Thursday, June 30, 2011

2020 THANKSGIVING -a view of the future!

“Winston, come into the dining room, it’s time to eat,” Julia yelled to her husband. “In a minute, honey, it’s a tie score,” he answered. Actually Winston wasn’t very interested in the traditional holiday football game between Detroit and Washington .. Ever since the government passed the Civility in Sports Statute of 2017, outlawing tackle football for its “unseemly violence” and the “bad example it sets for the rest of the world,” Winston was far less of a football fan than he used to be. Two-hand touch wasn’t nearly as exciting
Yet it wasn’t the game that Winston was uninterested in. It was more the thought of eating another TofuTurkey.

Even though it was the best type of VeggieMeat available after the government revised the American Anti-Obesity Act of 2018, adding fowl to the list of federally-forbidden foods, (which already included potatoes, cranberry sauce and mince-meat pie), it wasn’t anything like real turkey. And ever since the government officially changed the name of “Thanksgiving Day” to “A National Day of Atonement” in 2020 to officially acknowledge the Pilgrims’ historically brutal treatment of Native Americans, the holiday had lost a lot of its luster.

Eating in the dining room was also a bit daunting. The unearthly gleam of government-mandated fluorescent light bulbs made the TofuTurkey look even weirder than it actually was, and the room was always cold. Ever since Congress passed the Power Conservation Act of 2016, mandating all thermostats—which were monitored and controlled by the electric company—be kept at 68 degrees, every room on the north side of the house was barely tolerable throughout the entire winter.

Still, it was good getting together with family. Or at least most of the family. Winston missed his mother, who passed on in October, when she had used up her legal allotment of live-saving medical treatment. He had had many heated conversations with the Regional Health Consortium, spawned when the private insurance market finally went bankrupt, and everyone was forced into the government health care program. And though he demanded she be kept on her treatment, it was a futile effort. “The RHC’s resources are limited,” explained the government bureaucrat Winston spoke with on the phone. “Your mother received all the benefits to which she was entitled. I’m sorry for your loss.”

Ed couldn’t make it either. He had forgotten to plug in his electric car last night, the only kind available after the Anti-Fossil Fuel Bill of 2019 outlawed the use of the combustion engines—for everyone but government officials. The fifty mile round trip was about ten miles too far, and Ed didn’t want to spend a frosty night on the road somewhere between here and there.

Thankfully, Winston’s brother, John, and his wife were flying in. Winston made sure that the dining room chairs had extra cushions for the occasion. No one complained more than John about the pain of sitting down so soon after the government-mandated cavity searches at airports, which severely aggravated his hemorrhoids. Ever since a terrorist successfully smuggled a cavity bomb onto a jetliner, the TSA told Americans the added “inconvenience” was an “absolute necessity” in order to stay “one step ahead of the terrorists.” Winston’s own body had grown accustomed to such probing ever since the government expanded their scope to just about anywhere a crowd gathered, via Anti-Profiling Act of 2017. That law made it a crime to single out any group or individual for “unequal scrutiny,” even when probable cause was involved. Thus, cavity searches at malls, train stations, bus depots, etc., etc., had become almost routine. Almost.

The Supreme Court is reviewing the statute, but most Americans expect a Court composed of six progressives and three conservatives to leave the law intact. “A living Constitution is extremely flexible,” said the Court’s eldest member, Elena Kagan. “ Europe has had laws like this one for years. We should learn from their example,” she added.

Winston’s thoughts turned to his own children. He got along fairly well with his 12-year-old daughter, Brittany, mostly because she ignored him. Winston had long ago surrendered to the idea that she could text anyone at any time, even during Atonement Dinner. Their only real confrontation had occurred when he limited her to 50,000 texts a month, explaining that was all he could afford. She whined for a week, but got over it.

His 16-year-old son, Jason, was another matter altogether.. Perhaps it was the constant bombarding he got in public school that global warming, the bird flu, terrorism or any of a number of other calamities were “just around the corner,” but Jason had developed a kind of nihilistic attitude that ranged between simmering surliness and outright hostility. It didn’t help that Jason had reported his father to the police for smoking a cigarette in the house, an act made criminal by the Smoking Control Statute of 2018, which outlawed smoking anywhere within 500 feet of another human being. Winston paid the $5000 fine, which might have been considered excessive before the American dollar became virtually worthless as a result of QE13. The latest round of quantitative easing the federal government initiated was, once again, to “spur economic growth.” This time they promised to push unemployment below its years-long rate of 18%, but Winston was not particularly hopeful.

