Monday, October 21, 2013

President to Delay ObamaCare Mandate Just as Tea Party Requested during Shutdown

On Monday at 11:25am in the White House Rose Garden, President Obama is having a press conference on the embarrassing ACME ObamaCare website (

ACME ObamCare Websites

ObamaCare fines Americans who do not sign up on a website that does not work. This is the definition of unfair. The President will be forced to delay the ObamaCare mandate EXACTLY as the Republicans had asked for and President Obama denied in order to shutdown the government.

Before President Obama is forced to delay the individual mandate and admit the Tea Party was right, he will claim that the technical "glitches" can be fixed. Expect a "best and brightest techies will fix it" statement. Massive additional tax monies will be wasted on the effort. Unfortunately for the President, failing, poorly envisioned, multi-million dollar centralized systems aren't "fixed" by more or better programmers. They die and are redesigned.

Covered California Error
Massive customer service centered technology innovations are the realm of the free market, not big government.  Like education, no amount of money or big government will make the system work reasonably. But again, ObamaCare was never designed to work, it was designed to kill private insurance companies in order to force "single-payer" socialized medicine on Americans.

So the President and the Senate shutdown the government for nothing. They screamed and cried that it was Bush's fault or the "tea party's" fault to conceal the truth, but truth is hard to kill. In the end, ObamaCare must be delayed. If it is not, it will drive millions of Americans into the arms of its tea party.

...Or maybe the failed "ACME Healthcare" website is intended to take the blame for the system. Maybe this is all part of the "Single Payer" plan to provide a scapegoat for the administration when dealing with angry insurance companies. Blame "the website", the latest in a long line of  "blame Bush" tactics.


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