Monday, May 13, 2013

Old Glory Petraeus Fired for Opposing Benghazi Coverup

Old Glory Gen. David Petraeus

CBS News Benghazi Reporter Sharyl Attkisson discusses the departure of General David Petraeus shortly after opposing the cover-up talking points memo as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Recently, the administration has attempted to use the CIA as a CYA by falsely claiming that the White House made only minor changes to talking points that originally identified the attack as terrorism. The Obama administration attempted to focus the American people on a false narrative accusing a youtube video for the Benghazi, Libya attack. An innocent video producer was arrested, he remains in jail and mothers of dead American patriots were lied to face to face while standing over the caskets of their fallen sons.

Sharyl Attkisson

Sharyl Attkisson discusses the fact that emails now show that Gen. Petraeus, as the Director of CIA, was unhappy with the final, misleading talking points memo used to deceive the American public. She also reminds us that Petraeus promised the release of declassified drone video footage of the Benghazi attack. Since the departure of the former General from the CIA, the drone footage has been withheld.

The White Washing of Benghazi

You may recall that we had high hopes in November 2012, post election, that David Petraeus would offer the truth on the Benghazi story. He did not give a full account, which was disappointing, but he did lay some breadcrumbs toward the truth. Now it seems that he may have been in position to be blackmailed which affected his ability to be forthright.

More revelations on Benghazi will be forth coming either today during the President's press conference or when the Accountability Review Board is heard by the House of Representatives.

Please show support for Sharyl Attkisson who has been doing an excellent job as an investigative reporter on the Benghazi story. Reports indicate her job at CBS News is on the line. Twitter profile HERE.


K T Cat said...

Wow. I wonder if this story will go anywhere now. I also wonder if the IRS story will go anywhere. When a guy taking a scissors to the backs of babies' heads for 17 years doesn't get any play, it's safe to wonder what will.

Anonymous said...

well, at least now we know why petreaus was outed with this biographer/girlfriend.

it never made sense to me that this just happened.

it was in retaliation for his wanting the truth.

Anonymous said...

she now is reporting that her computer has been possibly hacked. my my. what a coincidence. and quite chilling.




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