Monday, May 2, 2011

Obama's Birth Certificate - Layers of Mystery

I have tried to come to terms with this birth certificate insanity and it only makes sense if they did this intentionally. Most people do not use Illustrator, and even fewer understand layers.  It COULD be due to a OCR scan, but to scan a document like this with OCR enabled is either incompetence, an attempt to intentionally leave room for doubt, or indicative of a document scanned and then modified.
The one layer that has me most baffled is the layer that reduces the borders on the left and right. I cannot imagine a scan doing this, and why not remove larger borders leaving just the document?

I say all this after running a document scanning project in the early 2000's. A quick "flat" scan WOULD NOT create this output, and a detailed OCR scan SHOULD NOT have been used on a document of this nature.

A more pressing issue is the military service members in prison for asking to see proof that they were given lawful orders from a lawful Commander-In-Chief. They swore an oath to uphold the Constitution and should be pardoned for doing their sworn duty. Today, I congratulate our military for removing Osama Bin Ladin and ask the Commander-In-Chief to pardon these dutiful warriors!

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