Thursday, August 29, 2013

World War III, America Would Win


If you have read this blog, you know that we are not fans of President Obama, but on one issue we do agree. The entire world should fear the U.S. Military and our covert services. If President Obama drags the world into a Third World War, America will win decisively.

America may not be good at establishing "democratic" governments in the middle east, but we are the dominant military power on Earth. No other group of nations can hope to oppose us. 

Russia, China, Iran, Syria, North Korea, from the loyal political opposition to the current U.S. Administration, a charge that this very blog is evidence of, heed my warning. We have war-gamed the scenarios, even dismissing two of America's top secret weapons, America wins decisively. The world is not as it has been. Allow Obama's grab at his five points in approval rating and move on. We Americans will hold him accountable.

For my fellow Americans, oppose this attack on Syria. What is at stake is human liberty. 

As a country, America today stands not as a leader or a "world police" but as a progressive empire. Not the progressive, smiley brunette on television commercials or the pie-in-the-sky promise of a left-wing politician. Progressive as in the brutally oppressive, collectivist, statists driven to use politics to gain power through deception and manipulation of the masses; would-be tyrants in ideology, policy and action.

It is one thing to allow these people temporary elected power under the U.S. Constitution. It is another thing to allow these people to bully the entire planet. America can bounce back from the economic destruction wrought by progressives. Other countries, with fewer opportunities and less resources might never bounce back.

We The People
We love our country. The Constitution is a foundational document for all mankind, but it is not the law of the land at this moment. Our government has "progressed" into the very thing it was founded to oppose. Where the Constitution establishes Rule Of Law, "progressive" America practices Rule Of Man.

It is not America's place to rule. America, at our best, is an example of cultural cooperation, limited government, equal justice, freedom and prosperity...a symbol of hope, under God. There is a limit to the amount of power any man or group of men can hold before becoming hopelessly corrupted by decisions which should not be theirs. This is why our founding fathers established Separation of Powers.

So, I ask you to oppose an arbitrary attack on Syria. Do not support the "progressive" notion that the strong rule the weak without debate, due process or evidence. Do not support actions rationalized only because no country is powerful enough to hold us accountable. To support this action is incompatible with liberty and our historic role in the world.

Today, only Americans can hold America accountable. It is up to you. Is your loyalty to The Republic or The Empire?

Dont Tread on Me


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