Friday, May 10, 2013

End The Fraud of the Friday Dump

end the fraud

Today the IRS apologized for targeting the tea party and other patriot groups. It is unconscionable that our government is so biased against citizens that they actively seek to demonize and discriminate against patriotic Americans. The Liberator Today says "An Apology is not Enough," but what might be worse is that this information was part of a "Friday Dump" designed to minimize coverage as people prepare for the weekend.

The "Friday Dump" is the anti-transparency hallmark of the Obama administration. Today's "Dump" included a failed attempt by Jay Carney to spin the Benghazi revelations. Also included, news that the West, Texas "industrial accident" may have been a crime and a first responder has been arrested for having bomb components. Finally, the State Department has forced the 3-D printed plastic gun blueprints to be taken down from it's website, despite "The Liberator" meeting all legal requirements.

3D Printed Plastic Gun

Cody Wilson, a founder of Defense Distributed, an Austin nonprofit corporation, said he had complied with the government request, but that he and his attorneys were reviewing their options and talking to organizations that support open access to information about challenging any ongoing ban.
Back to Benghazi, it is now fact that the Obama Administration lied to the American people and falsely jailed a man over the 9/11/12 terrorist attacks for political purposes. The mainstream media has for months failed in their constitutionally protected role as watchdog for the public on this issue.

Left Coast Rebel reminds us,
In the fog of war, when the reports of a terrorist attack were laid in his lap, Obama punted his duty to protecting Americans and the service's tradition of "no man left behind", to put on his own jammies and catch some Z's before an arduous day of fund raising in Las Vegas. By some accounts, he repeatedly obstructed rescue attempts, in order to preserve his own political viability and re-election. 
Ridiculous excuses from the main stream media and Jay Carney prompted a Twitter hashtag to trend titled: #JayCarneyExcuses (It trended along site #Benghazi and #IRS.)

Fraud and abuse of power have become as common as the grass during the reign of Barack Obama. Rule of Law and Equal Justice have given way to Rule of Man and intimidation. It is time to End the Fraud and a good place to start would be by ending the "Friday Dump".

Jay Carney Excuses

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