Yet the family had a lot for which to be thankful, Winston thought, before remembering it was a Day of Atonement. At least he had his memories. He felt a twinge of sadness when he realized his children would never know what life was like in the Good Old Days, long before government promises to make life “fair for everyone” realized their full potential. Winston, like so many of his fellow Americans, never realized how much things could change when they didn’t happen all at once, but little by little, so people could get used to them.

He wondered what might have happened if the public had stood up while there was still time, maybe back around 2011, when all the real nonsense began. “Maybe we wouldn’t be where we are today if we’d just said ‘enough is enough’ when we had the chance,” he thought.
Maybe so, Winston. Maybe so

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Where Are All My Facebook Friends?

To answer this question, the following Event was posted by Sharon Miller on Facebook:

"Have you noticed that you are only seeing updates in your newsfeed from the same people lately? Have you also noticed that when you post things like status messages, photos and links, the same circle of people are commenting and you are not hearing from anyone else?
......The problem is that a large chunk of your contact list can't see anything you post and here's why:

The "New Facebook" has a newsfeed setting that by default is automatically set to show ONLY posts from people you've recently interacted with or have interacted the most with (which would be limited to the couple of weeks just before people started switching to the "new profile"). So, in other words, for both business and personal pages, unless you or your friends/fans commented on one anothers posts within those couple of weeks - you are now invisible to them and they are invisible to you!!

On your homepage click the "Most Recent" title on the right of the Newsfeed, then click on the drop down arrow beside it and select "Edit Options". Click on "Show Posts From" and change the setting to "All Of Your Friends and Pages" (you can also access the "Edit Options" link at the very bottom of the Facebook homepage on the right)

Note: Business pages do not have a newsfeed. Owners of business pages should adjust the settings on their personal accounts.

The good news is:
You can now view all of your friends and fans again.

The bad news is:
YOU ARE STILL INVISIBLE to a large portion of your list. If you want to re-establish contact, you will need to get the word out to ALL of your contacts by inviting them to this "event" or creating one of your own so they can read the post and adjust their settings.

To invite your friends:
Click on "Attending" at the top and then you will see an option to invite your friends under the smiley face. It’s public so everyone who logs onto Facebook can view it and even the friends who can’t see your posts WILL see the event invitation. You can also tweet about it, create a blog post or send out an email to your subscribers in hopes of reaching them all."  

Friday, June 24, 2011

California Quake Coming?

Being a Southern California resident has motivated me to keep an eye on earthquakes. One key to understanding earthquakes is tectonic pressure. Tectonic pressure builds up between plates and is released when the plates slip over, under or sideways relative to each other. Another curiosity is how little gravitational influences are discussed in relation to earthquakes, so I began forming a hypothesis.

Some moons in the solar system are heated by the gravitational push and pull exerted upon them by their planets. Our moon pulls on Earth enough to cause tides upon trillions of tons of water. After large solar flares eject billions of tons of charged particles near Earth, it is logical to assume that this gravitational influence would cause additional tectonic pressure.

The recent Honshu earthquake moved Japan east. This would seem to infer that on the opposite side of the associated tectonic plates there would be a pressure change. Either an increase or decrease in pressure could start a chain reaction of earthquakes as the pressure equalizes between connected tectonic plates. If we add a few billion tons of gravity to the cycle, should we see an increase in large quake frequency?

Here is a list of my USGS global earthquake ( >= 6.0 magnitude) email alerts since the last significant Honshu aftershock:
 If you map these quakes, they look like darts hitting a board but missing California. The more recent the quake, the closer to California they appear to become.  Additionally, Solar Flare 47 is expected to arrive at Earth today (June 24th, 2011) and an asteroid is going to pass very close to the us on June 27th.

Could all these factors add up to a big quake in California? No one can say for certain, but the dartboard is full everywhere else!

