Monday, March 4, 2013

The Right to Choose To Defend Yourself

Don't Tread on Women's Rights

There are times when honest debate can solve large problems through reason. These times require both sides to negotiate in good faith. America is not in these times today. We have a president and a progressive movement that is dishonest and favor demagoguery for political advantage.

With this said, we hope there are still honest people on both sides of issues and this is an appeal to the remaining true and honest members on the American left. Please consider the following argument.

When a woman is raped and impregnated through violence, many Americans feel that the victim has the right to choose the fate of her body and her pregnancy. This is a difficult life and death decision with innocent lives at stake.

It is preferable to prevent the rape, the pregnancy and the resulting difficult decision. It is preferable to save the victim from the crime itself.  The sole choice that prevents rape and victimization is the personal choice of how to defend yourself.

You may be capable and confident to defend yourself without exercising your 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. However, the choice is your constitutionally protected civil right as a citizen of the United States. Bearing arms may lead a woman into another difficult life and death decision when facing a rapist. Gun rights give victims the choice between the life of a rapist, her own life and the possibility of a rape induced pregnancy.

It is logically and emotionally inconsistent to support a victims right to choose for her body, but not her right to defend that body.

Supporting Information

Facts are stubborn. Most gun violence in the last few years has occurred in gun free zones. We won't diminish our discussion by going very far off track, but there are important and current facts that support the wisdom of the Second Amendment. Some of these facts are reflected in San Diego, California.

Crime Jumps in San Diego after new gun laws take effect

In the first half of 2012, San Diego forcible rapes skyrocketed 27% after the repeal of open carry, increased restrictions to gun registration and ammo availability. The California Department of Justice has also begun confiscating guns from subjects deemed "Prohibited." I call them subjects, because the defenseless are not equals in rights or civil liberties as they offer no deterrence to those who would subjugate them. An opinion reinforced by the historic origins of gun restrictions imposed in the south against minorities.

The difference between government and tyranny is dosage

There is a Russian saying, "it comes down to who has the strength to pull the trigger." America's founding fathers had a different view and wished only for the people's power to balance the separated powers of the government. This is why our 1st Amendment is the right to free speech and why it is backed by our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.  With this in mind, not everyone has the strength to pull a trigger, but everyone's civil rights ultimately depend on someone who is holding a gun.

The most empowering choice a person can make is to hold those rights in their own hands.


For more information on Civil Rights, fellow SLOBs author Blogger in Chief has details about The South Central Los Angeles Tea Party 

Update 3/12/2013:
Per The Blaze

“Why aren’t you pro-choice when it comes to self-defense for women?” she asks.

His response: “On to the next question. I’m choosing to move to the next question.”


xteeth said...

Sadly you focus on irrelevancies. The odds are that with a gun in your home, you and your loved ones are 43 times as likely to suffer injury from that gun than use it to defend yourself or a loved one. That makes having a gun in your home a foolish risk.

Ogn Dulk said...

connecting the dots, awakening the sheeple, taking back the country and shouting "damn kids" while waving our canes.
gotta go, nap time.

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