Saturday, September 21, 2013

President Obama is Horrible at Foreign Policy because...

...of language.

Have you ever been influenced by a sales person? They use language designed to influence you. There is a technique called Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) used in sales. Basically, it is the use of language and behaviors to influence the behavior of others. For example, the phrase "does that make sense?"

The phrase is designed to elicit agreement generally, even if the other person does not agree with you.  Once agreement is reached between people, building rapport is natural. If President Obama states some problem and then follows up with "does that make sense?" You are likely to agree because the language is understood. You don't have to agree on the solution, although he is now relying on rapport to influence you toward agreement with whatever impeachable socialist idea he presents next.

The reason politicians have speech writers is to get a high level of influence baked into the language they use. Teleprompted speeches are designed to use language to influencing you. However, this speechwriting doesn't work on people from other cultures who speak different languages and have different customs. The tremendous effort of choosing the right language is filtered by interpreters and degraded by body language differences.

In most other countries, people are more threatened than in America. They might not have food or water or personal security or housing or the ability to travel freely. Some entire countries feel threatened by America, like Russia or Syria or Iran. Language alone doesn't work on these people because there is no rapport when people are not comfortable. Without rapport all that can be relied upon is respect and authority.

Ronald Wilson Reagan Facebook Profile Picture
Ronald Reagan was The Great Communicator because he could build rapport. He was able to build rapport even with the leader of the Soviet Union and other influential foreign leaders. Imagine for a moment, the ability to build rapport with someone you are aiming nuclear weapons at and call the leader of "The Evil Empire."

President Obama is rejected by a significant percent of AMERICANS. That fact alone shows his lack of skill at building rapport. Americans are nice people, but we remember the threat of communism and nuclear destruction. We remember or learned about Marxist language and how it is used all around the world to oppress. We remember the triumph of freeing eastern Europe from soviet oppression. We understand President Obama is a charlatan pushing that same failed Marxist do foreigners who live or lived under it. This is why the American left and President Obama are incapable of building the rapport required to be successful at foreign policy.

There is a school of thought in foreign policy that states, "there is no such thing as foreign policy, only policy." As an academic thought, this idea ranks up there with "work smarter not harder" and "perception is reality." It is completely WRONG. We must work "smarter AND harder" to succeed and "reality exists." Foreign policy must be completely unambiguous because it must cross all cultural boundaries. It is different.


America has a leg up on other cultures in foreign policy due to our cultural diversity. Ironically, our president and progressives generally understand only one culture...the empowerment of the state over the individual...socialism. We see it everyday in their "you didn't build that", "it takes a village" and "its stacked against you" rhetoric and policies of disempowerment. That alienates most Americans and most humans.

Obama Voter Fraud
In conclusion, the left cheated to win the election in 2012. They crashed the economy in 2007 to win in 2008. The progressive left will do anything to win, but in the end cheaters do NOT win. They may gain a victory, but they are not actually CAPABLE of winning.

The left is NOT influential enough to actually win. They can never build rapport by telling people to be unempowered and rely on big brother, it isn't true. Progressives rely on authority, oppression, fear and dominance but are undermined by having to earn authority through cheating and lies. Fear requires respect. Progressivism fails, because it isn't honest, the idea doesn't have integrity and people do not respect it. Conservativism can be disrespected but Progressivism isn't respectable and language doesn't change that.


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Wow, I needed to proof read that again. Let me know if I missed a spot.

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This was really informative about President Obama. I thinks I learned a lot from this.


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