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#TeaParty Hoodies Outsell Obama Campaign Hoodies

In honor of the recent fashion trends in hoodies we have release a twitter inspired #TeaParty tshirt and hoodie collection. Inspired by the Obama 2012 campaign hoodies, these fashionable hoodies are sure to make a statement.

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Products also available include shot glasses and bumper stickers, two items much needed in today's America.

Friday, March 30, 2012

University of California Berkeley Lies About Global Warming - Truthiness

A well written piece in the Daily Mail outlines how the University of California's Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) project lied about the Global Warming:

Professor Richard Muller, of Berkeley University in California, and his colleagues from the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperatures project team (BEST) claimed to have shown that the planet has warmed by almost a degree  centigrade since 1950 and is warming continually.
Published last week ahead of a major United Nations climate summit in Durban, South Africa, next month, their work was cited around the world as irrefutable evidence that only the most stringent measures to reduce carbon dioxide emissions can save civilisation as we know it.

It was cited uncritically by, among others, reporters and commentators from the BBC, The Independent, The Guardian, The Economist and numerous media outlets in America. The Washington Post said the BEST study had ‘settled the climate change debate’ and showed that anyone who remained a sceptic was committing a ‘cynical fraud’.

But today The Mail on Sunday can reveal that a leading member of Prof Muller’s team has accused him of  trying to mislead the public by hiding the fact that BEST’s research shows global warming has stopped.

Prof Judith Curry, who chairs the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at America’s prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology, said that Prof Muller’s claim that he has proven global warming sceptics wrong was also a ‘huge mistake’, with no  scientific basis.

Prof Curry is a distinguished climate researcher with more than 30 years experience and the second named co-author of the BEST project’s four research papers.

But a report to be published today by the Global Warming Policy Foundation includes a graph of world average temperatures over the past ten years, drawn from the BEST project’s data and revealed on its website.
This graph shows that the trend of the last decade is absolutely flat, with no increase at all – though the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have carried on rising relentlessly.
‘This is nowhere near what the  climate models were predicting,’ Prof Curry said. ‘Whatever it is that’s going on here, it doesn’t look like it’s being dominated by CO2.’

Prof Muller also wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal. It was here, under the headline ‘The case against global warming scepticism’, that he proclaimed ‘there were good reasons for doubt until now’.

Media storm: Prof Muller's claims received uncritical coverage in the media this week This, too, went around the world, with The Economist, among many others, stating there was now ‘little room for doubt’.

Such claims left Prof Curry horrified.

‘Of course this isn’t the end of scepticism,’ she said. ‘To say that is the biggest mistake he [Prof Muller] has made. When I saw he was saying that I just thought, “Oh my God”.’

In fact, she added, in the wake of the unexpected global warming standstill, many climate scientists who had previously rejected sceptics’ arguments were now taking them much more seriously.

They were finally addressing questions such as the influence of clouds, natural temperature cycles and solar radiation – as they should have done, she said, a long time ago

In Other Truthiness News

In what will be seen as a massive embarrassment to the left, Chris Mooney wrote about his new book The Republican Brain on the Huffington Post in an article titled:  The Science of Truthiness: Why Conservatives Deny Global Warming. It is clear who is denying the science, Chris.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Twitter Calls for Violence Against George W. Zimmerman

Click to Enlarge 
TOP TWEET: @BlackStewie:George W. Zimmerman 159 Edgewater Circle. Sanford, Florida. 32773, y'all know what to do.. Retweet this. He gone learn today. 
(3/27/2012 10:11 AM) Barack Obama, Spike Lee, Al Sharpton and many others have blown the story of Trayvon Martin into a race war for personal gain. This evil act has now led to calls for violence against George Zimmerman before the facts of the case are clear.

First President Obama ignorantly proclaimed "The police were acting stupidly" and now "If I had a son, he would look like (Trayvon Martin)."  Well, from Trayvon's friends on facebook, what does he look like?

These pictures are not the cute 12 year old portrayed in many media outlets. He was 17 years old over 6 foot tall and not an angel. Here are some of his facebook comments. Here are his twitter messages.

Click to Enlarge (via FreeBacon)
The most damning evidence is the fact that George W. Zimmerman is latino and a Democrat. He is not white nor a Republican. His latina mother is from Peru. Barack Obama has an Arab-African, Muslim name from his father. George W. Zimmerman has a white name from his father. None of that truth matters because progressives want to excite the black vote by appealing to violence and hate.

Using racism and hate as motivation shows the low regard that elitist progressives have for their followers.

