Monday, May 30, 2011

RE: WEINER-gate VS THUNDER-gnome: More examples of sorry reporting.

I was reviewing Temple of Mut's latest post entitled WEINER-gate VS THUNDER-gnome: More examples of sorry reporting.

During this next year, the blatant lack of objective journalism will crescendo into the complete proliferation of the fact that YOU CANNOT TRUST THE MAINSTREAM NEWS. 

Even my most left wing friends and family currently question what they are being told and are seeking new sources of information. The internet has spurious information, but at least the full story is to be found.

We are going to have to start framing the facts for 20-somethings who have grown up without a trusted news source. We are completely offended at the changes we have seen in our lifetimes, but young adults will not understand our anger at the issue. Simply stating that "left-wing bias" and "mainstream media is corrupt" is no longer a news story, it is accepted fact. 

I am not sure how to become less passionate about this issue. It offends me to the core. It is Orwellian propaganda in my eyes, but we must. Maybe we need a twelve step program.

In related news, Vlad Putin is saying the IMF guy was framed. There is something to be learned from old Vlad; not in what he says but in why he says it.  My take is that he is attempting to create doubt and additional instability in financial markets. Such instability is good for Russia by pushing up gold and oil prices. More importantly, every dollar that gold and oil increase is an international condemnation of U.S. leadership and policy.

Our goals are diametrically opposed, however Vlad's measured and considered tactic is ignored at our own peril.  It is clear that the only people pursuing facts are people like San Diego's Local Order of Bloggers.  We can only hope that the ring of truth is being heard by enough people to make a difference.

Enjoy Memorial Day!
Here is my 8bit rendition of the National Anthem, The Star Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Key

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Someone Turn Down the Voices in His Head!

Obviously, Barack Obama  imagines a theme song as he speaks, walks, brushes his teeth, and in meetings but this is just becoming a problem. Maybe it has never been pointed out to Obama that even The Queen of England doesn't ACTUALLY have a theme song playing in the background! 
This revelation looks like a job for his Chief of Staff! (superman theme)

Friday, May 20, 2011

$132,272 of Your Tax Money Found!

Your money is hiding at Drew Ford in La Mesa, California next to the I-8 highway. Perfectly positioned to advertise the green agenda redistribution of wealth.  Drive by and proudly bask in the bureaucratic accomplishment of enriching Bill Drew.

An article entitled First Local Auto Dealer Goes Solar  found at touts the bureaucratic accomplishment as follows:

"Terry Clapham, CCSE manager of distributed generation, presented general manager Bill Drew a rebate check for $132,272 from the California Solar Initiative."

Bill Drew: “Furthermore, it makes economic sense because we will save as much as 30 percent on our dealership’s utility costs and recover nearly 70 percent of the investment through rebates, tax credits and depreciation.”

Thank goodness we no longer live in a world where "economic sense" is based on economics or sense. If these solar panels made actual "economic sense" wouldn't the power company, with all its billions of dollars of capital, be operating solar power farms.

Maybe they can't run solar power generation farms due to environmental regulations... huh?

Well, why worry our heads with confusing notions like logic. Lets get back to screwing in some hazardous waste based CFL light bulbs and driving our coal powered electric vehicles. At least we can sleep soundly in the knowledge that our money is being used for the greater good (of politicians).

5/26/2008 update: (yes that is a joke - Westminster Abbey guest book)

Drew Ford is having a sale! No electric vehicles, three trucks, 2 SUVs, and the 2011 Fusion SE are advertised. They must be trying to make room for the solar panel powered electric vehicles. (caugh)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Doo Doo Flung at Tea Party Member?

Some of my recent posts may have advanced me to the top of the Obama shit list! My home was bombarded by fecal matter last night at about 11:15pm PST.  This is the third strange incident, so I filed a police report.

A couple blog posts back the issues and facts surrounding Barack Obama's federal eligibility challenge were reviewed and explained in The Chicago Precedent and How YOU can Remove Barack Obama from the 2012 Presidential Race. Since those posts, my facebook has been hacked, Blogger deleted posts "due to maintenance". (Everything was backed up and quickly restored.) Finally, this humble Doo Doo Economics blogger was Doo Doo Attacked by a fling poo master.

Here is my video report:

On happier notes:

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Timothy Geithner Says Obama Reforms Unstoppable

Speaking at the Harvard University Shorenstein (Joan) Center on the Press, Politics, and Public Policy, Timothy Geithner revealed his arrogance with a parade of unreported comments. Although the mainstream media will not report the meaning of his words, C-SPAN does have the comments available in video and transcript form.

San Diego Local Order of Bloggers
Important Geithner take-aways are:

Obama's Secretary of the Treasury is just another political hack. The most ridiculous parts of his presentations are when he tries to stay away from political questions. Pretending to be non-partisan while pursuing the Fundamental Transformation of America.

As a side note: What was up with C-Span today? The website thinks that both yesterday and today are May 17th. Talk about a filing error!  (Finally they fixed it!)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Will Obama release Osama's video tapes?

