Monday, April 15, 2013

Patriot's Day Attacked - Saudi Suspected

Patriots Day
Explosion at Boston Marathon Finish Line

Update 4/17/2013: 

The Saudi national being held reportedly has family in Al Qaeda. He was not cleared. Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi is to be deported to Saudi Arabia.
According to ICE the reason is under section 212 3B -- "Security and related grounds" -- "Terrorist activities."


The Saudi person of interest is now cleared.


CBS reporting bombs were placed in trash cans, and surveillance video exists of male carrying suspicious bags.

Phones in Boston were shut down to avoid remote detonations.

Injury total increased to 134, death total has increased to 3 with up to 21 in critical condition.

Boston PD and FBI sources have conflicting statements on the Saudi man described as a Suspect by the New York Post. CBS reports that the man is "in custody," cooperating and denying involvement.

Third explosion was reportedly just a fire, but between 4 to 5 bombs were placed in total.


Initial report Saudi National suspected
Police also confirmed that there was a third explosion, at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. 

Original Post:

Patriot's Days commemorates battles of Lexington & Concord set off by British raid on Colonial Militia ammo stores. It is a state holiday in Massachusetts. Celebrations include the Boston Marathon and an annual Boston Red Sox day game.
Boston Athletics Association Boston Marathon 2013

Shortly after the Red Sox game ended, about four hours into the Boston Marathon at least two explosion occurred. One explosion happened at the finish line. At the moment, two people are reported dead and twenty-three injured.

It appears there were four devices, of which two detonated.

My instinct is that this is not an organized right/left domestic terrorist attack. Right wing groups would not target Patriot's Day or civilians. Waco and Oklahoma City occurred on 4/19, not 4/15. Left wing anarchist groups linked to Occupy have been making bombs, but target infrastructure like bridges and banks.

The few groups with obvious motivations for such an attack.

  • Islamic Jihadists who are offended at the president's SOTU statement that Al Qaeda is a "shadow" of its former self. 
  • Environmental Extremists who are looking for attention as their movement has been discredited.
  • There may be a new group related to drug gangs. They have been targeting law enforcement for assassination. There was a large police presence on Boylston Street.
  • The "Don't let a crisis go to waste crowd." This group will be the focus of people following the strange movement of gold, stocks and other inexplicable occurrences on the international stage of late.
  • A straight out sovereign state enemy of the United States. North Korea, Iran, Syria, etc.
  • Waco, Texas occurred on Patriot's Day 1993.

We can be sure that the undetonated bombs will be tracked back to the source quickly.

Excuse the mainstream media's ads:

  • First bomb explosion video here.
  • Second bomb detonation here.


tracy two crows said...

The Saudi has been cleared,so you can throw THAT one out the window..Sorry,but all signs point to yet another Right Wing Terrorist attack.The fact the perpetrator designed it so that lower extremities would be blown off is VERY telling,as Those on The Right's favorite Line is"to cut Big Government by Liberals off at it's knees".

Patriot day,Tax day,in one of THE most Liberal cities in the nation,combined with today that was supposed to be a National"Call Out Day on Congress'for more Gun control&now canceled,and a GOP/TEA Mississippi Congressman receiving a Ricin filled letter by a Tea Taliban terrorist angry at him after voting with Dems for better background Checks&Gun control.It all adds up to the Tea Taliban reigning more death&destruction down on the American people.

It's also the Anniversary of OK City with McVeigh,Waco,Columbine was also this week,along with so many more examples there isn't enough space to fit them all.

The Republican Party is no longer anywhere NEAR sane,nor is it a Legitimate Political Party.It is now a Steeplejacked Traitor organization full of modern day Nazi's made from former Nazi's(Look up Bush Family,JP Morgan&the Koch Brothers family's fun record of Treason of trying to overthrow The U.S Government&install a Fascist Theocracy when FDR was in office&supporting Hitler&getting Busted for it during WWII in The Congressional Record).If you still support them after that,then you sir ARE a Traitor as well.

They are Terrorists looking to make America into a Totalitarian Fascist Theocrat Corporatocracy,and have been for for over 40 years.Eisenhower was the last true Republican.I should know,I grew up in it&my family is still very much a part of it,&help build it,hence why I left so very long ago.I suggest you do the same.America needs TRUE Citizens who care for EVERYONE,NOT just white,wealthy,straight Dominionist Christian Males.

Doo Doo Econ said...

Sorry Tracy. MSNBC strikes out again.

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