The calls for violence on twitter are simply unacceptable. Creating a race war between blacks, latinos and whites is deplorable. Many of us exposed Barack Obama as a radical counter-revolutionary in 2008 and you now understand why.

If you are a Trayvon Martin "justice" supporter, consider the lawlessness that is being targeted at George Zimmerman. That lawlessness could easily be directed at you. In other words, "love thy enemy" because "there but for the grace of God go I." We ask that you reconsider and support Rule of Law over Rule of Man.

Update 3/28/2012

Spike Lee tweeted the wrong address. In case you are wondering why we posted this information, it had become apparent that it was wrong. The vile sentiment is the news. As Beers with Demo follows up:
The Trayvon Martin shooting down in Florida continues to descend into a sad spectacle of unhinged leftist hatred.

Perhaps, fortunately, for George Zimmerman, this lynch justice mob couldn't organize a rock fight..
Another important aspect of the case is when the death occurred.  Information is still being uncovered that reveals what happened. It is understandable when partial information leads to the wrong conclusion. However, Trayvon Martin was killed more than a month ago on February 26, 2012.

This entire affair is starting to smell like a cynical ploy by the White House to sell hoodies. President Obama's team might see this an opportunity to:
  • Energize the black vote
  • Build sympathy for the plight of minorities 
  • Translate the "he would look like me" association into votes from sympathetic groups
  • Contend that we still need a black president due to systematic racism

Update 3/29/2012

Trayvon Martin Knew George W. Zimmerman and intended to target him on January 6.
Trayvon Slimm Martin:
Nah n*gga Found this fat f*ck at my dads house Gonna f*ck with him Names Zittertit or sumding
Michael Suave French:
Ah yeh, n*gga hells yea U onna rob him Just beat his ass?
Trayvon Slim Martin:
Imma sh*t in his mailbox Thats how a true n*gga rolls  Whoo Whoo
Zimmerman's mailbox may be a literal reference pointing out that Trayvon had taken notice of where George Zimmerman lives.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Supreme Court is an ObamaCare Death Panel

The Supreme Court (SCOTUS) has become a death panel. However, Sarah Palin would not have foreseen the scope of this death panel. The Supreme Court must choose between two deadly options with global significance.

The first choice is to kill ObamaCare, the nationalization of health care under the Orwellian Affordable Care Act. This decision will destroy the dreams of control and power held so deeply by the elitist regulators and ruling establishment class. The elites are likely to lie and pervert such a decision into fuel for class warfare, racial hatred and sexist "women's rights" demagoguery. This decision will further inflame the left into violence. It would not be surprising to hear of a bounty placed on conservative justices as a bounty now sits atop George Zimmerman.

Maybe that is the ultimate point to the timing of the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin issue: punishment of enemies by the left. Trayvon died more than a month ago, yet the issue arises at the same time as this Supreme Court decision.

The alternative is to uphold the unlimited power of government granted in ObamaCare. This decision will kill the Constitution that millions of Americans have fought and died for. The Constitutional enumerated powers restraining the federal government would no longer hold as the foundation for individual freedom. The American foundation of freedom grants every individual in the world the hope for a better life. If a better life is not available where you live, you can dream of escaping to the land of the free to be protected by the brave. This hope would be erased for all humanity. The legal restraints would be released from the tyrannical beast of state.

Either ObamaCare dies or Freedom Dies.

Let's hope the Justices of the Supreme Court are brave and patriotic. Let's hope they are rational and reasoned. Let's hope they adhere to the Constitution that underlies freedom. Let's hope they are prepared to sacrifice all in the defense of liberty. Let's hope for all humanity.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Occupy San Diego Pay Rate $12 Hour (Craigslist Astroturf)

Craigslist Astroturf Occupy San Diego Pays $12 per hour
Click for Pdf
Proof that the Occupy movement is astroturf. You may never break into the 1% working for the Occupy Movement but it pays more than grassroots volunteering as a tea party member. The left must be tired of all that messy democracy stuff. 

Is there any mystery as to who is financing this? George Soros

Here is the full text of the Craigslist Ad:

Part Time Job: Be a part of the 99% movement (Chula Vista)

Date: 2012-03-26, 8:30PM PDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

Are you sick and tired of the rich and corporations controlling decisions about our communities? Do you think its time for banks to pay their fair share? Are you ready to stand up and be a part of the 99% movement? Then join the ACCE Canvas team!

Background: San Diego ACCE is part of the California Calls, a statewide civic engagement effort which has 20 member organizations contacting over 500,000 voters throughout the state. Our program's goal is to develop effective issue framing and messaging that builds support and creates a new center of gravity for progressive tax and fiscal reform. We will also identify and mobilize voters and community leaders to build a movement of leaders that want to challenge the status quo on the need for tax and fiscal reform.