We release everything that we shouldn't including names of special operations personnel while holding onto pictures of dead terrorist leaders. Continuing this line of unreasoning we should release Osama Bin Masterbatin's pornography. already sinks low enough to post false transcripts about political opponents, "AUDIENCE MEMBER:  They’re racist!" so the administration might as well target a poll bump-n-grind  from the Jersey Shore crowd.  Perhaps the Oversees Contingency Operation slogan can now be "make porn not war."  Call it outreach to the Islamic terrorist community.

Obama's poll-dance may benefit from the release of Osama's porn tapes. It falls directly into Democrat smear opponents through ridicule strategy. Further, Osama's favorite adult video starlet can be invited to the White House for a photo op and then record some public service announcements:

"72 virgins can't do this" (Arabic language)
"TSA: positions available"
the list goes on...

Bill Clinton would do it!

The revelation that Osama was a porn hound does make me question if he was armed during the raid. I can understand the confusion in the administration story. Who knew that wasn't a gun in his hand?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Doo Doo Economics Blog: The Chicago Precedent

The Chicago Precedent

The Chicago Precedent

Barack Obama manipulated the Federal Courts by manufacturing legal precedent through Chicago corruption to conceal his Presidential ineligibility.

To simplify, let me start this story at the end. Ultimately, the fact that Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Chicago newspapers, judges, and others have been complicit proves they know that Mr. Obama is ineligible to be President of the United States of America.  This is not a "birther" argument based upon where he was born. The merits of the case against Obama's eligibility are founded on four separate Supreme Court decisions and Senate Resolution 511 on John McCain's "Natural Born Citizen" status (cosponsored by Obama himself).

The only defense to the truth is a bold lie. Therefore, the Obama administration began looking at ways to subvert the legal system in order to hold onto power. They chose Standing based upon the timing of the charges against Mr. Obama as the technicality to prevent Obama's eligibility case from gaining a Decision on the Merits. The technicality of timing is unfavorable precedent to the Obama defense so favorable precedent was manufactured. Other precedent presented in defense of Obama was fictional.

If Barack Obama began an idealistic politician, he sold his soul for power prior to being elected President. 
The first damning fact was his failure to disclose simple documents like birth certificates, school records and the like prior to the election. Next, his campaign and media allies manufactured an atmosphere of ridicule around all who questioned him. Third, he was served in the Drake / Keyes v. Obama suit four times, but delayed response until he was sworn in, and then responded by assigning the U.S. Justice Department in an attempt to intimidate. When intimidation failed, the Obama administration conceived a cynical plan to manufacture a technical precedent in the controlled and corrupt Chicago political environment. All these actions are designed to conceal the facts.

The Facts

Rahm Emanuel and William Daley swapped political positions. Rahm Emanuel was moved into a controlled political environment in order to be challenged on his Mayoral eligibility.  The goal was to establish legal precedent in order to defend Barack Obama's Presidency from being ruled ineligible in Drake v. Obama (09-56827) otherwise known as Keyes v. Obama. The precedent is not on the merits of the case but the timing of the challenge.

To reinforce this precedent, the attorney who represented President Obama, David A. DeJute made a statement at 33 minutes and 55 seconds into the May 2, 2011 Drake v. Obama hearing that is factually incorrect. He told the court that Ralph Nader, an independent presidential candidate in 2008, filed lawsuits attempting to keep certain other presidential candidates (whom he did not name) off the ballot. There is no truth to this statement whatsoever.

There are no established Federal cases to guide the court in this matter, otherwise known as precedent. A sitting President has never been challenged due to eligibility requirements. The plaintiffs refer to cases involving Governors, but these are resolved in State Supreme Courts by State Constitutional guidelines. The Obama administration had no counter precedent and could only rely on the fact that the suit was not answered prior to the inauguration.  In fact, Obama lost this case by default and the only remaining option was to manufacture a precedent that fit the facts of the case to be used upon appeal.

Judge Raymond Fisher of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals entered the precedent into the Drake v. Obama case at 33 minutes and 34 seconds into the May 2, 2011 Drake v. Obama hearing.

The Chicago Precedent

Emanuel did not meet eligibility requirements to run for mayor. Chicago's Municipal Code says, "A qualified elector of the municipality and [must have] resided in the municipality at least one year next preceding the election."  He was required to be a physical resident for one year prior to the election.

Since early 2009, Mr. Emanuel had leased his house on North Hermitage Avenue and moved his family to Washington, D.C., where was he was living and working. "I vote from here, pay property taxes here. I do believe that the people of the city of Chicago deserve the right to choose who will be their next mayor," as Emanuel framed the discussion. On January 24, 2011, Rahm Emanuel was removed from the ballot by the Illinois First District Appellate Court in a 2–1 decision.

"The Chicago Way" entered full corruption mode as both Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times criticized the ruling in editorials as "startling arrogance and audaciously twisted reasoning" and "pinched interpretation of the law [that] ignores the lawmakers' obvious intent". The editorials omitted the logic that led two appellate court judges to their ruling and only expanded upon the dissenting opinion. 

