Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rep. Michele Bachmann Done With Congress

Rep.Michele Bachmann

Rep. Michele Bachmann has been one of the tea party's strongest voices. She understands the grave danger we face due to ObamaCare. Rep. Bachmann is also a "Butt Kicking" politician who has been targeted by the left for several years and defeated all challenges. It will be difficult to find another strong voice to take her place, however she has done her duty to the country. We salute her and thank her for everything she has done so far.

A tea party favorite quote from Rep. Bachmann is her description of progressives as "Frugal Socialists."

We are very concerned about ObamaCare. Our country and our world depend upon the good work of American researchers and drug manufacturers. For the last 25 years, development of antibiotics has been discouraged through regulations. We now face the possibility of a world without effective antibiotics.

If you have been to the doctor lately, you will have noticed the resistance and care given to prescribing antibiotics. This is required because our old antibiotics are being defeated by resistant strains of bacteria. The uncertainty caused by ObamaCare may lead to an epidemic of drug resistant bacteria as the health sector focuses upon compliance in the face of a disaster.

Obamacare Bear

Rep. Bachmann's announcment that she will not be running for reelection:
Be assured, my decision was not in any way influenced by any concerns about my being reelected to Congress. I've always in the past defeated candidates who are capable, qualified, and well-funded. And I have every confidence that if I ran, I would defeat the individual who I defeated last year, who recently announced that he is once again running. And rest assured, this decision was not impacted in any way by the recent inquiries into the activities of my former presidential campaign or my former presidential staff. It was clearly understood that compliance with all rules and regulations was an absolute necessity for my presidential campaign, and I have no reason to believe that that was not the case.
Here is the video.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Microsoft: Tea Party App "Divisive" for Report on Islamic Terrorism

The SLOBS WIndows 8 App

The Obama Administration's IRS criminally targeted the tea party, Jewish, and minority conservative groups to interfere with the 2012 election. The DOJ targeted reporters to silence scandals during the election. The White House jailed an innocent man to support the Benghazi cover-up prior to the election. Government, however, might not be the only powerful entity in America bullying groups. Microsoft may be discriminating against the tea party on the Windows App Store.

Our tea party group, The San Diego Local Order of Bloggers (The SLOBs), is not based on political party, religion, race, gender, age or sexual orientation. We are concerned with taxes and the growth of government as it infringes upon civil rights. Occasionally, we address other important issues as individuals concerned for the freedom of humanity. The tea party is about civil rights.

Our Windows 8 app is the only tea party news app on the Windows App Store. A recent technical update to our app was rejected by Microsoft's testers as "divisive" because one article discussed the roots of Islamic supremacists.

Bloggers use attention grabbing story titles. The post in question is titled, "Islam: Violence Emanates from its Core." Microsoft's reviewers use personal judgement in reviewing content compliance issues. In fairness, it is understandable that this post was subjected to review based upon the title. Lets look at this article. The article begins:
The Boston Marathon bombings, by a seemingly “average” college student and his more obviously troubled and radicalized older brother has led to discussion on our policy towards Muslim immigrants; and our Visa policy regarding foreign students in general. What it should also trigger is a meaningful policy discussion on the nature of Islamic violence. Because unlike any other religion in the world, violence is an integral part of Islam.

