Saturday, July 13, 2013

Not Guilty Verdict: "If I See Zimmerman" Tweets Trend (update)

President Obama and the main stream media turned the George Zimmerman trial into a racially motivated social justice prosecution. The ugly face of social justice was reflected in social media as #IfISeeZimmerman trended after the not guilty verdict was announced.

George Zimmerman Not Guilty

Jessie Jackson and others gathered for the trial due to the racial politics in the case. They were obviously disappointment by the verdict. Evidence against George Zimmerman was insufficient to charge the case, but it was pursued as part of the current social justice system. Equal justice cannot be served when politics and selective enforcement of the law is pursued from the highest levels of government.

Lets look at some of the tweets from twitter.

@ExtraordinaryH8 tweeted a mutilated male corpse with the man's genitals stuffed in his mouth.

#Riot4Trayvon Trends

See Twitchy for more tweets.

Twitter Update:

#noJustice, George Zimmerman, #TrayvonMartin, Florida,#JusticeForTrayvon and #RipTrayvonMartin are also trending on twitter. Celebrities have joined the tweets.

Violence in Oakland also marks this case as anarchist protesters take advantage of the opportunity to promote chaos and division.

President Obama's Department of Social Justice

As proof that justice is not being served by the Obama administration, President Obama and Eric Holder's Department of (Social) Justice will file federal charges against George Zimmerman for "violating Travon Martin's civil rights."  This aligns with the outrageous evidence that the DOJ facilitated anti-Zimmerman protests.
Department of Social Justice


Anonymous said...

to research roddy white's legal acumen, google image search "free mike vick roddy white"

K T Cat said...

I clicked around a little on Twitter and found the N-bomb being dropped all over the place from predictable sources, just like the one you illustrated here.

Some are more equal than others.

Unknown said...

Puts the American Decleration of Independence to shame. Liberty and Justice for ALL. Sadly not today.




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