Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Islamic Supremacists Not Mentioned in Obama's Comments on Terrorists

Falling into the Obama Sink Hole

President Obama ignored the greatest threat to the civilized world while talking about "whatever warped, twisted ideas" from self-radicalized individuals. Frankly, his oratory seemed poised to point at the tea party as he stated that he had indicated to (@30 sec):
"entire counter-terrorism team,what more can we do on THAT threat that is LOOMING on the horizon."
I was under the knife today, and have been taking some pain medication, so maybe I am hearing this wrong. So, decide for yourself.  Fully in-context clip of statement from C-SPAN CLICK HERE (1 min 34 seconds)

One passing mention of Al Qaeda which is dismissed as he pivots to "self-radicalized individuals." The president makes no mention of radical theology, only generic "ideas." No mention of the numerous jihadist attacks preceding and during his presidency, only attacks "looming on the horizon."

Many people today have commented upon President Obama's encore performance. A statement on a gay basketball player who "can bang with Shaq," where Shaq is a retired NBA player who, to my knowledge is heterosexual.(In basketball terms, "bang" refers to a physical style of post play. Not that post, post refers to under the basket. No not... I give up.) My offense at this statement is not about sexuality, it revolves around the lack of mention of patriotic Americans who died under President Obama in Benghazi and never received an encore.


This entire affair induced my OXYCODONE filled brain to embark upon a Twitter rant of epic proportions. A rant to which, I apologize. To view the rant go look up #TwistedRadicalIdeas. The moral of this story is that even while on pain killers, some of us take responsibility for our own actions... even reactions, while America's president fails the character test at every turn.

Mr. President, for one day please be reasonable. Just one, that is all we ask.  For one day, no #AttackWatch, no accusing the peaceful tea party movement of racism or terrorism, no undermining Israel, no submission or appeasement to Islamic supremacists, no selling weapons to our enemies, no trying to setup the confiscation of our second amendment, no undermining jobs with false promises of free health care, no hindering Americas massive reserve of fuel to further Climate Change policy, no Tides foundation nudging.... just one day without their Doo Doo Economics. A day without a fundamental transformation administration would be preferable.  Maybe go golfing.

In return, this blogger will, for a day, sleep, perchance to dream.

Global Warming Man
Update: fixed about 1000 typos.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Twitter Ends Censorship of Conservative Trends

#AttackWatch Brown Shirts

Twitter Begins Censoring Conservatives

Back in September 2011 the Obama White House began #AttackWatch. It was a Twitter hashtag where people could report anything negative said against President Obama. Conservatives immediately took control and mocked the Stalinist tactic.

#AttackWatch Brown Shirt tshirts began selling online. The trend grew against the Obama Administration to the point that they realized the danger of their error.

Instead of apologizing to the American people, the Obama administration found a way to work with Twitter to shut down conservative trends. This blog and Gulagbound found that despite the fact that #AttackWatch was by far the most popular trend on Twitter it stopped being listed as a top trend. You can read all about it in our post "Twitter Hides #AttackWatch Trending - Proof."

The Administration did this by misusing the power of the presidency.
"UPDATE: Why would twitter make such an obviously corrupt move? Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is on a presidential advisory committee.
(5/26/2011) President Obama announced his intent to appoint Costolo to the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC)"
The proof of the censorship was obvious because the Twitter programming interface (API) took time to update. Until it was patched, several Twitter Trend web services clearly showed the tampering. Once that API was updated, Twitter could now censor for the Obama administration. Conservative topics never again trended for more than a day.

Twitter Smeared As Where People "Jump to Conclusions"

After the Boston Marathon attack, news outlets and other left wing organization began a smear campaign against Twitter. AP was hacked. President Obama warned the public about "jumping to conclusions." It was all out warfare because facts were being put out on Twitter before the news media could find them. Law Enforcement began releasing information on Twitter before old fahioned "news conferences."

Twitter had more and better information and the viewers of CNN could clearly contrast the coverage. Reports of dogs barking filled dead airspace on CNN while Twitter uncovered photos and videos of the Boston Marathon Bombing. While news reporters ran from bomb scares and stood on street corners, Twitter users were seeing pictures of people being arrested, a Saudi 2123b terrorist being tackled and connected the dots between the Motives, The Means and The Money behind the attack.

The establishment media, which has been loyal to president Obama, was threatened and retaliated. My guess is that the president's statement or the actions of his handlers made matters worse. Twitter began to realize they needed to fight back. Someone at Twitter then flipped a switch and emancipated the army of conservatives into trending freedom. A conservative hashtag, #YouJustPulledAnObama, began to soar.


