Friday, October 28, 2011

Why We Blog

Has anyone else noticed that lefty bloggers get paid through Soros or google or some university while conservative bloggers tend to be unpaid and independent? We tend to have a few bloggers with book deals and a ton of self-motivated, after-hours, professional-something-else voices. Yet, we do not revolt or feel exploited because we are doing good for society by attempting to expose truth.

It is the difference between trying to be on the side of truth and believing truth is on your side.

Left Coast Rebel is back and talking about the self destructing #OWS movement, which motivated me to thank everyone involved with the online Tea Party blogging movement.

Thank you for exposing the truth with your hard work.
Thank you to those who share that work with others.
Thank you to our families who understand us.
Thank you to our readers.

We commit our lives, fortunes and honor in order to keep those we love safe, secure and happy. 


kjhj said...

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Unknown said...

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