Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Politics is about who Shall Rule You

Recently on the broadcast mediums we have seen how little things change. America is stuck in a debate that was resolved in 1776.  The debate is about who should rule you. 

On one side of the debate are the progressives. They believe that elitists know better than "the herd."  They cannot abide capitalism because the market is actually an ignorant herd.  They are the rulers, and everyone able to disagree with them are faking their beliefs for some evil purpose.  Everyone else is just part of the ignorant herd that cannot be trusted with liberty.

Another side is you. You have few voices in the media. You have been told by teachers, professors, and the media that you cannot make it on your own, let alone help others. Helping others must be left up to government and the enlightened dictators who should rule over everyone.  If you can take care of yourself, then you are somehow different and must subscribe to the elitist view.

The truth is that people always know what is best for themselves. When people can compete, cooperate and participate in a free society, they have greater understanding, ingenuity and capability than any expert planner can provide. The Market (Capitalism) always out thinks, out executes, out adapts, out concentrates, and out positions the elitist vision.  This is because special knowledge can never take the place of specific knowledge. 

Special knowledge is that magical understanding taught at the elite universities. Only the elite minds can comprehend it. It gives the elitist progressives the ability to know what herd animals could never grasp. It is the difference between smart people and cattle. It is that magical formula that allows the government to provide better Health Care than people in the Health Care Industry. Special knowledge is often knowledge about how a sample group would react.

Specific knowledge are rudimentary notions. These specific notions include how thirsty you are, how much an apple is worth to you at various moment, and what would you rather spend your time and money upon. Specific knowledge includes all the information that is specific to you at each specific moment in time.

Politics is about who should rule you. Should you be ruled by someone with magical special knowledge or someone with specific knowledge about you?

note to Bill Maher, Special Knowledge is your magical invisible friend.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eric Fuller used by the left until his death threats on ABC

I have compiled a list of links to articles chronicling the main stream media and the far-left smear machine using a deranged man to propel a script started by the New York Times. Blaming the Tea Party for violence has back-fired completely and exposed a clearly biased agenda.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Call for Civility Arrives

Civility, that is the clarion call from President Obama and I agree.  Civility means a discussion based on issues and alternatives. It means an end to the name calling and focus upon ideas. It is exactly what the Tea Party has been asking for since 2009. 

Yes, all the people with signs, blogs, TV spots, radio call-ins, rally cries, t-shirts and bumper stickers have been asking to be heard. They have been asking for a dialog and so far they have been answered with rhetoric, slander, and told to "get in the back of the bus."  The ten or twenty people orchestrating the left's responses have made the calculation that smearing the other side was the most effective way to pursue their political agenda and divide America.  This "progressive" rhetoric and their calls to violent revolution has led to several recent violent attacks and their transparent, childish response has been to point fingers at conservatives. 

As a supporter of a conservative agenda based upon the inspirational founding ideas of America, I precisely agree with the call for civility. Conservatives should strongly agree, and bring up our examples of peaceful assembly and civil disagreement.  As far as I know, there have been no examples of Tea Party violence except as victims when Tea Party participants are attacked, bitten, or beaten by the left.

So let us take heart and realize that November was a victory, but the call for civility by President Obama is abdication to our primary request.  We now should work toward delivering our civil arguments to the ears of all who listen.  Our arguments that:
  • The American Idea is the pinnacle of political philosophy.
  • That each person has unalienable rights that our government derives it's power from. 
  • These rights should not be violated unless the life of the Republic is at stake, and then only temporarily and as a last resort. 
  • Freedom is a struggle but the only path to justice of any kind.
  • Free people shall overcome all obstacles.
  • The alternative to The American Idea is injustice and servitude.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Conservative shot and progressives blame the Tea Party?

Yesterday's attack in Arizona marks another turning point in the war on America. The media immediately ignored the fact that Congresswoman Giffords was a conservative Democrat and began blaming "the Tea Party" for the attack.

There are a number of disturbing facts available at this time. Foremost that the shooters myspace and facebook profiles were taken down before the media could even correctly report his name.  Concurrently, articles about Judge John Roll were edited on Wikipedia and judge tracking sites by left wing operatives.

The Daily Kos removed an article entitled "My CongressWOMAN voted against Nancy Pelosi! And is now DEAD to me!" by someone attending the rally on the day of the shooting. Kos himself said that Gabrielle Giffords was on a “target list” of politicians he wanted to get rid of.

So before all information is erased and leftist begin the "don't politicize" campaign I want to list the facts as I have found them at this time:

This all paints a portrait of a young man, dejected by the "Fundamental Transformation of America" despite his young leftist idealism and living in an Arizona in which his own media painted him and all white people around him as racists.

It is one thing for a young man to be confused by the unwritten rules of political correctness, environmental extremism and college progressive indoctrination but this young man lived in a reality where the left-wing ideology clearly does not work.  Progressivism had failed him, his state and his nation.  His favorite books portray this disunity. The books reflect immaturity, the search for truth, and then a dark look at the most evil ideology of the last century ("progressive" socialism in the forms of communism and fascism).

The injured congresswoman and the elder Bush appointed Federal Judge killed both supported the Second Amendment. Mrs. Giffords opposed illegal immigration and Nancy Pelosi.  She was widely known to have been a former Republican and able to work with the new congress as a respected colleague, a status that some would equate to an apostate of the left. Both of these political figures reflect Arizona's disjointed political environment.

The left wing smear merchants will try to use this tragedy to implement their bottom up, top down, inside out attack on America and human freedom.  I call on you to stay informed and point out as needed that the shooter attacked a conservative.

72 hours before Judge John Roll was killed he stated that he was prepared to rule against the Obama administration and not grant them the authority to confiscate IRA/401Ks without clear criminal intent being demonstrated.

PI at states that Jared Loughner and "BoyBlue" of DailyKos are one and the same. He is the one who wrote on the DailyKos that "My Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords voted against Pelosi and is dead to me."

Friends comment on Loughner's motives:


Loughner's friend describes him as an angry liberal pothead who was self medicating and angry at the world since his girlfriend broke up with him in high school.

Strange Shrine in Loughner's backyard -




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