Sunday, September 16, 2012

Obama Graphics For Fellow Bloggers, Fair News and Other Truth Tellers

Obama Empty Chair Art
In light of recent events, we are issuing the following graphics to assist fellow truth tellers. We ask only an attribution link for your use. If you are generous with your links, we are including links to some related merchandise. In short, feel free to use these graphics and it doesn't matter if you agree with me or want to use them against me.
Free Speech

During the last 24 hours, President Obama's Injustice Department has arrested a man for making a bad movie. He was taken for "voluntary questioning." Luckily for him, On September 12, 2012, Judge Katherine Forrest ruled that the so-called “indefinite detention” provision of the fiscal 2012 National Defense Authorization Act violates the Constitution and issued a permanent injunction against its use. (h/t fellow SLOBsBeers with Demo, The Scratching Post, Temple of Mut, Beer with Demo )

Obama is Fake

Additionally, a CNN reporter tweeted an Obama Campaign donation link to his CNN followers. Before becoming aware of the CNN twitter story, stuck in a department store waiting area, CNN was viewed for about 2 minutes. CNN was running a story on "Why is Obama so Cool?" The vile campaign-ad-disguised-as-news included a segment explaining that Obama was cool in high school and adopted a Hawaiian slogan, "keep it cool" or some such thing. David Axelrod then touted the greatness of Obama's coolness. Next, President Obama pronounced in an interview that he didn't work in the evening because he was spending family time. He added that some people thought that he was disengaged from his duties, but it was actually due to the stage of life that his family is in.

The CNN reporter added that his daughters would be old enough to want their own space soon. The President confirmed that "they are already getting there" or some such thing. Most Americans work for a living, they are occassionally interrupted by work in their "off hours." Seemingly urgent items like Ambassadors being murdered and Navy Seals engaging in two-hour-long gun battles pop up at inconvenient times, even at 3 A.M. or prior to a Las Vegas trip. CNN disgusted me beyond my tolerance level.

So, in honor of the Obama campaign's #WarOn campaigns, lets end with some Halloween style graphics...
Obama Devil
Democrats to Zombies
Cant't Reason with Zombies
...have fun.


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