The problem lies within the Quran itself.
Microsoft's reviewers noted:
The content in this app appeared, to our reviewers, to be to divisive.
Windows Store App Content Findings
The precise violation referenced is:
5.2 Your app must not contain content that advocates discrimination, hatred, or violence based on membership in a particular racial, ethnic, national, linguistic, religious, or other social group, or based on a person’s gender, age, or sexual orientation
There are two concerns with this content issue.
  1. The certification requirements do not specify "divisive" as a violation. "Divisive" is a subjective term that might apply to dog lovers who are offended by pictures of cats. ( KT Cat would be "divisive.")
  2. "This is one example of the issue." This statement suggests that there are multiple examples of "content that advocates discrimination, hatred, or violence."  There are not.
Obviously, the post topic is politics and religion, but there is no "advocating discrimination, hatred or violence." It is quite the opposite. The article opposes violence perpetrated by those who are part of a violent subset of the Islamic faith.
But to the truly dedicated, observant, fundamentalist Muslims these more cerebral (nice) Muslims aren’t really Muslims at all. To the ones we call “radicals”, a real Muslim has the Allah-given task of converting, enslaving, or killing the rest of us.
“Good Muslims” are commanded to kill other Muslims who stray from the path.  Consequently, the nice Muslims have to keep their mouths shut. This slows down the spread of the nicer varieties of Islam; while the radicalization of Mosques (or ”cells” within those Mosques) goes unabated.
The topic in this article is controversial. It is not politically correct, but it is factually correct and observable.
Since 9/11/01, there has been an average of 5 attacks a day by Muslim terrorists!
The blog post in question was written prior to the beheading of British soldier Lee Rigby in London by a British born convert to Islam and his friend. Since the post, video by Human Rights Watch showed a Syrian rebel eating a soldier's heart to the chant "Allahu Akbar." Currently, the top story on Google news is President Obama's comment that America is at a "crossroads" in fighting terrorism.
"America has confronted many forms of violent extremism in our time. Deranged or alienated individuals - often U.S. citizens or legal residents - can do enormous damage, particularly when inspired by larger notions of violent jihad," Mr. Obama said. "Homegrown extremists. This is the future of terrorism."
To stop the terrorism, we must understand it. To understand it, we must discuss it from all perspectives. There is an observable trend around the world which must be considered for the sake of survival. Because Americans are intimidated from honest debate on Islamic terrorism, President Obama made this statement today:
Moreover, we have to recognize that these threats don’t arise in a vacuum.  Most, though not all, of the terrorism we faced is fueled by a common ideology — a belief by some extremists that Islam is in conflict with the United States and the West, and that violence against Western targets, including civilians, is justified in pursuit of a larger cause.  Of course, this ideology is based on a lie, for the United States is not at war with Islam.  And this ideology is rejected by the vast majority of Muslims, who are the most frequent victims of terrorist attacks.

Nevertheless, this ideology persists, and in an age when ideas and images can travel the globe in an instant, our response to terrorism can’t depend on military or law enforcement alone. We need all elements of national power to win a battle of wills, a battle of ideas.  So what I want to discuss here today is the components of such a comprehensive counter-terrorism strategy.

First, we must finish the work of defeating al Qaeda and its associated forces.
This statement is a failure of leadership. It is lukewarm to the observable threat. These comments are a politically correct mess from a man trying to manage his image without uttering "Islam." A fate that Microsoft might impose on us via the term "divisive."

Word Warrior does not mince words on the subject. To be fair and balanced, his conclusion does use the term "evil". Those unable or unwilling to consider the point of the article could challenge the semantics of the conclusion:
Religiously, it is unique to Islam. There are no Christian terrorist organizations or movements, financing and sponsoring terrorism in the name of Christ. Nor are there any such Buddhist nor Hindu groups.

Liberals hate the idea of evil. But radical Islam is as evil in the 21st Century as Christianity sometimes was in the Middle Ages. And Islam has no prospect of getting any better, of internal reformation because the evil in it comes from its most fundamental tenets.

The evil in Christianity came from ignoring its fundamental tenets.


Word Warrior explored Islamic supremacists, but does not "advocates discrimination, hatred, or violence." He is reporting on a hard truth in an effort to save lives. We hope that Microsoft reviewers keep this in mind when reviewing our technical app update which has nothing to do with content.

With all this said, the post in question is no longer displayed in our app. The SLOBs app includes dozens of articles. The articles update with the news cycle and feature only the most recent posts. Most of the content is created by our authors, but we also include feeds from respected news organizations as supplemental information on our top story. The constant updates keep our content dynamic and fresh.

