Wednesday, February 29, 2012

La Mesa Police Preppers Build Zombie Apocalypse Fortress

The City of La Mesa Police Department has built a zombie apocalypse fortress.  Elevated windows, layered stone walls and a gatehouse provide protection and multiple fields of fire against zombie hordes. When entering special polarized windows make the duty officers invisible from a distance. Additional access to the fire department and county library is available at the fortress rear.
The new police station will be a two story building with underground secured
parking.  The underground parking will hold our entire fleet of City owned
vehicles and allow for employees to park their personal vehicles as well.  The
underground parking structure is approximately 45,000 square feet. The two story building is approximately 40,000 square feet.
Any media inquires regarding the new building can be directed to Captain Ed Aceves 619-667-143  (Ground Breaking Ceremony for New La Mesa Police Station)
The gatehouse at 8083 University Avenue in La Mesa guards the larger complex from vehicle threats. The roof does not appear to include a helicopter landing pad, but it looks accessible to high-power-rifle armed defenders. Five towers may provide covered high ground, but may be simple architectural accents.  Backup power, water and food stores are assumed to be available in the large underground secured parking area.

I missed the open house on September 21, 2010 but from the announcement in East County Magazine:
In 2004, La Mesa residents passed the Proposition D bond measure in the amount of 25 million dollars to build the new Fire Station, remodel Fire Station 13, and build the new Police Department. With the opening of the new Police Department, all three projects have been completed.
Critics may say this is what happens when fourteen-year-old boys never grow up, but I disagree. If the zombie hordes come, there will be a $14,727,000 well-armed and defensible facility in La Mesa, California.  You can review the prepper paradise via google maps street view.

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