Through phone calls and door to door canvassing, canvassers will be identifying supportive voters, explaining information of critical ballot initiatives and inviting supportive families to community meetings.

We have openings immediately. This is a part time job for a few weeks, but we expect to have at least two other programs throughout the course of the year.

• Bilingual preferred
• Experience in community service and/or activism
• Basic knowledge of computers and internet use
• Ability to work independently
• Commitment to Social Justice
• Ability to work evening and weekend schedule
  • Location: Chula Vista
  • Compensation: $12/hour + gas mileage
  • This is a part-time job.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

San Diego: Lord Monckton Battles Global Warming Mad Men

Photo by Anthony Porrello
Lord Christopher Monckton gave a real Reason Rally at the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice Theater at the University of San Diego. The crowd rose to their feet on several occasions as Lord Monckton presented the truth about global warming "science" and the consequences to human freedom. The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley mixed good humor and good information for an terrific presentation.

Some of the key points of the presentation

The primary formula used to calculate "feedback" warming from CO2 is clearly wrong. Observational data was presented that clearly shows global climate is cooler now than it was in the Medieval warm period and within the natural climate variation of the last several thousand years. The "feedback" formula was shown to be a factor of 4.4 times the actual observed and measured value. Further, the actual "feedback" works to stabilize temperatures, not exacerbate them.

The computer models used by the IPCC are based upon a decline in escaping heat with increased CO2. The observed data, in green at the center, shows the opposite result.

Lord Monckton walked through the four IPCC climate reports and showed the evolution of lies and "tricks" used to create and maintain the Global Warming Scam. The take away from this portion of the presentation is the discredited "Hockey Stick."  To create the hockey stick, numbers were not just manipulated and "tricked," they were generated. You can read an entire book on this subject called The Hockey Stick Illusion.

Another key presentation point was on the validity of "Consensus." Science is not consensus and consensus is not science.The notion that "2,500 scientists can't be wrong," is just a fallacy. The climate models and data actually all boils down to one scientist who used the formula for electrical feedback (aka microphones) as the basis for the modeling of CO2 "feedback." There is no scientific consensus on how much the world has warmed or will warm.

If you want all the nitty gritty details on the global warming scam, here is a list of some of my previous posts:

The Point to the Conference

The point to the conference was the peril California faces this summer. In August 2012, California holds the first cap and trade / carbon tax credits auction. It is expected to raise one billion dollars for the state. At that point, this will become a revenue source with big bank and political ties that will never be undone. CO2 becomes a  commodity to be traded and taxed. It will mark the largest transfer of wealth from private citizens to big banks and big government in American history. Europe is already wasting hundreds of billions on this useless scam. The impact on the economy is apparent. The impact on the environment is not.

The best case scenario is that California will raise 400+ billion dollars in taxes to reduce global warming by .001 degree Celsius over 100 years. In reality, the scheme will enrich the regulators and break the public. It will do nothing of worth.

In Britain a similar scheme was passed with absolutely no measurable benefits. No study to gauge the benefits of taxing the public for "carbon pollution" was done prior to the law being passed. Estimates of revenue generated were completed.

In Europe 5/6 of government decisions are made by regional regulators who are not elected nor held accountable. America, through cap-and-trade and agenda 21, is facing the same fate. America is bowing to the same global governance scheme. We Americans will have all the trappings of democracy without the messy democratic process.

The Conference

This important and hugely successful event was organized by Americans Protecting Property Rights and The hall was overflowing and video conference rooms were required for the additional attendees. Lord Monckton was friendly and open to questions before and after the event.

The excellent efforts of the volunteer organizers are greatly appreciated. It is good to see such forward thinking and competence in organization from fellow tea party volunteers. The familiar faces and welcoming attitudes are a hallmark of the movement.

For examples of attitudes from the left, look no further than's coverage of Lord Monckton.

You can also follow Lord Monckton's exploits as a contributor at Whats Up With That. Americans Protecting Property Rights is also found on facebook.

Americans Protecting Property Rights
Cap Energy Trade Freedom


From the beginning of the Global Warming Hoax, I have been trying to expose the utter ignorance of the entire argument. It appears the end game has arrived. While we have successfully debunked the science, politicians are woefully ignorant of the facts. There are also progressive forces who are actively trying to destroy our economic and political freedoms to undermine our constitutional rights in order to accumulate power and control. 