Despite the millions of Obama Twitter bots (fake accounts) and paid social media company attack dogs calling people racists and attempting intimidation against the conservatives on Twitter, #YouJustPulledAnObama has trended for days on end.

One of the worst, unfunny, unwitty, liberal tweets of all time has more than 2000 retweets to rank as the top tweet in the trend. The Soviet style salute is a clear sign that social media bots cannot stand up to conservatives.

While Obama followers are urged to declare their loyalty, patriotic conservatives are storming the gates. Fellow SLOBS blog Beers with Demo provides insight into some of what is being unleashed on Twitter with "What We've Been Tweeting."


The cultural winds have changed. Andrew Breitbart is smiling.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Defeating Terrorism Is Free

USA flag

There is a force in America that will defeat terrorism when called.


In the war on terror, law enforcement professionals have a role. The media has a role. The government and military have roles, but the American people are the force that is everywhere, always.

As the target of terror attacks, Americans will always be present to defend themselves. To overcome the terror tactic, we require only our second amendment rights. There is a reason why no enemy force has invaded and conquered America. Armed Americans.

America's greatest enemy until World War I was Great Britain. We fought wars, they burned Washington D.C. to the ground. The "bombs bursting in air" were British. British law gave us slavery to supply the empire. They occupied American cities, but in the end "that star spangled banner" yet waved. They lost, not to the Department of Homeland Security or to a policy, but to a people.

The land of the free and home of the brave prevailed, then Americans forgave our enemy. The British have since become our closest allies. Britain did not ally with us because of our kindness or willingness to "coexist." Great Britain allied with us due to our strength. The strength of Americans.

Countless kings and dictators have been frustrated by America's strength. A strength boiled down to a single timeless phrase, "Don't Tread On Me!"

don't tread on me

When did "the public" and "law enforcement" stop simply being referred to as "Americans"? Why do politicians make the patronizing assumption that only government can defend Americans? Will the reduction of rights or expensive security measures ever make us safe? These are questions of faith, wisdom and character.

Three hundred million empowered Americans is the best security solution. The Boston attackers were identified by a victim of the crime. The Saudi national linked to Al Qaeda was captured by a bystander. The younger suspect was found by a homeowner. It is clear that the solution to terror is transparency and trust in the American people.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Sunil Tripathi, Mike Mulugeta Trained in Hanover Massachusetts

Sunil Tripathi (left) and Mike Mulugeta (right)


Police reportedly released the names of the Boston Marathon attackers. Sunil Tripathi (left) and Mike Mulugeta (right) above are being connected with the attacks. State Police announced a connection between a killing at MIT and the Boston Marathon attack.

Some reports are saying that Mike Mulugeta was killed in Watertown, Massachusetts.  Mike Mulugeta may have attempted to use an improvised explosive device as a suicide bomb.  Police have identified the second Watertown suspect as "a terrorist who came here to kill people." They may have been in process of attacking MIT with additional suspects.

This information is new, so here is some evidence for you to review. You should make up your own mind about Sunil Tripathi:

Sunil Tripathi Boston vs Missing Persons
22-year-old Brown University philosophy major Sunil Tripathi, of Radnor, Pa., left his apartment at 1:33 a.m. on March 16, 20 minutes after using his computer.  He did not take his personal items and left a note.

ABC News(italics ours)
"Typically, two reasons people don't take the normal things they take with them is because they're stepping outside to talk to somebody, they're going half a block away, or they're not coming back," ABC News consultant and former FBI agent Brad Garrett told "Good Morning America."
"Everyone's racking their brains to see if they can come up with places that he might be or where he might have gone," Ravi Tripathi said. (His sister)
His family further reported that he may have been battling depression while on leave from school.
"He's been trying to figure out what he wants to do in life, where he wants to go," Ravi Tripathi, Sunil Tripathi's brother, said.


On March 12 and March 15 explosions occurred in Hanover, MA. Apparently Hanover was the location of some test runs with the explosives used during the Boston Marathon.
[..]two recent incidents where, over the past week, witnesses have reported explosions.

Officials are concerned the explosive devices could lead to injury or property damage. The recovered explosives appear to be homemade.

“We’re hoping neighbors may have seen something that may help us identify those responsible for detonating the devices,” said Hanover Fire Chief Jeff Blanchard.

