Friday, November 9, 2012

Post Election Thought

Spot Gold Prices Rise Post Obama Reelection

Since the reelection of President Barack Obama gold prices have begun to rise and the Dow Jones Industrial Average has fallen below 13,000. This reflects the prospects for the country moving forward, at least in the minds of business leaders. So how did President Obama win?

Dow Jones Falls Post Obama Reelection 2012

I turned over some research to my friends at on the Virginia military vote. Look for this article in the days to come. However, I want to mention a more apparent trend in the election.

Conservative men did not show up to vote, at least in California.

Ron Paul Supporter blocked from talking by Romney Supporter
It is my assumption that many conservatives have left California for greener pastures in Texas. Additionally Republican Mother over at Left Coast Rebel reports that Ron Paul supporters refused to vote for Mitt Romney after the Republican Convention.
All these factors led to Ron Paul supporters taking the solemn "I'll never vote for Romney" oath. There was no blood involved, it was more of an internet pinky pledge.But after being maligned as potheads for pointing out that the War on Drugs is leading to a police state that will consume us all, all of liberty voters said, ya know what? Knock yourselves out-without us! CHEATERS NEVER WIN!
Additionally, Gov. Gary Johnson received 1.1 million votes, representing the Highest Vote Total Ever for Libertarian for President.

Both libertarians and Ron Paul supporters tend to be male. This may account for some of the lower turn out from conservative men.


B-Daddy said...

Nice analysis. However, the vote totals for Gary Johnson would not have put Romney over the top, but would have made up half the ground. However, I don't know if all of his votes would have gone to Romney. Some of Johnson's votes surely came from the anti-war left. How many? Significant? I have no way of knowing right now.

I think the turnout issue you mention is a much bigger factor. Keep up the great work on this blog.

K T Cat said...

Barack Obama won for two reasons.

1. We nominated a weasel. Without an enormous bankroll to run a slash-and-burn campaign in the primaries, Mittens would never have gotten to the general election.

2. People haven't felt the pain of $1T+ of annual deficit spending yet.

Doo Doo Econ said...

Thanks for the comments!

I was pretty tame in this post, and it has since come to my attention that some people may have chosen to stay home due to Mitt Romney's religion. That is pretty shocking to me.




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