California Assemblyman (77th) Brian Jones commented that many lawmakers who passed The California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB32) did not know what it was. It turned out to be the United Nations 1997 Kyoto Accord. AB32 is the entry point for global governance.

The members of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) are appointed and operate outside any legislative oversight. CARB will be implementing Cap and Trade.

If you ask why these people would harm you and your family, the answer lies in these anti-American comments:
  • "All of these dangers are caused by human intervention... the real enemy then, is humanity" Alexander King 
  • "...current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class--involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work air conditioning, and suburban housing --are not sustainable" Maurice Strong, Secretary General, UN Conference on Environment & Development, 1992 (Rio Earth Summit)
This is the last call for freedom. As Lord Monckton emphatically proclaims,
"I was born in a democracy. I will die in a democracy."
 America is an idea, based in freedom. So I proclaim that our ally Lord Monckton is a great American. We need more great Americans to stand at our side.

Solar Irradiance Causes Climate Change

Its the Sun Stupid!
An article by the Danish Meteorolgical Institute in Copenhagen shows that it is the sun and not man behind climate change.

There are two findings of note:
  • The most immediate cause of climate changes would be changes in the total irradiance of the Sun.

  • This clearly demonstrates that some long-term change in the solar wind has taken place during this century which is not reflected in the sunspot number at solar minima.
More recently a paper titled High-resolution sea surface reconstructions off Cape Hatteras over the last 10 ka was published in the AGU Paleoceanography Journal that provides clear evidence that solar irradiance had a major impact on climate during the Holocene.

Dr. Sabastian Luning comments at Die kalte Sonne Site:
"The new findings once again clearly underscore that the last several thousands of years are characterized by natural temperature cycles that are controlled by fluctuations in solar activity (see p. 68-75 in ‘Die kalte Sonne’). The logical continuation of these natural cycles through today shows that an important part of the warming of the last 150 years has to be attributed to the increase in solar activity. It is not a mere coincidence that the last decades have been the most solar active of the last 10,000 years.

The climate models used by the IPCC are not able to reproduce these millennial cycles because they assign only a very small climate impact to the sun. Also the recently introduced new climate model from the Max Planck Institute in Hamburg suffers from the same deficiency, and thus the results of that model are essentially unrealistic.”

Thursday, March 22, 2012

theSLOBs Mobile App Update: Multiple Articles fixed

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We have been tirelessly working on android mobile app.  All the updates caused some users an issue where each article is being downloaded multiple times. This has been resolved in the latest release.

If you have the multiple download issue: uninstall the app and then reinstall the app. This is accomplished by following this link to the Google Play (Previously known as Android Market) web page (CLICK HERE) or by clicking the PLAY STORE icon on your phones home screen.

If you use the PLAY STORE button on your home screen take the following steps:
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Whether you CLICKED HERE or followed the PLAY STORE directions you will now see the option to UNINSTALL. Go ahead and uninstall the app. When complete hit the blue INSTALL button. ACCEPT AND DOWNLOAD the install and you will no longer receive multiple copies of each article.

There is still an issue where some articles do not download properly. A button on the app fixes this issue per article. The button highlighted in yellow toggles between the "mobilized" version of the article and the "rss" version.
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Thank you for following the San Diego Local Order of Bloggers and staying informed during this perilous time in American history.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tea Party, Swing Voter Blogging Audience

As a reminder for my fellow tea party bloggers, here is a run down of our audence. Linda Killian is on a book tour for "The Swing Vote." In the book, she identifies four types of independent voters or swing voters. These are actually tea party voters.

We write to make a difference, so knowing our audience is critical.
  1. Suburban Moms and Dads: the largest group, diverse, economically conservative, socially moderate
  2. NPR Republicans: old, raise most of the money, socially conservative, economically moderate. Rockefeller Republicans who are now more independent.
  3. Facebook Generation: young, economically conservative, socially classically liberal/libertarian, easy to sway but hard to turn out
  4. America First Democrats (aka Reagan Democrats): male, working class, midwestern, traditional values, religious, socially conservative, NRA members.
The Atlantic has a long piece on this subject, but this paragraph summarizes the power of the tea party/swing voter:
The Republican victories in the 2010 midterm election were also decided by these voters. Independents supported Democrats by 18 points in 2006. But driven by their concern about the nation's economy and strong opposition to Democratic spending and health-care initiatives, they supported Republican congressional candidates in 2010 by the overwhelming margin of 56 to 38 percent, a 36-point swing from 2006.
Linda Killian is not tea party friendly or takes that tact to ensure media coverage. Move past the code language and consider that three of these four groups are the tea party.  The other group, Rockefeller/NPR Republicans, are accessible via social issues but will be targeted to divide and conquer Obama's opponents. The actual point of the book is "how to beat the tea party."  The intent is to separate the money from the movement which is pointed out by the quote: 
Money is the driving force in the American political system... It's not just the mother's milk of politics -- it's the cottage cheese and yogurt too.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Obama Responsible For Gas Prices