Boston, Hanover, Brown University

A private intelligence group reports that jihadists have been recruiting for attacks:
a jihadist announced his desire to plan bombings in the United States, but was chastised by others for revealing such a plot publicly. He is referring to a posting on the Ansar al-Mujahideen forum on April 1 in which a jihadist tried to recruit members for an attack similar in impact to al-Qaeda's 9/11 strikes, but seemed focused on the attack being a suicide bombing.
Tripathi and Mulugeta, if responsible for bombings, may have been recruited, trained or inspired by Islamic terrorists. This leads to the possibility of additional suspects.

Sunil Tripathi wearing a popular Che Guevara tshirt.NOT "RIGHT WING"

Che is a popular t-shirt design for those unfamiliar with his history. Guevara is not an idol of "right wing" philosophy students.

The mythical "right wing nut" remains the left's bigfoot. Gulagbound reminds us that recent domestic mass attacks have all been by progressives and drugs.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Is Explosion Near Waco Related to Boston?

West Texas Explosion

Update 5/10/2013:
Texas Fertilizer Explosion EMS Worker Charged With Owning Explosive Device
A first responder who helped treat victims of the fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas, last month was arrested and charged today with possessing an explosive device.

The arrest came on the same day that Texas authorities opened a criminal investigation into the April 17 explosion.

Paramedic Bryce Reed, who works with the West, Texas, EMS and served as incident commander during the response to the explosion, appeared in federal court in Waco, Texas, this morning for alleged possession of a destructive device.

Original Post: 4/17/1013 9:43 PM:

A large explosion has occurred near Waco, Texas.

Here is video of the massive blast:

seismograph in Amarillo (~400m away) registered the fertilizer plant explosion in West, TX
seismograph in Amarillo (~400m away) registered the fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas.

Sixty or seventy people are reported dead and up to one hundred injured. The information is frrom EMS Director Dr. George Smith.

This morning we reviewed the possibility that the Boston Marathon attack might be the first in a series of terrorist attacks. This explosion in Waco might fall into such a strategy and explain why the attackers have not yet claimed responsibility.
 Al Qaeda may be waiting to claim responsibility until operatives and support members have retreated to safety. We may see a claim of responsibility in a few hours.  We will not see a claim of responsibility if further attacks are in progress.

An organization with hundreds of members can run a sophisticated support network. However, such networks are difficult to create and they would not want to dissemble it after a single attack. Successful operatives might be planning or executing additional attacks. A rash of attacks, like the ricin senatorial attack, would maximize the terror effect.
Waco Explosion

Boston Terrorism Link to Benghazi



The Saudi suspect in the Boston bombing is being deported:
According to ICE the reason is under section 212 3B -- "Security and related grounds" -- "Terrorist activities"
 "looks like they were trying to make this a 'lone wolf' crime so, the Saudi government would be spared embarrassment and the U.S. would avoid explaining how a terror cell was active when we had AQ on the run."
There is some question as to how the deportation occurs in order to keep it as quiet as possible.

Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi is connected to an important Saudi family with ties to Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) per this terrorist list (h/t Atlas Shrugged).

Reuters reported President Obama had an unscheduled meetings with the Saudi Foreign Minister to discuss developments in the region:

- U.S. President Barack Obama met with Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal at the White House on Wednesday and discussed the conflict in Syria, a spokeswoman said.

The meeting was not on Obama’s public schedule.

The spokeswoman, Caitlin Hayden, said the president joined a meeting between the Saudi official and Obama’s national security adviser, Tom Donilon.

President Obama must believe that the Saudi government is better able to quietly pursue Al Qaeda connections in the Boston Marathon attack. AQAP became powerful in Yemen because the Saudi Arabia branch of AQ was nearly eliminated by the Saudi government. The AQ members in Saudi Arabia were forced to retreat and join with Yemeni AQ.

This also keeps DHS, FBI and other domestic law enforcement resources concentrating on the domestic tasks at hand.

Please help us keep an eye out on how the secretive Saudi government handles the return of Abdul Al Harbi.  You may recall that reports in Boston considered him "cooperative" with law enforcement.

The Motives

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) is an Algerian based jihadist cell which sometimes took orders from Osama Bin Laden. AQIM claimed responsibility for killing U.S. Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi, Libya. They took credit on facebook through their affiliate Ansar al-Sharia (AAS).

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) is the Yemeni-Saudi organization founded by Osama Bin Laden. On the AQAP website, they invite jihadists to "attack sporting events" of  "the West". AQAP faces U.S. military forces assisting Yemen’s military efforts to maintain control since Arab Spring protests erupted in 2012.

