Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Islamic Supremacists Not Mentioned in Obama's Comments on Terrorists

Falling into the Obama Sink Hole

President Obama ignored the greatest threat to the civilized world while talking about "whatever warped, twisted ideas" from self-radicalized individuals. Frankly, his oratory seemed poised to point at the tea party as he stated that he had indicated to (@30 sec):
"entire counter-terrorism team,what more can we do on THAT threat that is LOOMING on the horizon."
I was under the knife today, and have been taking some pain medication, so maybe I am hearing this wrong. So, decide for yourself.  Fully in-context clip of statement from C-SPAN CLICK HERE (1 min 34 seconds)

One passing mention of Al Qaeda which is dismissed as he pivots to "self-radicalized individuals." The president makes no mention of radical theology, only generic "ideas." No mention of the numerous jihadist attacks preceding and during his presidency, only attacks "looming on the horizon."

Many people today have commented upon President Obama's encore performance. A statement on a gay basketball player who "can bang with Shaq," where Shaq is a retired NBA player who, to my knowledge is heterosexual.(In basketball terms, "bang" refers to a physical style of post play. Not that post, post refers to under the basket. No not... I give up.) My offense at this statement is not about sexuality, it revolves around the lack of mention of patriotic Americans who died under President Obama in Benghazi and never received an encore.


This entire affair induced my OXYCODONE filled brain to embark upon a Twitter rant of epic proportions. A rant to which, I apologize. To view the rant go look up #TwistedRadicalIdeas. The moral of this story is that even while on pain killers, some of us take responsibility for our own actions... even reactions, while America's president fails the character test at every turn.

Mr. President, for one day please be reasonable. Just one, that is all we ask.  For one day, no #AttackWatch, no accusing the peaceful tea party movement of racism or terrorism, no undermining Israel, no submission or appeasement to Islamic supremacists, no selling weapons to our enemies, no trying to setup the confiscation of our second amendment, no undermining jobs with false promises of free health care, no hindering Americas massive reserve of fuel to further Climate Change policy, no Tides foundation nudging.... just one day without their Doo Doo Economics. A day without a fundamental transformation administration would be preferable.  Maybe go golfing.

In return, this blogger will, for a day, sleep, perchance to dream.

Global Warming Man
Update: fixed about 1000 typos.


K T Cat said...

How do you self-radicalize? Do you sit in a room all by yourself and get worked up to the point you build bombs? That sounds more like psychotic or schizophrenic behavior.

Hope you're feeling better soon, hombre.

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