The proof is in the pudding. President Obama, aka Oilbama, and the Democrats are responsible for rising gas prices. Despite articles from touting "More Drilling Won't Lower Gas Prices" and "It's Not Obama's fault that Crude Oil Prices Have Increased" there is now admission that oil supply and production via government policy does matter.
How obvious is it that oil prices, set on a world market, are all but impervious to government policies? So obvious that even Rupert Murdoch’s WSJ and the Koch-fueled Cato Institute feel compelled to make the case.
 Well, it is not obvious as Reuters is reporting that "U.S., Britain set to agree on emergency oil stocks release."

(Reuters) - Britain is poised to cooperate with the United States on a release of strategic oil stocks that is expected within months, two British sources said, in a bid to prevent fuel prices choking economic growth in a U.S. election year.
A government policy of releasing supply from the strategic petroleum reserve MUST affect world market prices. There is no reason for the Obama administration, the British government or previous U.S. administrations to release the oil reserves without such an effect. Supply does matter.

Reuters continues:

While there is no significant disruption of world oil supplies at the moment, sanctions on Iran are expected to cut its output when a European Union embargo takes effect from July.
Minor stoppages from South Sudan, Yemen and Syria also have contributed to the rise in oil prices.
"At the moment there is no need to use it," IEA executive director Maria van der Hoeven said of reserves at an industry conference in Kuwait on Wednesday.
"There is more supply coming to the market from OPEC countries. There is no price trigger for the stocks release, the trigger is a disruption in physical supplies."
"There is no real supply disruption, this is just price management", said Olivier Jakob from Vienna-based consultancy Petromatrix
While the U.S. release would be of crude oil from the national SPR, the UK contribution is likely to come from a reduction of the minimum reserves of crude and refined products that UK commercial oil companies are required to hold.
The United States has sold crude oil directly from the 700-million barrel SPR only a handful of times, almost always in conjunction with the IEA.
In addition, the U.S. Department of Energy has arranged unilateral short-term loans from the reserve about a dozen times since it was filled in the 1980s, typically in much smaller amounts.
"Simple deduction, my dear Dr. Watson."

Hat tip: Fellow SLOB Lipstick Underground

More Information

W.C Varones "Obama to plunder Strategic Petroleum Reserve to boost re-election" observes:
Gee, that would create a temporary dip in gas prices right around... oh, what's happening this fall anyway? has more detail on "How the Strategic Petroleum Reserve Affect Gas Prices"

The U.S. House of Representatives: "Obama Administration Spins U.S. Oil Production Numbers, Takes Credit for Predecessors’ Pro-Energy Policies"

Enews: "Production on federal tracts fell in 2011"

Institute for Energy Research: "IER Analysis: Oil and Gas Production Declines on Federal Lands in FY2011

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Alinsky Rule 13: Radicalize The Messenger

From a Washington Times email:

Most Read Stories
  1. Exposer in Stolen Valor case fired
  2. Sheriff Arpaio: Obama birth certificate a 'forgery'
  3. NRA official: Obama wants to outlaw guns in 2nd term
  4. KUHNER: Obama's Islamist agenda
  5. Drones over U.S. get OK by Congress

(full email pdf)

The Obama administration added to the Rules for Radicals with "Being boldly radical focuses the appearance of radicalism upon the messenger." President Obama has actually accomplished something toward his Nobel Peace Prize, a historic footnote.

This new rule must have been learned from experience during the 1960's or the study of countries previously fundamentally transformed. The very Machiavellian strategy may have been featured in Hugo Chavez's book. Did Chavez release the audio book?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

OilBama Hurting the Poor

Gas prices are causing major problems for Barack Hussein Obama.

Tonight my wife and I went to the movies to see Project X, (it was fun). By coincidence, it happened to be during the San Diego Latino Film Festival. We took time looking at all the various displays and my wife won a t-shirt.

A large diet Pepsi at the theater cost me $5.26. Snark required the comment, "I could have almost bought a gallon of gas!" The ethnic young man behind the counter chuckled and added, "I want to go back a couple of years when it was like $2."