The SLOBs Android App
We also have an Android app which has been perfected over many revisions. It never ran into similar content issues. As bloggers, we consistently deal with politically incorrect issues. The issue of Islamic terrorism is one topic requiring open discussion despite pressures to acquiescence to intimidation and fear.

We have re-submitted app Release 3 to the Windows App Store. It will be interesting to see what they say this time.

How to Help

Please go download our free Windows App and support our efforts. Hopefully, Release 3 will be waiting for you to download.

If you are interested in reaching tea party members, consider purchasing an advertisement for the "SLOBS W8" ad unit under the category "News" (250px by 250px). We have graphics to help you create your ad.

UPDATE: A Happy Ending

Revision 3 was approved by Microsoft and is now on the Windows App Store.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Standing Ovation for Hearing On IRS Terrorizing Obama Opponents


5/17/2013 11:00 AM:
I am a political geek. CSPAN is on a lot when everyone else is asleep or away. This is the first time that I have seen a Congressional hearing include a standing ovation requiring a call to order. The investigation into the IRS terrorizing President Obama's opponents has opened the eyes of Americans. The question is if our eyes will stay open.

For those of you familiar with this blog, it includes some analysis, theories, breaking stories and occasionally speculation. However, to find truth, we endeavor to provide in-context information. We often include source footage and try to keep it short. Today, we must ask you to watch a 4 and a half minute clip summarizing much of today's congressional hearing.


For those of you who cannot spend the time here is the money quote by Representative Mike Kelly (R-Pennsylvania 3rd): (3:30)
 You know what? There is a heck of a lot more that has to come out in this.

As anybody that sits here today and listen to what you have to say. I am more concerned today than I was before and the fact that you all can do just about anything you want to anybody, you know you can put anybody, out of business, that you want anytime you want.

I got to tell you, you talked about horribly-run organization?

If you're on the other side of the fence, you're not given that excuse.  And when the IRS comes in,  you're not allowed to be shoddy.  You're not allowed to be run horribly. You're not allowed to make mistakes.   You're not allowed to do one damn thing that doesn't come in compliance.

 If you do you're held responsible right then.

I just think the American people have seen what is going on right now in their government.  This is absolute overreach and this is outrage for all America.

 [applause] >> all right.   Mr. Griffin is recognized for five minutes.

Thank you -- [applause]

The IRS is President Obama's Internal Retaliation Service.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Obama Explains Why The President Must Be Held Accountable In Benghazi

President Obama spoke moments ago about leaks that put national security at risk. His remarks also describe in detail how his beauty sleep prior to a Vegas fund raiser put national security at risk and cost the lives of brave Americans in Benghazi. This comment goes a long way in explaining why the Obama administration is lying to the American people about Benghazi.

To be, uhh, clear, President Obama was talking about leaks relating to CIA operations similar to the Benghazi, Libya operation in which America armed and trained Al Qaeda and other groups in order to overthrow various governments and then allocated $40 million to track down and buy back heavy weapons.
Obama Empty Suit"They can put men and women in uniform that I have sent into the battlefield at risk.

They can put, uhh, some of our intelligence officers, who are various dangerous situations that are easily compromised, at risk.

U.S. national security, uhh, is, uhh, dependent on those folks being able to operate with confidence that folks back home have their backs. So they are not just left out there 'high and dry,' uhh, and potentially put in even more danger than they may already be.

uhh, and so, I make no apologies and I don't think the American people would expect me, as Commander-In-Chief, not to be concerned about information that might compromise their missions or might get them killed.

The flip side of it is, we also live in a democracy, uhh, where a free press, free expression, uhh, and, uhh, the open flow of information helps hold me accountable, helps hold our government accountable and helps our democracy function. Uhh, and, ya know, the whole reason I got involved in politics is because I believe so deeply in democracy and that process.

