Saturday, September 1, 2012

Global Warming Religion's Invisible Friend

Obama Empty Suit, Empty Chair, Eastwooding

"Republicans deny science." The statement was repeated on HBO's The Newsroom season finale written by Aaron Sorkin and by HBO's Bill Maher on the Tonight Show last week. It is a statement in defense of the Anthropomorphic Global Warming religion (AGWr). AGWr is a non-scientific system of beliefs with one tenet: humanity is evil and must be depopulated.

AGW is effortlessly debunked by the scientific process and thinking critically for a moment. Of course, the information to debunk Anthropomorphic Global Warming is hidden and obscured by elitists.  To simplify the debunking of AGW, look at this temperature chart of the last thousand years, including the Medieval Optimum:
Global Warming Debunked: Medieval Optimum
In short, it was warmer before industrialization, between 950 and 1350. It was then generally colder until around 1880 when "modern" climate measurements began. Notice this graphic is from the Northern hemisphere. So are the NASA measurements beginning in 1880, which are considered the temperature measurement gold standard. The NASA measurements were used to make the Global Warming argument. Initially, there was scientific debate on this climate change theory.

Back in 2008, when alarmism peaked, I emailed NASA's leading global warming proponent, Dr. James E. Hansen, a simple question:
Is GISS data available prior to 1880?
His reply was short, honest and appreciated:
Sorry, we do not analyze the data prior to 1880 -- not enough stations, measurements not as good, and not enough nearby neighbors to check validity -- you can get original station data, going back before 1880 from the National Climate Data Center or the World Meteorological Organization.  Jim H.
Consider the implication. On a geological scale of time, the data is insignificant. There are a myriad of reasons that we might see a short term spike in temperatures. A quick review of observed scientific history, aka the aforementioned graphic, uncovers that global warming is likely nothing more than the end of the Little Ice Age.

Since 2008, Anthropomorphic Global Warming (AGW) has become a religion. It is now a faith-based belief that ignores observation, testing, falsifiability, critical review and reproducibility (repeatable). AGW ignores the scientific process. It relies upon cooked numbers, denial of scientific observation and over-the-top claims of approaching doom and even cannibalism. All of these claims have one goal in mind, vilifying humanity as the cause of Earth's destruction. It is a claim that is simply not reasonable.

Progressives are the religious fanatics who deny science on this issue. Moreover, they have a golf-loving president who is famously invisible. (see #eastwooding, #emptysuit and #emptychair ) Let's call him Global Warming's invisible friend.

Why is President Obama the progressive's AGW/GWR invisible friend? During the 2012 Republican National Convention, Clint Eastwood made President Obama a mockery by placing an empty chair on stage to take his place. Per fellow SLOB author Temple of Mut's recent post:
I was one of the early proponents of the idea that Clint Eastwood’s use of the chair was an amazing iconic success. Many pundits have since followed suit (see HERE, HERE and HERE for starters). It was so successful that the Twitter world has a new hashtag experience: #Eastwooding. It seems the new political term, “Eastwooding” means taking a picture of an Empty Chair.

One of the reasons the president was mocked is because he has wasted billions of tax dollars on his "green" crony schemes. He ignored actual jobs from oil and coal. Instead he spent billions on "green energy" jobs that turned out to be bus drivers, garbage men, oil lobbyists and roofers upon closer inspection.

To prop-up the company Solyndra, the Obama Administration's Department of Energy (DOE) knowingly violated the law. The left-wing media is ripe with religious zealotry for AGW in defending President Obama. This is even when no one is talking about Global Warming, as pointed out by Beers with Demo:

Appalling? At least it wasn't racist.

We don't suppose it occurred to Kristoff, who occupies that statist mind-hive of the New York Times, that Romney was not so much dismissive of global warming as he was dismissive of and chiding Obama's elevated sense of self-importance.
President Obama is the "green" religion's "invisible friend."




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