Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Egypt, Tahrir Square: Obama Supports Terrorism

In Egypt's Tahrir Square, anti-Morsi protest signs display "Obama supports terrorism."

Egypt: Obama Supports Terrorism

From Benghazi to Palestine to Jordan to Syria to Yemen to Egypt, everyone in the middle east understands that President Barack Obama is arming and training Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. Our White House administration is riddled with Muslim Brotherhood members.
Obama Supports Dictator Morsi

For God's sake America, have the courage to see the truth before your eyes!

Morsi may step down, but he is just a branch, look down at the root!
Obama & Paterson Support Terrorism in Egypt
(hat tip Twitpic)


Left Coast Rebel adds Germany compares Obama to Russian secret police, Stasi 2.0, and other U.S. allies are concerned about Big Brother America.

Egypt lover Temple of Mut has continuing coverage of protests all around Egypt.

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