I know my fellow bloggers are aghast at the use of the term "like" but let's focus on the issue. This young man is exactly in President Obama's target group: young, poor, ethnic and now angry. Unfortunately, he happens to be angry at President Obama.

Add the young working poor, who face 3% inflation (minus energy and food prices), to the growing list of groups at odds with progressives.

The list also includes Catholics, who run charities, schools, adoption agencies and hospitals.

The War on Catholics accelerated as the State Department announced that The Vatican is a money laundering scheme. The Obama administration is unhappy with recent push back from the Pope on ObamaCare abortion coverage mandates. The administration is attempting to coerce bishops into backing the administration over the Pope. The tactic in this battle against Catholics is Alinsky rule #12:
RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it." Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)
The War on Catholics has a major upside for the Obama reelection effort. By attacking the Pope, someone somewhere will equate Obama with the Antichrist. If the administration is lucky, a Rick Santorum supporter will make the statement. A talk radio host would be a big catch, but it seems unlikely at this moment. Even if it is a random citizen caught by a progressive camera, it will be used to slander everyone who opposes Barack Obama and keep focus off of the economy.

Additional SLOBs discussing gas prices:
Lipstick Underground: Environmentalists Hate Poor People*
The Liberator Today: The Price of Gasoline and Obama
Beers with Demo: Say, can we just forget about what I said earlier?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

HBO's Game Change Smears Sarah Palin

Last night my wife and I watched HBO's Game Change. It is an adaptation of the book by the same name by Mark Halperin. The movie was informative about the state of American progressives.

Untruths, dramatic evil soundtracks, outright provable lies and demonization of Sarah Palin marked the film as bad propaganda. If the movie was targeted toward other progressives it may have been successful, but it is clearly targeted at independents and conservatives. Undertones are meant to give people negative emotional reactions to the Sarah Palin caricature. Republicans are characterized as racist and violent as forboding music plays. The dumbest aspect of the movie was the revisionist claim that Sarah Palin is responsible for McCain's loss and Barack Obama's presidency.

The progressives who made this movie are misguided. They mistakenly believe that the audience for HBO political movies is as immature as the tweens they normally target with propaganda.  They simply have not clued into the fact that progressives are the establishment. Progressive is not "in" anymore and all the hateful rhetoric and 1930's style dehumanization is just #FAIL.

Post Script

It seems that cancelling HBO is also becoming "cool."

Someone should also mention that Game Change is an attempt to counter The Undefeated (2011) that is currently showing on Reelz.

Eric Metaxas at the National Prayer Breakfast 2012

The Doo Doo Economics Blog focuses on uncovering facts. The facts pursued here focus on our economy, the politics that surround the economy and laws that effect it. Occasionally, something powerful comes along that speaks to the underlying freedom and values of our society but is outside the normal fare. The following speech by Eric Metaxas is such a moment.

In front of President Obama, Mr. Metaxas underscores key concepts and examples from modern history. He explains the concepts of "turn the other cheek" and "love thy enemies." Eric provides insight into the lives of brave people who changed the world. He uses humor and excellent presentation to make his case for God. Mr. Metaxas then puts his words into action and makes several humorous attempts to reach Barack Obama.

Barack Obama and the left are focused upon depopulation, putting the Earth First, centralized authority and other pro-dependence and anti-individualistic ideologies. It is obvious that the American left hates the people on the right. Regardless, Metaxas refuses to surrender his political opponents to the darkness and provides a disarming example of loving thy enemies. Mr. Metaxas makes every humorous attempt to give President Obama his books. These books, featured on Glenn Beck, underscore the unique individual value of each human being.

This is a speech that reached me. It reminds me of the importance of "turning the other cheek" and "loving thy enemies." It is an example of reaching out to those with whom you disagree.

The speech comes from the perspective of an individual relationship to God. Those who are more tied to a more traditional religious persuasion may be distracted from the message. Regardless of religious persuasion, the presentation and message of this speech are exemplary.

Eric Metaxas is the author of Bonhoeffer:  Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy which was named “Book of the Year” by the ECPA. A New York Times #1 bestseller, Bonhoeffer also won the 2011 John C. Pollock Award for Biography awarded by Beeson Divinity School and a 2011 Christopher Award in the Non-fiction category.  Called a “biography of uncommon power,” Bonhoeffer appeared on numerous 2010 “Best of the Year” lists and was featured in the Wall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly, The New Republic, Harper’s, Kirkus (starred review), NPR, FoxNews, C-SPAN’s Book TV, Christianity Today, The Weekly Standard, and First Things.

