Monday, August 13, 2012

Progressive Community Organizers Destroy Historic Park in San Diego

Once again the progressives have shown their disrespect for society. A historic lily pond in San Diego's Balboa Park was damaged and will cost thousands to fix.  The lily pads and the fish living in the pond may die. Those responsible for the damage face felony vandalism.

A "Midnight Water Gun Fight" event destroyed the pond as hundreds of people used the water as ammunition to squirt. The event was community organized by LGBT activist Ken St. Pierre and promoted by the San Diego progressive gay and lesbian community, and others. This is the second annual event according to the San Diego Reader. Police are looking for the organizers.

San Diego 10 News reported the following about the event:
But this group did more than squirt water at each other. They jumped into the lily pond.

Someone broke off a drainage pipe causing the pond to go nearly dry. A 10News viewer says more than three feet of water has been removed from the lily pond located in front of the Botanical Building in Balboa Park.

Park officials tell 10News that most if not all the koi in the pond will die, and they say the same goes for the lilies.
A video of the event is available and the comments are scathing:

Saul Alinsky was honored as his 'Rules for Radicals' was observed. The attendees had fun as the community organizers scored a win on facebook and yelp. Unfortunately, the park is for everyone. Destroying it shows disrespect by community organizers for the greater community. It also divides and inflames the political differences in America as illustrated by the comments on youtube.

A month prior to the the First Midnight Water Gun Fight in Balboa Park, my wife and I had our wedding pictures taken at the reflecting pool. It is one of San Diego's jewels. Sadly today, San Diego's newly wed couples, families and tourists were robbed of similar cherished memories as the pool was repaired.

This is a microcosm of the entire progressive lack of vision. Add it to Detroit, Chicago and everywhere progressives gain power. They are simply not concerned with consequences, only "me." If you stand in their way, you will be vilified, demonized and they will use any tactic to destroy you. That isn't American and those who promote, fund and buy into it are as guilty as those who community organize it.

Thanks to SDFCPUG we have archived information about the event.
San Diego 6 estimates the damages at $10,000.

To add more perspective on the community significance of Balboa Park's reflecting pool, here is another of my wedding photos.

Balboa Park Reflecting Pool BeforeBalboa Park Reflecting Pool After
Update 2: San Diego Politics
Republican mayoral candidate, and tea party favorite, Carl DeMaio's partner, Jonathan Hale, is a publisher at San Diego Gay Lesbian News. An article that ran on the website commented  "So yeah, this should be interesting!" about the event.  Democrat mayoral candidate Bob Filner took the opportunity to accused Mr. Hale of "criminal actions." ( )

Also of note:
An article that ran in Hale's publication on Thursday, which promoted the upcoming CityFest in Hillcrest, mentioned the water fight, which was originally supposed to take place at the fountain near Park Boulevard. The fountain was closed for maintenance.

Update 8/20/2012:
Marlene Williams of "Friends of Balboa Park" stated on KUSI News that the damage estimate is now $19,000 and $13,000 worth of donations have been collected. The fish and turtles were transferred to another pond and have all survived.


Anonymous said...

Google cache information of those who organized Water Gun Fight

The organizer of the 2nd Annual Water Gun Fight in Balboa Park, Ken St. Pierre, was the Sales Director at San Diego Gay and Lesbian news, which is owned by Jonathan Hale (partner of Carl DeMaio), and he's helped both Carl DeMaio's mayoral campaign, and Todd Gloria's city council campaign. In fact, SDGLN even reported on the event beforehand (​nment/2012/08/09/jim-winsor-o​ut-about-cityfest-festivities​-sunday ).

Anonymous said...

Ken St. Pierre
Travis Meyer
Iriz Stone
Jennine E. Estes
Christopher Walden
Jim Honeycutt
Matthew Hardick
Kevin Vanwanseele
Corinna Lewis

Here is a list of the names off the facebook page.

Doo Doo Econ said...

Thank you for the detailed information

Anonymous said...

And Ken St. Pierre's email:

from his FB page...

Mark and Patty of Crystal Pyramid Productions in San Diego said...

I do not appreciate your indictment of "progressives" in this story about the unconscious revelers who destroyed our iconic Balboa Park lily pond. I'm deeply incensed about what happened to the pond and its inhabitants (koi & lilies), and I happen to be progressive. Your vilification of progressives as a whole really does not add anything to your story and instead will just piss people off even more than the story already pissed us off. This is not the first time stupid people have done stupid things at the lily pond. Someone dumped their aquarium in the pond several years ago, killing off all the koi. It took years for the pond to flourish once more. And now this. It's unconscious "mob" behavior, perpetrated by members of the "Entitlement Generation," as seems apparent in the video. Nothing progressive about it.

Doo Doo Econ said...

Patty, Thanks for your comments. Are you aware of who organized this event, why they did it or who they are?

Surely, some idiot caused the major damage, but they organized an event where people squirted the water out of the pond.

If progressives cannot steward a lily pond for an hour, why should we trust them to steward our future?

K T Cat said...

Shove it, Patty. It was an orgy by the LGBT community. Watch the video, you dogma-blinded progressive dork. Had it been anyone else, we'd be debating hate crime legislation. Instead, they get whatever they want.

Anonymous said...

America transformed into Sodom and Gomorrah. When the stain of sin and its "agenda" permeates a country, its government leaders and the hearts of its citizens, this is what you get. Remember Lot was mobbed by sodomites so they could rape the angels of God, this landmark of our city is nothing to them.

Anonymous said...

lol at how butthurt Patty is

Rumbear said...

Publicized on Facebook.
Multiple videos of the event.
Mayoral candidate connection.
SDPD should have this solved in a year, maybe two.... said...

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