Thursday, October 4, 2012

America's The End of the Beginning


To those who have worked and prayed to save America over the last several years, today is your day.

Intrade still shows Barack Obama as the favorite in the election and the election is not over. However, things have changed. The polls may not reflect the change yet, but the media will reflect last night's debate.

Terrorism, murders, lies, incompetence, fraud, greed, and failure have been covered-up and unreported. Every news outlet in America has Obama related stories that have been neglected. A simple search of this blog or those of my fellow bloggers will reveal at least a dozen major stories that need to be covered, including Scytl. Each and every one of these stories is like a reservoir of truth dammed by the gatekeepers in the media.

The dam just cracked.

Every small ounce of support, each fact learned, every moment spent, each t-shirt worn, every time you stood up for the truth, each sign waved, every right defended, each bumper sticker displayed, every link shared, each message tweeted and email sent has led to this moment.

Mitt Romney did a great job, but without you he would not have been in place to challenge President Obama. Many of us did not support Mitt at the outset, but we have forced him to be better.Whether you are a tea party supporter, a Ron Paul or a Gary Johnson supporter, you had a hand in shaping what just happened in the first presidential debate in Denver.

Winston Churchill,
Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.
America is not a place or an era, it is the idea of individual freedom. America is the culmination of western philosophy. It is the idea put forth in the U.S. Constitution that all men are created equal. That we are not either kings or slaves by birth, but citizens with God given rights. Rights that our government is established in order to protect.

These rights of Americans are individual, but hold a higher purpose. These rights hold the highest moral purpose, freedom. The freedom to choose to be good and do what is right. The freedom to stand up for what you believe and help guide humanity by your words, actions and sacrifices. The freedom to choose to stand by your God and to help those in need. The freedom to preserve, protect and defend freedom for humanity's future.

You may not hear this elsewhere, but you are an American hero. You are hope.

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