AQAP is believed to have several hundred members and are Al Qaeda's most active and biggest threat to the U.S. homeland (per CIA). AQAP announced the Benghazi attack was in retaliation for the killing of the network’s number two Sheikh Abu Yahya al-Libi.

The Boston Marathon attack may be in retaliation for the killing of AQIM leader Abdelhamid Abou Zeid. Zeid was killed in fighting in northern Mali.  Djamel Okacha, also known as Yahia Abu El Hamam has taken control of AQIM. Okacha is believed to have participated in the 2009 killing of American aid worker Christopher Leggett.  Since changing leadership, AQIM has taken credit for the assault on Timbuktu.
A spokesman for al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb issued a statement on the al-Sharq website in Mauritania, saying that the attack on Timbuktu was led by an Algerian suicide bomber, belonging to the Yusuf bin Tashfin brigade, a platoon under the command of the late al-Qaida emir Abou Zeid, who was killed last month by French forces.
Additionally, trumpeting of "I killed Bin Laden" occurred in election year political ads from April 2012 through September 2012. President Barack Obama personally declared “al Qaeda is on the path to defeat and Osama bin Laden is dead.” A few weeks later Ambassador Stevens was dead, the first US Ambassador killed since 1979.

Another possible al Qaeda motivation for the Boston Marathon attack is the fact that April 15th is the day of decision to attack Abbottabad and kill Osama Bin Ladin. Per a jihadist website:
This day coincides with the anniversary of Lincoln's assassination. Two weeks from now is the anniversary of Usama bin Laden's assassination. The attack decision on Abbottabad was taken on April 15, according to the American version of the story.

The Means

The Al Qaeda terrorists claiming responsibility for the death of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi have not been reported killed or captured.

A private intelligence group is reporting that Jihadist Says al-Qaeda's Strategy in Line with Boston Bombings
the attack is in line with al-Qaeda's strategy to exploit security vulnerabilities and weaken the enemy with small attacks that spread fear.
Al Qaeda's English language magazine Inspire taught pressure cooker bomb-making techniques. The technique was used in Islamic terrorism in AfghanistanIndia and Pakistan. The pressure cookers are easy to transport across borders. The Washington Times reports on Inspire:
[..]proposing a long list of possible targets for attacks, among them “crowded sports arenas” and “annual social events.” [..]
The chapters, including the one on pressure cooker bombs, were compiled into a booklet titled “The Lone Mujahed Pocketbook,” released on Islamic militant web sites in March, according to SITE.
Islamic Pressure Cooker Bomb

Logistically, Islamic terrorist have the ability to move trained operatives and support personnel into the U.S. Mexican drug cartels work with Islamic militants to traffic drugs, weapons, para-military training and sex slaves. The cartels have the available infrastructure to move men and material across our border and into major cities. 

Recent assassinations of law enforcement might be a tactical diversion for drug cartel logistical activity. Theories linking the assassinations to the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang have been investigated since December 2012 without results. On March 21st, Brietbart News interviewed a district attorney on the subject: (italics ours)

Breitbart News: Earlier you said you didn’t want to comment on the investigation, and I understand. But I have to ask. Some have said you guys were going after the Aryan Brotherhood. Some have said low-level Mexican cartels have had involvement with the Aryan Brotherhood in Texas regarding methamphetamine trafficking?

(Kaufman County District Attorney Mike) McLelland: Interesting. I can’t comment on any of that.

Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife Cynthia were found assassinated on March 30th.

The Money

As mentioned above Islamic terrorist use drugs, weapons, slavery, and other crime to generate money.

AQIM received a $17 million ransom paid by France for four French citizens who were kidnapped from their guarded villas in Arlit.  Former US Ambassador to Mali Vicki Huddleston spilled the story to iTele.
Huddleston explained that like all ransoms, France paid the Malian government, “which forwarded at least some of the funds to the Salafists [Islamists].”
The statement was denied by France. However, when U.S. Navy SEALs raided Osama bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, in 2011, they found a cache of documents called “the Abbottabad papers.” The papers included communications between Osama Bin Laden and AQIM: (italics ours)
In April 2011, as the Western military intervention in Libya accelerated, bin Laden offered AQIM a point-by-point plan for how the group should handle some French hostages it had taken. He was worried that killing them would inflame Arab public opinion, at that moment grateful for France’s intervention, against al-Qaeda (in Libya). The AQIM leadership largely followed his advice.
The money is being used to kill Americans by any means necessary.

  • Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) offered a 3 kilogram of gold bounty ($150,000) for the killing of the US ambassador to Yemen, Gerald Feierstein. 
  • AQAP also put a bounty of about $500 on any American soldier in Yemen.

Why No Claim of Responsibility Yet 

Iraqi insurgents with MANPADS
My research has arrived at three theories why Al Qaeda might wait to claim responsibility.

More Likely

Al Qaeda may be waiting to claim responsibility until operatives and support members have retreated to safety. We may see a claim of responsibility in a few hours.  We will not see a claim of responsibility if further attacks are in progress.

An organization with hundreds of members can run a sophisticated support network. However, such networks are difficult to create and they would not want to dissemble it after a single attack. Successful operatives might be planning or executing additional attacks. A rash of attacks, like the ricin senatorial attack, would maximize the terror effect.

Armed and trained citizens are more effective than law enforcement at stopping attacks. We are everywhere, always. Examiner evaluated citizen vs police statistics in mass shooting attacks:
The average number of people killed in mass shootings when stopped by police is 14.29

The average number of people killed in a mass shooting when stopped by a civilian is 2.33
With this in mind, the next attack might be in a "gun free" zone state: Hawaii, California, Illinois, New York, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut,  Rhode Island, or Massachusetts.

Gun Control States
Gun Deaths: Gun Suicides + Gun Murder + Gun Personal Defense
(This theory is supported by the fact that the FBI released video and photos of two suspects.)

The Internet Conspiracy

Google, Facebook, Twitter and the like may be filtering claims of responsibility. We searched French and British sources, but have not yet contacted Arabic speakers who monitor satellite channels. If the internet is locked down enough for this to be the case, we have bigger problems than terrorism.

With that said, Barracuda networks could effectively shut down some selected internet traffic.

The Ugly

America gives billions of dollars in foreign aid to countries who hate us. This aid allows us some leverage over those countries because we can take the aid away. America can always threaten to take away foreign aid, whether the aid is money, weapons or training.

Al Qaeda in Iraq admits it is fighting in Syria. The fighting in Syria is being propelled by western heavy weapons from Benghazi, Libya and American run training camps in Jordan. Al Qaeda fighters are being trained in these camps as revealed by the Washington Post: (italics ours) [This article disappeared or is blocked .. you can see the Washington Post facebook link to the article to confirm its authenticity webcache version, PDF version]
The Obama administration, which sent a force of about 150 U.S. military personnel to Jordan last year, has repeatedly refused to comment on reports that the force is training Syrian fighters.[..]
Despite growing enthusiasm, it may be too late to separate moderates from radicals among those fighting in southern Syria.
“Whether we fight under the banner of Jabhat al-Nusra or the Free Syrian Army, we are all defending our families in the name of God,” said Abu Momen, who crossed the border (from Syria to Jordan) last week along with the nightly influx of about 2,000 people. The 22-year-old said he was a fighter with the Jabhat al-Nusra group, which the Obama administration has said is a wholly owned subsidiary of al-Qaeda in Iraq.
The future of Syria is a political bargaining chip. Al Qaeda and other Islamic forces are vying for control of the future of the country. This might allow the administration some leverage in this situation. The Syrian bargaining chip might be cashed in because the current administration would be badly damaged by linkage between the Boston Marathon attack and Benghazi attackers. Attackers who have not been brought to justice and remain at large.


Monday, April 15, 2013

Patriot's Day Attacked - Saudi Suspected

Patriots Day
Explosion at Boston Marathon Finish Line

Update 4/17/2013: 

The Saudi national being held reportedly has family in Al Qaeda. He was not cleared. Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi is to be deported to Saudi Arabia.
According to ICE the reason is under section 212 3B -- "Security and related grounds" -- "Terrorist activities."


The Saudi person of interest is now cleared.


CBS reporting bombs were placed in trash cans, and surveillance video exists of male carrying suspicious bags.

Phones in Boston were shut down to avoid remote detonations.

Injury total increased to 134, death total has increased to 3 with up to 21 in critical condition.

Boston PD and FBI sources have conflicting statements on the Saudi man described as a Suspect by the New York Post. CBS reports that the man is "in custody," cooperating and denying involvement.

Third explosion was reportedly just a fire, but between 4 to 5 bombs were placed in total.


Initial report Saudi National suspected
Police also confirmed that there was a third explosion, at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. 

