Monday, January 14, 2013

I Want My Buck and a Half Back

Congressman Mike Thompson

Congressman Mike Thompson wants to give us our tax money back. He offered a man named Patrick Mulhany "a buck and a half" during a recent public forum on "gun violence." The money seems to be in compensation for not representing the man's point of view on gun control. As you know, congressmen are elected to represent the people, but only because of their tax based salary.

Congressman Thompson was brave enough to hold a public forum on stopping "gun violence" in Santa Rosa, California. During the proceedings many people made excellent points and offered interesting supporting facts. The entire episode is available on C-SPAN titled "Gun Violence Prevention Public Forum."

Patrick Mulhany was interrupt by Congressman Thompson. When Mr. Mulhany reminded the Congressman that his job is paid for by his constituents, the congressman offered a refund. Here is a short clip of the event, titled "Buck and a Half Back." (

Contact Congressman Mike Thompson by clicking here and ask for your "Buck and a Half Back." It is not clear if the offer is good for everyone or just Mr. Mulhany.

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