In 2011, Metaxas was the recipient of the Canterbury Medal awarded by the Becket Fund for Religious Freedom.  Previous medalists include Archbishop Charles Chaput, Mitt Romney, and Elie Wiesel.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Obama Eligibility is about The Rule of Law.

One key concept in the founding of a free society is that men (kings, queens, emperors, dictators, etc...) should not rule by their whim. The Rule of Law is the concept that no one is above the law. It is fundamental to individual rights and a free society.

America was founded with three separate branches of government to protect the Rule of Law. The most basic level of law in America is the U.S. Constitution. It establishes which rights the government is charged to protect. The Constitution is the written representation of enduring and agreed upon truths, and as such we call it law. The only alternative is the Rule of Man.

We should all remember that the issue of Natural Born Citizenship, as established in The U.S. Constitution and upheld by 3 supreme court cases and Senate Resolution 511, is about The Rule of Law.

Many of us allow ourselves to believe that the Obama eligibility issue is not going to be settled. However, it is a battle worth fighting. If The Rule of Law does not apply to our leaders, if they are above the law, America is over and we are no longer free.

When the Roman Republic fell, Romans did not accept the truth. Historians say that for at least 100 years, many Romans held to the belief that the Republic still lived. After the complete collapse of the Roman Empire a few hundred years later, many Romans were slaughtered by invading hordes as they continued to cling to the belief that Rome was invincible. Without Constitutional Rule of Law, Americans are on the same path and the world will suffer a new dark age.

To accept that we can not or should not fight relentlessly to preserve freedom via The Rule of Law is to condemn future humanity to the Rule of Man. To allow The Constitution to become a worthless piece of paper reveals us as cowards and unfit for freedom. Cowards is not a strong enough word because we patriots know that historically freedom is the exception to the tyrannical rule and we are the people charged with it's care.

Post Script

We face a dishonest media, a corrupt government and a miseducated public. We may not prevail. If generations to come see that we failed to fight when we are so clearly on the correct side, it will discourage them. Some of us are not brave enough to face the task for ourselves but imagine a hopeless future where humanity is little more than a natural resources for those in power. You can see it today in the hopeless eyes of the young who are desperately grasping empty promises from the left.

Patriots do have an advantage. We occupy our historical position as the rebels who fight for freedom. We are "cool." Now we must take control of the message and spread real hope.


Some comments have raised the question of Natural Born Citizenship. This argument always revolves around asking for a direct example of Natural Born Citizen in the Constitution or Supreme Court cases. They never reference a Constitutional example or Supreme Court case that equates naturalized citizen, native born citizen, or simple citizenship with Natural Born Citizenship. They are attempting to use the "it depends upon what the definition of 'is' is" argument.

The definition of Natural Born Citizen is exactly as it sounds. A child who is a natural citizen in that they are born of citizen parents. There is no real controversy on the subject. It is the simplest definition possible and is not directly defined because it is common language just as 'is' is.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Question to Progressives and other Socialists

A key tactics of socialists is to exploit the young to foment revolution. The tactic works because "Independence is not a toy for children to play with, but the privilege of a fully matured mind. (Jefferson in Paris)" It is a fact of life that to prepare for freedom a person must learn the value and cost of it. All knowledge comes at a price and the cost of freedom is so high, that it is the rarest possession in human history. Due to this fact, people are easily swayed away from the pursuit of freedom by empty promises of utopia.

Communist goal 43 is quoted as "Overthrow all colonial governments before native populations are ready for self-government." This goal is the cumulative effect of leading young people down the road to tyranny. It implies the imposition of tyranny by the few over the many. There is a reason that classical education is no longer the cornerstones of public education. It is impossible to rule an educated and free people.

With this in mind, I ask young progressives and socialists to consider a basic question. Do you want your children to grow up as slaves?

If not, there are two paths to ensure their futures. The easier path is that of The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli and enslavement over others. The harder path is that of the U.S. Constitution, the 5000 Year Leap, and earning the privilege of freedom. The harder path requires not only the knowledge of The Prince but the willingness to sacrifice all to ensure freedom for yourself and those around you. This harder path was once known as a classical education.

Post Script

Many Americans blindly follow when they hear the term "rights." It seems that our powers of perception have become drained. Let me point out that the pursuit of all these "rights" has led to massive debt. America is so indebted that it seems that the federal government can no longer raise interest rates due to the cost of the interest payments. ObamaCare will add trillions more to the debt in the name of "rights." This is money that the American public owes and the quickest way to lose freedom is through debt.

