Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Obama Adminstration Middle East Strategy Uncovered

It has been a while since writing an entry in this blog. A quick explanation is in order.

I have been investigating and accumulating evidence related to the Obama administrations financing, arming and training of Islamic extremists in the middle east. This investigation uncovered the entire Obama Middle East Strategy.

Several interviews were with a source who was in the room during many of the highest level meetings during the end of the Bush administration through the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq under the Obama administration. These conversations revealed the Obama administration's middle east strategy, or at least the facade used when talking to American military commanders. The strategy is outright treason to anyone with a brain or anyone who has studied basic military history.

It is important to note, that top secret information was not disclosed in these interviews. However, the direction of my investigations were guided. Additional sources were used to confirm conclusions.

Due to my level of outrage, and for fear of divulging something top secret, I have decided to take a breather until a path to reveal the truth with safety appears.

The safest overview that can be given at this time: the middle east strategy is analogous to the American progressive political agenda of dividing everyone into groups, inciting discontent and instigating crisis to be exploited. Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals used to justify arming, training and financing terrorist organizations.

Maybe progressives see every problem as a nail because they only understand a hammer. No one ever accused progressives of being smart, but in this instance their ignorance is a danger to everyone.

The current middle east strategy is a danger to human freedom. Lest we forget that it took 2000 years for western philosophy to outlaw slavery, challenge subjugation to rulers and stand up to tyrants. There will not be another opportunity for human freedom to flourish on Earth, it took The New World and we are fresh out of undiscovered continents.

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