...(edited for length)

When we express concern about leaks at a time when I have still got 60,000 plus troops in Afghanistan. uhh, and I've still got a whole bunch of intelligence officers around the world who are in risky situations,uhh, in outposts, uhh that uhh in some cases are as dangerous as the outpost in Benghazi. Uhh, that part of my job is to make sure that, uhh, we are protecting what they do. Uhh, while still accommodating for the need for, uhh, information. So,... or for the need for the public to be informed and be able to hold, uhh uhh my office accountable."

End The Fraud

In the event that you, the, uhh, reader, might think this is being taken out of context, here is a Bloomberq reporter asking about the IRS scandal and President Obama's unresponsive answer. This is simply to make the point that the man is again lying.
Reporter: "Mr. President, I want to ask you about the IRS. Can you assure the American people that nobody in the White House knew about the agencies action before your council's office found out on April 22nd."

President Obama: "I can assure you that, uhh, I certainly did not know anything about the IG report before the IG report had been leaked through press, uhh through the press."

The reason President Obama makes these implied acknowledgements that the White House knew about the targeting of conservative groups is simple. He is not held accountable. Consider the AP headline on this statement which relies upon people NOT reading the story:

Monday, May 13, 2013

Old Glory Petraeus Fired for Opposing Benghazi Coverup

Old Glory Gen. David Petraeus

CBS News Benghazi Reporter Sharyl Attkisson discusses the departure of General David Petraeus shortly after opposing the cover-up talking points memo as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Recently, the administration has attempted to use the CIA as a CYA by falsely claiming that the White House made only minor changes to talking points that originally identified the attack as terrorism. The Obama administration attempted to focus the American people on a false narrative accusing a youtube video for the Benghazi, Libya attack. An innocent video producer was arrested, he remains in jail and mothers of dead American patriots were lied to face to face while standing over the caskets of their fallen sons.

Sharyl Attkisson

Sharyl Attkisson discusses the fact that emails now show that Gen. Petraeus, as the Director of CIA, was unhappy with the final, misleading talking points memo used to deceive the American public. She also reminds us that Petraeus promised the release of declassified drone video footage of the Benghazi attack. Since the departure of the former General from the CIA, the drone footage has been withheld.

The White Washing of Benghazi

You may recall that we had high hopes in November 2012, post election, that David Petraeus would offer the truth on the Benghazi story. He did not give a full account, which was disappointing, but he did lay some breadcrumbs toward the truth. Now it seems that he may have been in position to be blackmailed which affected his ability to be forthright.

More revelations on Benghazi will be forth coming either today during the President's press conference or when the Accountability Review Board is heard by the House of Representatives.

Please show support for Sharyl Attkisson who has been doing an excellent job as an investigative reporter on the Benghazi story. Reports indicate her job at CBS News is on the line. Twitter profile HERE.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Definition: Gosnelled

Gosnelled: (verb) To kill or choosing to allow the death of someone helpless and under your care, then for the death to be white washed and/or covered up for racial or political purposes.
Example: The four patriots killed by terrorists in Benghazi on 9/11/2012 were gosnelled by the administration and the mainstream media.

Etymology: Dr. Kermit Gosnell is the biggest mass murderer in American History. He killed hundreds of babies during live birth abortions with scissors by snipping their spines. Some of the babies screamed and fought for their life. Dr. Gosnell had separate operating rooms for blacks and whites. White patients had a clean environment while black patients died on the table due to substandard conditions. Pieces of aborted fetus and viable babies were found in jars. Government agencies and the mainstream media notoriously failed to investigate and report the story. Calling it a "local story," justified covering up the story due to negative implication to the practice of abortion particularly in the poor inner city.

Friday, May 10, 2013

End The Fraud of the Friday Dump

end the fraud

Today the IRS apologized for targeting the tea party and other patriot groups. It is unconscionable that our government is so biased against citizens that they actively seek to demonize and discriminate against patriotic Americans. The Liberator Today says "An Apology is not Enough," but what might be worse is that this information was part of a "Friday Dump" designed to minimize coverage as people prepare for the weekend.

