Monday, September 24, 2012

Shocking Photos of President Obama Released

Karl Marx and Barack Obama

Questions about President Obama's past have resurfaced with the revelation of several leaked photos. The above photo is apparently a meeting with Karl Marx. How can this be?

Apparently, apparently famous painter, Isaak Israiljewitsch Brodsky caught this moment between President Obama and Soviet Communist Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924) at Smolny, in 1930.
Vladimir Lenin and Obama

This could be Chinese communist Mao Zedong as a boy with Barack Obama. 
Chairman Mao with Barack Obama
More recent photos are just as disturbing but for an entirely different reason. The woman in the photo was tracked to this website. Truly shocking...
President Obama with Woman

Hat Tip: Karin


Leslie Eastman said...

LOL X 1,000,000. Too funny! :)

Dean said...

Hilarious. Nice work.




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