Thursday, October 16, 2014

Windows 10 is Cool

Windows 10 Start Button and Windows App Integration

This article is being written on the technical preview of Windows 10. It is impressive and exciting to see a real improvement aimed at desktop productivity.

My motivation for reviewing Windows 10 on one of my Virtual Machine (VM) servers is to understand the future of Microsoft Windows Apps. Out of the gate, Windows 10 addresses my primary concerns. Apps tiles are now wonderfully integrated into the classic Windows Start button.

Windows 10 Apps resize through the desktop environment
The future of Windows apps looks bright. This new apps interface is terrific and a huge improvement over Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. Windows apps now use their inherent responsive design model to resize throughout the desktop environment.

The Windows 8 style "screen corners" command have changed. That took a moment to figure out. In their place comes a more classically intuitive drop down list of commands.  The "screen corner" commands will likely return on touchscreen devices, but it is clear this new version of Windows is designed for productivity and enterprise users.

Windows 10 Apps get a new menu
The new start menu allows users to switch back to the Windows 8.1 style Start Screen interface. However, the integration of dynamic information from app tiles and the classic Start Menu is great.

I am going back to playing with this new toy. So, here is a plug for my fellow San Diego Local Order of Bloggers' Windows App. Go download it. We are constantly adding new functionality.


You may also notice, this article was written in Chrome to see if it was compatible. It is.


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