 President Obama's Occidential Registration Transcript: Barry Soetoro, Islam, Indonesian

Registration transcript states ~ Name: Barry Soetoro - Religion: Islam - Nationality: Indonesian
To begin, I have not had time to independently verify the authenticity of this document. Assuming this to be authentic, this is an outrage! This is not only dishonest and possibly criminal fraud, it proves beyond any reasonable doubt that he fails the "Natural Born Citizen" Constitutional requirement and is not eligible. If Obama is ineligible, We The People are not currently represented by our government as the sovereign rulers of the United States.
"The transcript from Occidental College shows that Obama (Barry Soetoro) applied for financial aid and was awarded a fellowship (scholarship) for foreign students from the Fulbright Foundation Scholarship program – an international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government.  Grants are available for U.S. citizens to go abroad and for non-U.S. citizens with no U.S. permanent residence to come to the U.S.  To qualify, for the non-US citizen scholarship to study in the U.S., a student applicant must claim and provide proof of foreign citizenship.Occidental College transcripts provides concrete evidence to annul Obama presidency.
This is an embarrassment to the country. Despite this dishonor and national disgrace, do not expect Obama to resign or step down. He will NOT bow out of the 2012 race. 

Mr. Obama's entire life is based upon lies and there is no way for him to face the truth now. His only alternative is to plod forward with smears and attacks.  The Audacity of Hope has proven to be just audacity to spit and lie to our faces. He truly believes Americans are ignorant and easily manipulated.

It can only be surmised that his supporters are viewed as a natural resource to exploit. They are only as valuable as their contribution to his personal success. Exploiting the poor and least informed voters has been Democratic bread and butter since the rewrite of history after Republicans passed Civil Rights legislation in the 1960's. 

The Worst Case Scenario

The most dangerous possibility is that Obama's leftists become violent. Japan's assault on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941, could be the Obama template to keep power. Japan attacked us after America, the worlds largest oil exporter, cut off oil exports to Japan. In order to secure the resources they needed, Japan attacked and destroyed our Pacific fleet. They knew we would rebuild it, but the tactic provided time for Japan to seize the oil resources in Southeast Asia and the Philippines. 
Violence could be used in order to fool Americans into calling for government intervention through the National Guard or other military resources.  This would explain why the social engineering in the military appears to be designed to force out religious and conservative fighting personnel. The traditional military personnel ensure that the military is a force for America and not against Americans. Without the traditional personnel the military could be turned on the people. Remember that war is politics through other means and with a leader who is lacking character, virtue, and wisdom - We The People are endangered.

Violence would provide power, time and an excuse to seize resources needed to implement complete control over Americans.  Resources taken or controlled would include banks, industry, information, food and travel. Once these items are controlled by government monopoly the citizens become slaves to a ruling class and freedom is at an end.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Glenn Beck cause of Whitehouse.Gov Waffle on Obama speech?

Glenn Beck presented a June 20, 2011 report from Whitehouse.Gov on a speech by Mr. Obama at a DNC event. The transcript stated:
"Over the last 15 months we’ve created over 2.1 million private sector jobs. (Laughter.)"
After the episode of Glenn Beck on Fox News, it appears that has changed the story to say:
"Over the last 15 months we’ve created over 2.1 million private sector jobs. (Applause.)"
Glenn began the show with video of a White House staffer promising a solar panel powered water heater to be installed on the roof of the White House by the end of spring. That promise was made 253 days ago and today is the official start of summer. Like most other Obama administration promises it went unfulfilled.

I have to wonder how there are two separate reports from the DNC event:
It is no wonder that the waffler in chief is now discussing pulling troops from Afghanistan. We stay in Afghanistan to appease the majority of Americans while pulling troops out to appease the radical left. What the White House needs on the roof is not a water heater, it is a teeter totter.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Heroes of the Republic at The AFA/UCLA Big Footprint Conference

Big Footprint: Is Green the New Tyranny?

On Monday June 13, 2011, I had the honor of investigating the mystery of the big footprint at an international conference. Lord Monckton headlined the event at UCLA which included atmospheric physicists, columnists, policy directors, nuclear fusion experts, environmental scientists, geographers, philosophers, theologians, doctors, lawyers, professors and many other enlightened thinkers. It was an honor to attend and I thank the American Freedom Alliance for the invitation.

A fable proclaimed that those who stare at the face of truth become blinded by the light.  This analogy reveals that life is generally a dark intellectual exercise with moments of light as truth is revealed. Big truths may be the hardest to see because they blind and startle us as the proverbial light goes on.