The "Friday Dump" is the anti-transparency hallmark of the Obama administration. Today's "Dump" included a failed attempt by Jay Carney to spin the Benghazi revelations. Also included, news that the West, Texas "industrial accident" may have been a crime and a first responder has been arrested for having bomb components. Finally, the State Department has forced the 3-D printed plastic gun blueprints to be taken down from it's website, despite "The Liberator" meeting all legal requirements.

3D Printed Plastic Gun

Cody Wilson, a founder of Defense Distributed, an Austin nonprofit corporation, said he had complied with the government request, but that he and his attorneys were reviewing their options and talking to organizations that support open access to information about challenging any ongoing ban.
Back to Benghazi, it is now fact that the Obama Administration lied to the American people and falsely jailed a man over the 9/11/12 terrorist attacks for political purposes. The mainstream media has for months failed in their constitutionally protected role as watchdog for the public on this issue.

Left Coast Rebel reminds us,
In the fog of war, when the reports of a terrorist attack were laid in his lap, Obama punted his duty to protecting Americans and the service's tradition of "no man left behind", to put on his own jammies and catch some Z's before an arduous day of fund raising in Las Vegas. By some accounts, he repeatedly obstructed rescue attempts, in order to preserve his own political viability and re-election. 
Ridiculous excuses from the main stream media and Jay Carney prompted a Twitter hashtag to trend titled: #JayCarneyExcuses (It trended along site #Benghazi and #IRS.)

Fraud and abuse of power have become as common as the grass during the reign of Barack Obama. Rule of Law and Equal Justice have given way to Rule of Man and intimidation. It is time to End the Fraud and a good place to start would be by ending the "Friday Dump".

Jay Carney Excuses

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Democrats Ask Zero Questions on Benghazi Events In Hearing

Nordstrom, Hicks, Thompson

During the Benghazi hearings on the Al Qaeda attack on an American consulate in Libya the Democrats have not asked a single question about the attack. Despite four dead American patriots, the Democratic Congressmen and women have failed to address the issue at all.

The leading Democratic Congressman in the hearing, Elijah Cummings of Maryland, began by stating his support for the whistle-blowers who testified. However, it appears that his statements were intended to be a veiled final effort to offer amnesty in exchange for silence.
Other Democrats attempted to provide cover for Hillary Clinton, then Secretary of State. One towering man who testified as a "whistle-blower" is named Eric Nordstrom. Mr. Nordstrom was the Libyan Regional Security Officer for the State Department during the attack. The security officer battled tears as he countered Hillary Clinton's claim by stating "It Matters!"

Eric Nordstrom

Gregory Hicks, Foreign Service Officer & Former Deputy Chief of Mission in Libya:
"My Jaw Dropped" when Susan Rice went on TV saying there was a protest in Benghazi related to a video.
Mr. Hicks has been praised by President Obama shortly after the attacks in Benghazi. He informed the State Department and senior Libyan officials asking for assistance throughout the attacks on September 11th 2012. Rep. Elijah Cummings repeatedly attempted to push against Hicks by stating that the U.S. military air power could not have arrived over Libya during the attacks. This is in direct opposition to the fact that drones were flying over the attack for several hours. It is nonsensical when one considers that the revolution in Libya relied upon U.S. air power.

The people on the ground who make security decisions were not able to get the resources needed to defend themselves and Ambassador Stevens. President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton decreased resources and then denied requests to save Americans surrounded by terrorists on American soil. The administration then lied about the situation. After that, the administration obstructed the investigation of the events in Benghazi both materially and through political proxies.

Cheryl Mills and Hilary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's right hand Cheryl Mills was directly referenced as the point person in the cover-up and silencing of whistle-blowers.




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