Sunday, June 2, 2013

Intimidating The Tea Party

Tea Party tiananmen square Tank Man

In honor of President Obama's administration attempts to silence and demonize critics, we created a new branding of the tea party movement. It is a given, President Obama is not using tanks to intimidate and silence. However, unions thugs, PR agencies, government agencies and internet bullies have been used by the left to demonize patriotic Americans concerned for our country and freedom.

Tea Party tiananmen square Tank Man Simple

Personally, my home was vandalized with fecal matter. Other tea party members have been subjected to intimidation from the IRS, EPA and other government agencies. While it would be difficult to prove the president's direct involvement in these matters, at least the IRS scandal may be directly linked via IRS union officials. Further, the many demonizations and mischaracterizations which have come directly from the president have created an atmosphere of intimidation across the country.

Furthermore, the Department of Homeland Security is buying up huge piles of ammunition, after reports pointed to "patriot groups" and former military as possible terrorists. With regard to Islamic Supremacist terrorists, the president is arming terrorists while disarming Americans. Finally, a foreign company named Scytl may have suppressed the military vote during the last election. Election fraud not investigated because progressives used chants of racism to focus the conversation on voter ID.

Tea Party tiananmen square Tank Man Full Color

Please let us know which version of this graphic you prefer. After perfecting the best version, it will be put on merchandise at and made available to purchase.


Examples of lefty tweets,  some directed at @DooDooEcon

@SpaceCheef Go Fuck Yourself

@SpaceCheef Asshole

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K T Cat said...

In all fairness, you have to admit that Amarlie makes a good point. I don't see a way to rebut it.

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