Thursday, June 6, 2013

IRS Targeted Conservatives To Suppress Vote


The IRS targeted conservative organizations to suppress their ability to collect money as charity organizations. Without adequate funding, conservative groups were less effective at educating voters on basic political topics. Progressive charity organizations were given special consideration in being granted charity status. This dichotomy biased the 2010 and 2012 elections by suppressing the conservative vote while simultaneously assisting progressive voices.

The facts of the matter become even more dire when one considers the power and money of unions on the political left. It has become clear that the anti-Tea Party IRS union (National Treasury Employees Union) was the vehicle used by the President to "punish opponents" in this targeting scandal.

The New IRS
American Spectator Obama and the IRS: The Smoking Gun?:
“For me, it’s about collaboration.” — National Treasury Employees Union President Colleen Kelley on the relationship between the anti-Tea Party IRS union and the Obama White House
March 31, 2010.
According to the White House Visitors Log, provided here in searchable form by U.S. News and World Report, the president of the anti-Tea Party National Treasury Employees Union, Colleen Kelley, visited the White House at 12:30pm that Wednesday noon time of March 31st.

The White House lists the IRS union leader’s visit this way:

Kelley, Colleen Potus 03/31/2010 12:30

In White House language, “POTUS” stands for “President of the United States.”

The very next day after her White House meeting with the President, according to the Treasury Department’s Inspector General’s Report, IRS employees — the same employees who belong to the NTEU — set to work in earnest targeting the Tea Party and conservative groups around America. 
Triangle of TyrannyAt this point, we could go into the history of Chicago voter fraud, the massive number of voter fraud convictions related to the 2012 election or the history of the Progressive movement as an attempt to gain power through uneducated, impoverished immigrants in the 1890's. The point, educated voters are not helpful to the left. Progressives rely upon the now famous "47%" of people receiving tax money.

President Obama won the 2012 election with 51.85% of voters. It is conceivable that the IRS targeting of conservative groups influenced at least 1.85% of the 2012 vote.

With these facts in mind, we must raise the question: Was the 2012 election legitimate?


The left's social-psychology team has been throwing bad defenses against the wall attempting to minimize the consequences of this exposed voter suppression effort. Another progressive effort is to demonize the victims of the targeting.

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