Freedom is the exception to the tyrannical rule

Friday, March 2, 2012

Carl DeMaio Unfazed by Dirty Tricks

On Thursday night, my wife and I attended an event with City Councilman Carl DeMaio. The event was actually a mayoral fundraiser for big wigs with whom I normally do not rub elbows. We attended this event because Carl took the time to call me and invite me himself. Being a humble blogger, this was shocking and refreshing.

Upon arriving, a firetruck was parked out front and a group of mayoral candidate Bob Filner (D) supporters were gathered around with protest signs. The Filner supporters attempted to break up the DeMaio fundraiser by calling in the fire department. They claimed that the room was beyond capacity. This was not true, but the point of the dirty trick was to punish anyone who hosts a Republican fundraiser. When we arrived, the firemen were lecturing the Democrats that the response to their complaint was a waste of tax money and may have cost lives in an emergency.  I am pretty sure the part about wasting tax money went right over their heads, but they were dispersed and sent on their merry ways by the fire department.

The event was nice.  The Butcher Shop hosted the event which featured several tables of delicious finger foods and desserts. Carl gave a short but rousing speech and graciously thanked everyone for attending.

Councilman DeMaio sat at the table with a group of us toward the end of the dinner and shared political war stories. He relayed a story about fighting for books to be put on reserve at the college library as a poor college student. Carl discussed his role in fighting for the little guy in several settings and mentioned that "if someone isn't mad at you, you aren't doing anything." The most interesting stories were about the lengths the local public employee unions go to stop reform. The tax raising story of Prop D. is an example of how the unions operate in San Diego.

Carl DeMaio is running for mayor and winning. He is winning among Republicans. Carl is leading solidly among independents. Most informatively, Carl is only eight points behind Bob Filner among Democrats. These numbers were according to Councilman DeMaio. I look them up and found only this SurveyUSA Election Poll #18958, but the specifics are not as important as Carl's follow-up statement: "I want to win among every group."

As a tea party member engaged in the struggle to save our country, I cannot agree more wholeheartedly! We cannot just want to win. Beating the other guy is important in the competition of ideas, but we are all Americans. We believe in the founding ideas of this country. There is no reason that like minded Americans cannot agree on core issues of freedom. Our goal should be to win the hearts and minds of the people we are trying to save from certain economic and personal ruin, and not just prove our point.

Some people are miseducated and brainwashed by the one sided culture war and "reeducation system." That I grant, but most Americans do not want our system to collapse in order to be "fundamentally transformed."  Most Americans just want to have a decent life and be left alone. For that to happen, we need brave people who want to reach across the ideological rift despite occasionally having fingers bitten off.

Personally, I sometimes blow a gasket when miseducated, uninformed and deceptive leftists float their propaganda. They look at politics as war and the first rule of war is deception. It is upsetting.  Remember that irrational people look to make rational people irrational through incendiary tactics. We need to love the struggle and maybe even turn the other cheek.

Andrew Breitbart knew they were lying, but he kept having fun. It seems Carl DeMaio also understands this. DeMaio is smart, charismatic, his energy level is high, his commitment is unwavering and he enjoys the fight. I am glad he is on our side.

Post Script

Another attendee of the event mentioned Delphi Forums: The Bully Pulpit  as a place to exchange and debate ideas. It might be a good place to practice reaching across that ideological rift without losing a finger (carpel tunnel not included).

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Andrew Breitbart Death Trumps Sheriff Joe Arpaio Announcement

Being in San Diego presents me with a few unique opportunities. Shaking the hand of Andrew Breitbart was one such opportunity. I had a couple short conversations with Andrew and we tag teamed the left via twitter on a couple occassions.

Andrew Breitbart and Matt Friedman a
Congressional Candidate in Dec. 2009
I snapped a couple pictures of Andrew with my friends, but never jumped to get a photo op for myself. That is my style. My name doesn't matter, my face doesn't need to be in lights. I am a humble guy from Northern Indiana who is not James Dean. However, the idea of America means everything to me as it did to Andrew Breitbart.

I understand that Andrew was twitter jousting while on a walk when he collapsed. He was not in athletic shape, but he certainly was not in dire physical condition. So news of his passing is a major shock!

The news is also a headline grabber from Sheriff Joe today at noon. The Daily KOS is having a hard time mocking Sheriff Joe this time around. The comments are trickling in and some are pro Sheriff Joe. 134 comments, 44 tweets, 329 likes IN 6 DAYS. That is an entire week to head this thing off at the pass, and they failed. I hope Sheriff Joe has something new to say because it would have been Breitbart publicizing it.

Let us salute Andrew Breitbart as a warrior for freedom and a fearless force for the new media.




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