Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Democrats Ask Zero Questions on Benghazi Events In Hearing

Nordstrom, Hicks, Thompson

During the Benghazi hearings on the Al Qaeda attack on an American consulate in Libya the Democrats have not asked a single question about the attack. Despite four dead American patriots, the Democratic Congressmen and women have failed to address the issue at all.

The leading Democratic Congressman in the hearing, Elijah Cummings of Maryland, began by stating his support for the whistle-blowers who testified. However, it appears that his statements were intended to be a veiled final effort to offer amnesty in exchange for silence.
Other Democrats attempted to provide cover for Hillary Clinton, then Secretary of State. One towering man who testified as a "whistle-blower" is named Eric Nordstrom. Mr. Nordstrom was the Libyan Regional Security Officer for the State Department during the attack. The security officer battled tears as he countered Hillary Clinton's claim by stating "It Matters!"

Eric Nordstrom

Gregory Hicks, Foreign Service Officer & Former Deputy Chief of Mission in Libya:
"My Jaw Dropped" when Susan Rice went on TV saying there was a protest in Benghazi related to a video.
Mr. Hicks has been praised by President Obama shortly after the attacks in Benghazi. He informed the State Department and senior Libyan officials asking for assistance throughout the attacks on September 11th 2012. Rep. Elijah Cummings repeatedly attempted to push against Hicks by stating that the U.S. military air power could not have arrived over Libya during the attacks. This is in direct opposition to the fact that drones were flying over the attack for several hours. It is nonsensical when one considers that the revolution in Libya relied upon U.S. air power.

The people on the ground who make security decisions were not able to get the resources needed to defend themselves and Ambassador Stevens. President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton decreased resources and then denied requests to save Americans surrounded by terrorists on American soil. The administration then lied about the situation. After that, the administration obstructed the investigation of the events in Benghazi both materially and through political proxies.

Cheryl Mills and Hilary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's right hand Cheryl Mills was directly referenced as the point person in the cover-up and silencing of whistle-blowers.


Dean said...

I'm not sure what more evidence the deniers want that this represents a cover-up.

K T Cat said...

Does Hillary even know what the truth is any more? About anything?

Anonymous said...

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