Saturday, June 22, 2013

ObamaCare Finances AstroTurf Union Event in San Diego

We Will Be Heard Astroturf

On Tuesday, June 25th at 7:30 AM ObamaCare busses will pick up, feed, deliver and pay AstroTurf all over San Diego, CA to participate in a union rally. Tax money is financing this effort because it relates to union pay increases for home care workers. It is all part of the corruption of health care via the Affordable Care Act.

The following email calls for community organizers to find poor and Spanish speaking people to participate in the rally. We redacted some information to respect privacy. Highlights, bold and underline are ours. Click to enlarge.

Community Organizer APB for Astroturf

The group organizing the event, the UDW, included the fliers in English and Spanish.  It is an "all points bulletin" to other community organizers to help find and bus in people who have no idea what the rally is even about. In truth, it is about union pay raises from the County Supervisors. Here is the list of bus pick up points:
ObamaCare AstroTurf Bus

Pick up locations:

H Street Trolley Station
745 H Street
Chula Vista, Ca 91910

Palm Avenue Trolley Station
2340 Palm Avenue Nestor, Ca 92154

K Mart Parking Lot
5405 University Avenue San Diego, Ca 92105

K Mart Parking Lot
935 Sweetwater Road
Spring Valley, Ca 91977

24 Hour Fitness Parking Lot
College Grove Shopping Center
6348 College Grove Way San Diego, Ca 92115

**All busses will depart at 7:30 a.m.

Astroturf Get on The Bus

Financed By ObamaCare

This is a common, despicable and dishonest union/far-left tactic. What is more outrageous is that we uncovered evidence that this may be financed by ObamaCare tax dollars. Nearly $200 million secretly funneled to unions and far left groups in California alone as "outreach" for ObamaCare. The process in California's one party system is so corrupt that the legislature made the funding exempt from Califonia's open-records laws.

The groups involved in the ObamaCare "outreach" program met with Governor Brown on February 1st, 2013 to strategize in a "HEALTH CARE REFORM STAKEHOLDER GROUP."  The not-so-public meeting included the following agenda items (per  DOnetworks):
*      Such an expansion of Medi-Cal eligibility could add over 1.4 million more persons to the Medi-Cal program by 2019 according to the Brown Administration and legislative budget committee staff analysis. The state's current Medi-Cal enrollment is over 8.3 million persons. Under 2 million of that number are persons with disabilities (including developmental), the blind and seniors.

*      Sometimes referred to as "Obamacare" but formally known as the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act", the landmark federal law authorized, but after last June's US Supreme Court ruling, did not require, the states to implement such an eligibility expansion of their Medicaid program.
Included in the discussion are the major recipients of ObamaCare "outreach" financing, including the organizers of the previously mentioned AstroTurf busses:
AFSCME/UDW - Dion Aroner
Community Health Councils - Lark Galloway-Gilliam
SEIU - Jon Youngdahl

To ensure the information is not scrubbed from the internet, we saved the entire announcement in a pdf here.

How The Money Is Funneled 

The money is exchanged between ObamaCare, far-left community organizers/unions and illegal immigration/amnesty by linking ObamaCare Exchanges to Voter Registration.  Health insurance exchange enrollment “assisters” are paid $58 for each enrollee they sign up. With an additional $49 million budgeted for pay in the first year. In future years, "assisters" will be paid from the premiums collected by the exchange.

You can be sure that no tea party groups will be given money for enrolling and registering people by the state of California. The following announcement to progressive community organizers explains more:
State Health Insurance Exchange To Be Voter Registration Hub
MAY 17, 2013

On Wednesday, California Secretary of State Debra Bowen (D) made California the first state to designate its health insurance exchange as a voter registration agency -- a move that some Republicans fear could benefit Democrats, the Sacramento Bee reports(Sanders, Sacramento Bee, 5/17).
The exchange's designation as a voter registration hub means that millions of Californians who contact Covered California will be given an opportunity to register to vote.

Velayas said, "This is about making sure that all eligible Californians are offered the chance to register to vote."

GOP Response

Senate Minority Leader Robert Huff (R-Diamond Bar) said that he supports the idea of Californians registering to vote but that targeting specific populations creates the possibility of a partisan advantage.

Powerline blog reviews an Investors Business Daily (italics) expose on corruption of the political process through ObamaCare. The article "HOW OBAMACARE IS BEING USED TO CREATE A PERMANENT DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY":

" “Outreach” is budgeted at an astonishing $190 million through 2014. So what is outreach?
California lawmakers passed a law (Senate Bill 35) requiring that voter registration be  part of the health insurance exchange.

Last month, Covered California announced $37 million in grants to 48 organizations to build public awareness about the opening of the health exchange on Oct. 1.

Of the 48 organizations that got grants, only a handful are health-care related. The California NAACP received $600,000 to do door-to-door canvassing and presentations at community organizations.

Service Employees International Union, which says its mission is “economic justice,” received two grants totaling $2 million to make phone calls, robo-calls and go door to door.

The Los Angeles County Federation of Labor AFL-CIO got $1 million for door-to-door, one-on-one education and social networking. It describes its role as “engaging in both organizing and political campaigns, electing pro-union and pro-worker candidates.”

Community Health Councils, a California organization with a long history of political activism against fracking, for-profit hospitals, state budget cuts and oil exploration, got $1 million to conduct presentations at community and neighborhood meetings and one-to-one sessions.

These organizations, closely allied with the Democratic Party, are being funded by your tax dollars to conduct “outreach,” meaning the kind of phone banking and door-to-door canvassing that activists do to turn out the vote. They will turn out the uninsured to enroll on the exchanges and in the Democratic Party.
So the outreach is funded by federal taxpayers, but California doesn’t have to tell you where the money went. The level of corruption we are seeing these days is breathtaking. The IBD editorial concludes:

What is known so far suggests that California politicians are exploiting health reform to enroll millions of the uninsured in the Democratic Party and fill the coffers of left-wing interest groups with taxpayer money. …

The template is repeated in every state. The Obama health law creates a permanent stream of funding for unions and community activists by outsourcing insurance enrollment to them.

Assisters will also guide the uninsured to sign up for whatever non-health social services they may be eligible for, including welfare, food stamps and housing assistance, according to the manual prepared by the Community Health Councils for California’s implementation.

Anyone who remembers the days of James Curley, Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall gets the picture. If you were poor or a newcomer to this country, you went to the local ward boss and got whatever you needed in exchange for your vote.

The difference is that back then, politics was local. Now the Obama health law is institutionalizing this corrupt style of politics across the country. Whether you live in California or New York, local community activists and unions will be recruiting people to enroll in ObamaCare and sign up to be part of the permanent, beholden Democratic voting majority.
The country is truly in dire straits. How could things possibly get worse? Well, we could import 40 to 60 million low-skilled, low wage immigrants over the next ten years–talk about a fertile field for “outreach!” Nah, we couldn’t possibly be that stupid."

We agree. This corruption links ObamaCare, open borders, illegal immigration/amnesty, union AstroTurf and tax payer money. It beyond shameful and corrupt. We need your help in exposing this to the world!

About 25% of this article suddenly disappeared. Let's chalk this up to "technical glitches." We restored the lost section from a backup.


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