Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Progressive Fascists

Features of Fascism

A Fellow SLOBs author has been on a tear. Her blog is part of our group, and she writes at College Insurrection. She brings us an interesting video. "Why America’s Military Must Be Strong" describes how America has battled four fascist threats to freedom in the last hundred years. It includes the particularly interesting frame above regarding Islamo-fascism.

Watch the video for the details, but this frame captures much more than Islamic Supremacism. It explains why Americans do not trust progressives. Barack Obama and his supporting progressive network are precisely described in this frame.

Hatred of Democracy - Opposing voter ID laws, Scytl suppression of military votes, IRS suppression of conservative votes, lying about Benghazi to win the election, out right voter fraud - Chicago Style, and the latest ...the NSA data collection scandal coincidentally coinciding with Organizing or America's Biggest database in the world on American voters.

Hatred of Christianity - IRS targeting of conservative churches, anti-freedom of religion healthcare mandates for abortion, forcing the Boy Scouts of America into accepting homosexuals, and the general Bill Maher "invisible friend" anti-religious rantings of progressives in general. One might say, collective salvation and a corrupted social justice were used by racists like Margaret Sanger to use christian churches to promote black abortions.

Fanatical Anti-Americanism - Unending attempts to destroy our Constitutionally protected civil rights are everywhere in the news. We cannot list them all! Without the Constitution...THERE IS NO AMERICA.

Antisemitism - While many Jewish Americans finance and vote for progressives, the progressive movement is wholeheartedly anti-Israel. It is mind boggling. In Benghazi, heavy weapons were given to Islamic terrorists who shot down Israeli jets (at least one) with Obama provided MANPADS. Obama just appointed an Ambassador to the UN who wants to provide troops to "protect Palestinians" from Israel.

Desire for Utter Uniformity - Everything from Political Correctness to the Alinsky book "Rules for Radicals," on how to silence opponents, is aimed squarely at intimidating and shutting down any opposition. Consider Global Warming and how fraudulently they have presented their progressive demands.

Even the amazing artwork and slogans of President Obama are callbacks to fascism's cousin communism. Let's end with another graphic brought to us by the aforementioned blogger.

Yes We Scan


We didn't use our fellow blogger's name due to the title of this post. It would be very uncool to associate her name with progressive fascism, Barack Obama, on the other hand, well... too damn bad.

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K T Cat said...

Does any of this matter for the proponents of the Pink Police State?

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