Friday, January 25, 2013

ObamaCare Insurance Denied for Gun Owners

Our report on the intersection between ObamaCare and Gun Control entitled "ObamaCare Insurance Will Not Cover Gun Owners" outlines a theoretical strategy in which the second amendment of the constitution may be subverted.

This approach has three steps, which you can review in the previous article in more detail.

  1. Link health and gun ownership in the media and public perception
  2. Classify guns as a public health issue
  3. After ObamaCare becomes America's "single-payer" for health insurance, deny gun owners health insurance coverage.
The following C-SPAN clip serves as evidence of steps one and two. It is only 30 seconds in length and outlines the intentions behind the Youth Promise Act. Unfortunately, I was not able to embed the clip, so click the image below.

Rep. Bobby Scott, Democrat Virginia 3rd District

The full C-SPAN program can be reviewed here. If you REALLY want to go overboard, here is another hearing on gun control by the same group of anti-civil rights activists.

Update 4/1/2013: 

Democrats propose $10,000 fine for gun owners who do not have firearm insurance.

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