous NYT article directly disputes the "American Taliban" slander of patriots:
Yet while the Tea Party supporters are more conservative than Republicans on some social issues, they do not want to focus on those issues: about 8 in 10 say that they are more concerned with economic issues, as is the general public.
The Newsroom actors are good. Jeff Daniels stands out, but the show's content is not edgy enough to be on HBO. It could be playing on any cable or network station. There is little sex, violence, senseless nudity or significant profane language. Maybe Aaron Sorkin's vision of an elect-Barack-Obama-at-any-cost show was turned down by the networks as propaganda. If so, well done network executives.

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Left Coast Rebel said...

Great post, I watched the first two episodes and turned it off after seeing what I expected - stupid leftist bias. I guess we shouldn't be surprised though, for a show that bases its "research" on Think Progress material:




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