Wednesday, October 16, 2013

ObamaCare Shutdown Good For Americans, Bad for Progressives

The longer the government shutdown continues during the ObamaCare rollout the better.

As Americans are impacted by the ObamaCare disaster they will be looking for help from those who oppose it. They will consider who told the truth about ObamaCare as they see the unnecessary suffering it is causing. Obama and the Democrats lied to America. The longer and stronger we stand against ObamaCare, the more credibility and support we gain.

The progressive position is the opposite. The president has already forced one downgrade of America's Standard and Poor's credit rating on August 5th, 2011. The markets fell 634 points in a couple days. Standard and Poor's warned that raising the debt limit with no intention of paying it down was unacceptable.

The House of Representatives is fighting against unconditional debt limit raises and the massive new ObamaCare entitlement. Republicans have the support of the financial markets and the public-at-large supports the defunding of the Unaffordable Care Act entitlement. The stock market goes up as the tea party rebels against the massive government spending. The stock market should rise today (10/16/2013) if the debt limit is NOT raised.

Constitutional Stampede

President Obama and other progressives are standing defiantly in the path of a buffalo stampede unable to see the consequences of their stubbornness. They expect their "perception is reality" spin in the media to save them. They expect to step aside as the stampeding heard runs off a media cliff.

Unfortunately for them, REALITY EXISTS.

Obama and Reid are responsible for the shutdown and the public is learning more about it every day. The false blaming of Congress only works in a short news cycle. No spin or twitter campaign will turn this disaster to their advantage. Pointing fingers and lying isn't a winning strategy here. President Obama is likely prepared to sacrifice himself to save ObamaCare, but his sacrifice would be for nothing. Big government is failing again.

Progressive Democrats rely upon their top-down planning to provide solutions from the Ivory Tower. The ObamaCare plan is to usher in a crisis to be solved by government run single payer health care. The "progressives" are prepared for ObamaCare to fail. They created the law to take out insurance companies and drive government dependence. They didn't consider the bravery and honesty of patriotic americans fighting to save our fellow citizens from this arrogant scheme.

The President and his party should back down from a fight they can't win. They won't, so be prepared for more global-warming-style armageddon wolf cries. The media will also cry that the "tea party" can't win. They are wrong, at this point the tea party can't lose.

The President cannot get his demands through the House of Representatives. Establishment Republicans will take ownership of ObamaCare and the debt if they tread on the tea party. This is a perfect situation for Republicans to stand firm on behalf of all Americans.

Victory favors the bold. So boldly stand your ground and repeat..Don't Tread on Me!

Don't Treat on Me


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I agree with this. I longer and stronger we stand against ObamaCare, the more credibility and support we gain.

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