Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Polling Drives Obama Gay Marriage "GutsyCall"

A recent Pew poll is driving Barack Obama's "evolution" on gay marriage. Gay marriage is ranked as Pew's least important issue, down 6% from 2004.

Pew reported:
As in recent campaigns, social issues rank relatively low in importance. About four-in-ten (39%) say that abortion will be very important to their vote, 34% rate birth control as very important, and just 28% say the same about gay marriage – the lowest percentage for any issue.
Democrats in general are becoming more concerned with gay marriage (+5%@2008), as are women. Republicans and Independents see the issue as less important. Republicans have deprioritized gay marriage by 13%, which is logical considering the economic concerns of the country. Independents have also become more budget aware, but results are mixed on gay marriage.

Women see the gay marriage issue as "very important" 5% more frequently than men.

Understanding the numbers behind the president's "evolution" exposes the cynically political ploy.  Gay marriage is not as important to Republicans, Independents or to the overall electorate, but it is a growing concern among Obama constituents. This is another opportunity to jump in front of the parade like a typical politician.

Gutsy call Mr. President!

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