Friday, September 9, 2011

San Diego Power Outage Caused by "RED" Hackers?

San Diego Trolley grinds to a "green" powerless stop
at a La Mesa intersection. 
On August 18th I reported that the "RED Crew" released a crack for the SpyEye Builder, the premier trojan builder hacking tool. Today I sat in the powerless "green" darkness in San Diego and reviewed my emergency preparedness successes, but recalled the threat of these hackers. SpyEye builder is used to gain control of financial institutions but it could gain control of other systems.

According to current news reports, "operator error" began a "series of events" that lead to the shut down of two nuclear reactors at San Onofre.  Up to five million people lost power. FBI special agent Darrell Foxworth assures that there is no indication of terrorism.  I have my concerns.

It isn't paranoia when they are watching, right?

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