Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dirty Old Mayor Bob Filner Awaits Costumed Comic-Con Girls

Cosplay Girls of Comic-Con

Cosplay Girls beware of San Diego Mayor Bob Filner.

San Diego wonders why the mayor refuses to step down amid widespread accusations of sexual harassment. Mayor Filner appointed Walt Ekard as Interim Chief Operating Officer for the city, but did not relinquish his title. The answer is obvious, his title is a "dirty old man" pick up line. Bob Filner is waiting to use the Mayor title to grope unsuspecting costumed women at San Diego Comic-Con 2013!

We write this jokingly, but with concern. Here is a video with the details of the sexual harassment accusations. Fellow SLOBS author W.C. Varones comments on the situation in Partisanship Over Perverts.

Bob Filner Joker Face
At Comic-Con, the "Dirty Old" Mayor may be in Joker make-up or wear a tall hat with the words "Mayor of Comic-Con" emblazoned. We don't believe he is aware of the "Free Hugz" craze, but maintain your distance.

Cosplay Women about to be Groped by Spiderman
Spiderman caught about to grope cosplay girls
Prior to becoming Mayor, Filner might have attended Comic-Con as Spiderman. This is based upon the web-shooting superhero's ability to capture victims in his web. The mask includes large eye covers to conceal his creepy staring. Lastly, the Spiderman's hand gesture can be used to say "come-hither" or grab a breast.

Chewbacca Demonstrates the Filner Dance
Chewbacca Demonstrates the Filner Dance
Here is an overview of the sexual harassment accusations. In public settings, Mayor Filner puts his arm around women's shoulders and leads them to a private area in a move known as the "Filner Headlock." He then attempts to kiss and stick his tongue in their mouths. The women avoid and move away. San Diego calls this the "Filner Dance." Then, Mayor Filner pulls the women even closer and on at least one occasion grabbed some breast. During these altercations he uses the line, "Just give me a kiss. You know that you love me."

Female lobbyists, campaign volunteers, city workers, charity organizers and ordinary citizens have been subjected to this behavior. Women trapped alone in his office have been seen leaving quickly and looking upset. His former fiance says that he would sext message women in front of her.

Groping Mayor Bob Filner
Dirty Old Mayor Bob Filner


U-T San Diego: Filner Backs Convention-Stadium  Mayor also calls for creation of a 'Museum of Comic Books" that would keep Comic-Con in San Diego and attract 'zombie' tourists.
 “Those are on city lands,” the mayor said. “Imagine what we could do from a public perspective with that public space. Imagine what you could do for our community. That kind of stuff could finance things for the city.”
Now it all makes sense!

More Information

Thanks to Nick Popaditch for finding the Bob Finer Joker image.
Liberator Today declares Insanity In Our Back Yard - Filner Must Go in a summary on Filner.
Leslie Eastman writes San Diego Mayor Bob Filner Gives "Sequester" a Whole New Meaning


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