On January 25, 2011, the Supreme Court of Illinois issued a stay of the appellate court's ruling that Rahm Emanuel should be removed from the ballot. On January 27, 2011, the Supreme Court of Illinois, in a unanimous (7-0) decision, overturned the ruling of the Appellate Court and allowed Emanuel to stay on the ballot.  The Supreme Court of Illinois preempted Chicago Municipal Code. 

Rahm Emanuel's campaign fund racked up roughly $12 million dollars in the ex-White House chief of staff's quest to become Chicago's mayor. Less than half of that cash came from inside the city limits of Chicago.  That includes a $50,000 donation from Donald Trump, $75,000 from Steven Spielberg, and more than $200,000 from Haim Saban, a former owner of Fox Family Channel, and his wife Cheryl.  Local Chicago media made the case for lower turnout by declaring Emanuel's commanding lead in the polls and through fund raising. The election was just a formality.

"He also swapped one chief of staff from Chicago for another. Rahm Emanuel is Chicago's mayor-elect, while Bill Daley, the current mayor's brother, joined the White House as part of a staff reshuffling aimed at getting ready for the campaign." DEANNA BELLANDI, A.P. ( )
The Rahm Emanuel eligibility case was a maneuver well crafted in expectation of a challenge to the residency requirement of the Chicago Municipal code. The case could have been pushed to the Supreme Court by Attorney Burt Odelson, but was not.

Precedent was established as "similar" to Obama's eligibility requirement with regard to timing of challenges to eligibility. If the Chicago maneuver failed (despite Illinois corruption), it could have been pushed to the U.S. Supreme Court where two Obama ideologues would presumably have written dissenting opinions helpful to Obama's eligibility case. It establishes a timing requirement to challenge eligibility regardless of who won the Emanuel case.

This was a simple, cynical maneuver to protect Barack Obama. It proves Chicago loyalty for Emanuel who had nothing to lose. It proves that the administration fears the issue of eligibility. It means they know Mr. Obama is ineligible and are concealing the facts as best they can.

How do I know this story is true? At 33:34 Judge Raymond Fisher, entered The Chicago Precedent into the record by asking about the timing of the Emanuel eligibility challenge. This establishes Obama's technicality defense as based on precedent manufactured in Chicago, created two years after the challenge to Obama's eligibility, by Obama's chief of staff.

Now you know the whole story. I fear that when all these measures fail to preserve the administration, they will just sink deeper. These are people of little character.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on Obama Eligibility

The appeal before the court was on standing to challenge Obama's eligibility. Several interesting issues arose during the discussion.

Lawyers for Mr. Obama argue that courts can rule on eligibility only prior to election. After an election, Congress must deal with the issue through impeachment.

This is problematic because minor political parties (or citizens) may never be able to enforce eligibility for two reasons:

  1. They can not challenge through Congress without representation in the Congress. 
  2. Prior to election, a minor party could not challenge eligibility in court because it is premature as there is no clear remedy without determination of who won the election. (There is no remedy if the challenged candidate loses the election.) After an election, the Federal courts say there is no one with standing to challenge because even defeated candidates and their political parties are no longer candidates with standing to challenge.
The Senate cannot determine eligibility fraud as they are not a court of law or comprised of judges. How could a citizen hope to preserve their Constitutional Rights?

In effect, "We The People" are being told that we do not have standing, even opposing candidates and political parties' standing is challenged. So by election, the Constitution is amended without the proper process because judges wish to dodge the issue.

The only redress discussed was "wait for the next election and then challenge through a candidate." Which, for the above reasons, will not allow the enforcement of the Constitutional requirements to run for President. It seems that major political parties can put anyone they like on the ballet for President.

Bumper sticker from
Made me laugh!

The entire affair was broadcast on CSPAN2, May 7th, 2011 at 1:10 am PST as "President Obama's Birth Certificate & Citizenship Status."
Added to Archive as "[Drake v. Obama] Oral Arguments May2, 2011" Cases 09-56827 & 10-55084

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New U.S. Navy SEALS Logo?

New SEALS LOGO? Yes or no? (click image for products)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Obama's Birth Certificate - Layers of Mystery

I have tried to come to terms with this birth certificate insanity and it only makes sense if they did this intentionally. Most people do not use Illustrator, and even fewer understand layers.  It COULD be due to a OCR scan, but to scan a document like this with OCR enabled is either incompetence, an attempt to intentionally leave room for doubt, or indicative of a document scanned and then modified.
The one layer that has me most baffled is the layer that reduces the borders on the left and right. I cannot imagine a scan doing this, and why not remove larger borders leaving just the document?

I say all this after running a document scanning project in the early 2000's. A quick "flat" scan WOULD NOT create this output, and a detailed OCR scan SHOULD NOT have been used on a document of this nature.

A more pressing issue is the military service members in prison for asking to see proof that they were given lawful orders from a lawful Commander-In-Chief. They swore an oath to uphold the Constitution and should be pardoned for doing their sworn duty. Today, I congratulate our military for removing Osama Bin Ladin and ask the Commander-In-Chief to pardon these dutiful warriors!




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