Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tweeting #ObamaShutdown Exposes Leftist Insanity

Truth is the main target of progressive attacks. The leftists use slogans, lies, corruption and cheating to overcome and stay ahead of the truth. It is not an enviable position in the world of twitter. So it is our duty to watch them squirm as they try to convince the world that the Senate and President Obama haven't caused the #ObamaShutdown to defend ObamaCare.

Crazier still is their argument that Republicans refuse to pass a budget, when ONLY Republicans have passed a budget since 2009. Despite it being required by law, Democrats refuse to pass a budget. This #ObamaShutDown is just another example of progressive lawlessness.
Organizing for Al Qaeda attack Republicans for lack of Budget

It is a matter of fact, not opinion, that President Obama has unilaterally amended ObamaCare to exclude Congress, provide waivers for his cronies and illegal aliens are exempt from fines. The Unaffordable Care Act known, commonly as ObamaCare, has been amended and delayed 19 times92% of Americans oppose Congress being exempted, one of the unilateral and unconstitutional changes to the law decreed by President Obama.

Yet, a one year delay and/or forcing Congress to live by their own law as proposed by Republicans in the House of Representatives is the legal amendment that the President cannot abide. Obama negotiates with Al Qaeda and dictators using poison gas, but not the elected representatives of the American people?!?

Well, lets do the one thing that the left cannot, tell the truth.

Go to twitter and use the hashtag #ObamaShutdown. Make it trend. Exhaust all of their meds!

After using #ObamaShutdown, the progressive think tanks launched #GOPShutdown in response. Their astroturf effort quickly faded away, but they will have nightmares if we trend with real people. Bloggers will post, MSNBC will whine and their efforts to lie to the American people will be upended.

It is time to flex a little social media muscle!

Here is a sample of the insanity you will run into, but just remember, "that means you are winning."

Left Wing Twitter Insanity


1) As additional evidence that this government shutdown is being misrepresented, fellow SLOBs blogger W.C. Varones shows us that the stock market is up today in What if they Thew a Shutdown and No One Cared?

2) On ObamaCare, we all know it is a scheme to destroy insurance and force everyone into Single Payer government controlled health care. Allow me to remind you that during this process, 50 million Americans will lose their employer sponsored health insurance. Americans will suffer illness, injury and disease without the coverage they otherwise would have had if not for the ObamaCare scheme.

If they succeed with this Single Payer scheme, quality of care will suffer, death panels will be empowered, and incentives for cures will be distorted by politics and bureaucracy. Ultimately, America will lose its leadership role in curing disease. If another country does not step-up, humanity faces a world where disease outpaces medical innovation. Example, we are down to one antibiotic to fight MRSA.

Fighting ObamaCare isn't about politics, it is about lives. The progressives, in this #ObamaShutdown, have proven that they are concerned with politics not people. Help us in this fight for our lives.


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