Thursday, October 10, 2013

Reality Meets #ObamaCare - The Video

President Obama's approval rating has fallen into the thirty percent range as his lies are finally falling on deaf ears. Lets not go into President Obama ordering government workers to cause as much pain as possible on the American people, his "I will NOT negotiate" tantrums, or withholding death benefits from the families of fallen military members. Lets take a moment and acknowledge that the truth is winning on ObamaCare and Obama the man.
ObamaCare Spikes Insurance Premiums

After years of exposing the current administration's cold, callous and vindictive tendencies, the American people are finally benefiting from our hard work. They can take a honest look at the actions of our Kommander in Chief. This wouldn't be possible in the propaganda driven media environment without brave Americans who stand up for the truth.

This is my "Thank You." A video which has nothing to do with politics, but exemplifies the moment Reality meets ObamaCare.

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