Original Post:

Patriot's Days commemorates battles of Lexington & Concord set off by British raid on Colonial Militia ammo stores. It is a state holiday in Massachusetts. Celebrations include the Boston Marathon and an annual Boston Red Sox day game.
Boston Athletics Association Boston Marathon 2013

Shortly after the Red Sox game ended, about four hours into the Boston Marathon at least two explosion occurred. One explosion happened at the finish line. At the moment, two people are reported dead and twenty-three injured.

It appears there were four devices, of which two detonated.

My instinct is that this is not an organized right/left domestic terrorist attack. Right wing groups would not target Patriot's Day or civilians. Waco and Oklahoma City occurred on 4/19, not 4/15. Left wing anarchist groups linked to Occupy have been making bombs, but target infrastructure like bridges and banks.

The few groups with obvious motivations for such an attack.

  • Islamic Jihadists who are offended at the president's SOTU statement that Al Qaeda is a "shadow" of its former self. 
  • Environmental Extremists who are looking for attention as their movement has been discredited.
  • There may be a new group related to drug gangs. They have been targeting law enforcement for assassination. There was a large police presence on Boylston Street.
  • The "Don't let a crisis go to waste crowd." This group will be the focus of people following the strange movement of gold, stocks and other inexplicable occurrences on the international stage of late.
  • A straight out sovereign state enemy of the United States. North Korea, Iran, Syria, etc.
  • Waco, Texas occurred on Patriot's Day 1993.

We can be sure that the undetonated bombs will be tracked back to the source quickly.

Excuse the mainstream media's ads:

  • First bomb explosion video here.
  • Second bomb detonation here.

Friday, April 12, 2013

AT&T U-verse Campaign to get The Blaze Channel

The Blaze

Glenn Beck's The Blaze is coming to cable around the country. It is an entire television channel with news, entertainment and opinion programs. Now is our chance to reach out to AT&T and get the channel added to the line up.

You might recall that comments by Roger Ailes had some groups boycotting FOX News for "turning left."  Extensive coverage of this boycott is available at Benghazi-Truth. This is not my position, but at the moment FOX News is the lone voice in the wilderness on many important issues. It is not wise for us free people to rely upon a single media outlet.

Studies have shown that people believe what they hear from three sources. FOX News as the sole dissenting voice can help people question what they are being told, but it alone cannot convince people of the truth.

The San Diego Local Order of Bloggers
Glenn Beck has been a relentless truth teller. Having an additional trusted source of information is important in today's biased media landscape. Moreover, Glenn Beck and his producers have been good to new media. At times, topics which have been covered by this blog and The San Diego Local Order of Bloggers have also been covered by Glenn Beck and his staff.

I have personally met Glenn Beck and he has my full support in this endeavor.  Between FOX News, The Blaze and new media; we just might be able to change hearts and minds.

Please complete this form at the AT&T website and choose BLAZE under General Interests.

Additionally, show support for The Blaze on AT&T's Facebook page.

More information available at http://www.GetTheBlaze.com.


This is my unsolicited, unpaid and honest opinion.

The Blaze

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Disarming American Citizens while Arming Al Qaeda

AS-50 US Navy Seal Sniper Rifle

Al Qaeda in Syria is now armed with the same weapon as the U.S. Navy SEAL teams. Introducing the AS-50, a weapon meant to defend western civilization from our enemies. We suspect that the breadcrumbs from arming Al Qaeda with this 50 caliber sniper rifle will lead to training in American camps in Jordan and acquisition from Benghazi, Libya (see Killing Stevens: The Obama Scandal).

Syrian Rebels using AS-50 Sniper Rifle

See more about the AS-50 from The Military Channels' Ultimate Weapons.
Military Channel Ultimate Weapons - AS-50 Sniper Rifle

American citizens' second amendment rights are being assaulted by U.N. Small Arms treaties, $10,000 fines for those who do not have "gun liability" insurance (which does not exist), thousands of confiscations of registered guns from American homes and the vile politicization of dead children. All of this is despite the data that gun bans increase violent crime, including murder, robbery, aggravated assault and rape.

Anti-American terrorists, in the mean time, are being armed by the Obama administration with anti-aircraft (MANPADS) weapons, anti-tank weapons and our best high powered military rifles. These are weapons American citizens could never own, despite the intent of our second amendment.

These actions throw Americans, Israelis and all western people into increased future danger. That this was done while disarming law abiding American citizens is hypocrisy of the highest order. These concurrent actions by President Obama make our world less safe domestically and internationally.




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