If you are staring at the light when it turns on, it can blind you. At this conference, the brightness was nearly unbearable. Some people became frustrated with the glowing intellectual discussions. It was a passionate environment of rich and meaningful debate and much of the passion came from dissenters to the discussions.

Unfortunately, I only could attend the final day of the two-day event. Final day discussions included Global Warming, The Drafting of the UCLA Declaration, The Assault on Human Exceptionalism, Energy Policy: Fusion and "Alternative" Power, and Bioethics. All of which included enough truth to give the average truth seeker a sunburn.  You might go out on a limb and conclude that I enjoyed the conference.

What is the "Big Footprint" and is "Green the New Tyranny?"

It turns out that the feelings of powerlessness in the face of an all powerful government, the sound of air sucking out of our lives, and the strangulation of blood from our economy due to massive regulation are the toe impressions from the big government footprint on our necks. Examples of these impressions are far too numerous to list, but "Green" is one.

Surprisingly, "Green" is not a new tyranny. It is an old tyranny with a new name. Green is the New Red. Red is shorthand for Communist Totalitarian Dictatorship. The tyrants of the world are always renaming and rebranding. As I say, "Great ideas stick around, bad ideas go away, and the worst ideas are reborn under a new name."  You have to be extremely bad to require a name change. Anthony Weiner hasn't changed his name, although it may be in progress.

What was the take away from the conference?

There is no audience for what needs to be expressed.  Those of you who understand truth will take issue with how this is expressed. Those of you who are just beginning to understand the truth will likely get a migraine. Those of you who live in a dark comfortable life of hope and change will not accept the following.

You will hate this, as do I, but it is only because the truth is so unbearably heavy. We are imperfect beings who seek comfort and warmth. We do not seek to carry a burden and what follows is burdensome, but hope also follows.

If you read on and consider the following, you are a hero. You are my hero and, in the name of the Republic and human freedom, I hereto claim the power to grant a specific title.  Your titles shall forthwith include Hero of the Republic of the United States of America.

The Heavy Burden of Truth

Mincing words and attempts to be witty will not be much use here, so this is the burdensome truth:

The conference included many perspectives, angles and strategies at disseminating the truth. Examples were used. History was told. Facts were exposed. Emotions were tugged upon. Ultimately it comes down to the fact that the eternal struggle between good and evil, light and dark, freedom and slavery and governance vs. self-governance has reached another tipping point (to use alarmist rhetoric).

Sovereign Americans rely on Natural Law to establish who rules among themselves. It is this Natural Law which is referred to as independence or liberty and without it, we are not self-governing. We are ruled. Ruled by an elite political class that no longer honors even the most basic tenet of self-governance. The basic tenet is that only a Natural Born Citizen can represent and preside over his fellow citizens.  Americans' sovereignty is currently usurped by the government and we are no longer a represented citizenry of a democratic republic.

You were warned about this information. It is not going to get any better as you read on. Some of the best minds in the world have come to this conclusion. This is not just my opinion.  For all the great minds at the conference, I apologize for putting words in your mouths, but your arguments follow.

A ruling political, elitist and illegitimate class has taken the reigns of power through lies, propaganda, miseducation, misdirection, corruption, oppression, intimidation, violence and class warfare. These people are as evil as any in history. They oppose the very notion of Human Exceptionalism because they want to ensure their own positions of power.

America no longer debates between emotional cries for liberty and rational calls for liberty. America is now struggling between the unique value of individuals and individual value as a commodity natural resource to be exploited and disposed. We are now chattel or sheeple to be harvested and most importantly to be made scarce for the benefit of the rulers.

All the intellectual tactics being used against us are focused on winning an argument that starts with a false premise that "humans are not as important as [something alarmist]" and ends with "There should only be [insert number] people on the planet because of [insert rhetorical term]."  To ensure that elitist policies are not overthrown we cannot be "allowed the illusion" of self determination. Cars, guns, health care, information, media access, food choices, energy resources and economic freedom must be centrally controlled by the political class.

The most important of all freedoms to be controlled is thought which is most threatened by Religion. Western Judeo-Christian religion gives a deep and unique value assigned to the individual. This value is given by God and not the ruling class. It establishes an inalienable individual value. To make matters worse, The Bible itself is an analogy about the evils committed upon humanity by people with the exact beliefs and passions of the current ruling class. The Bible describes how to overcome these tyrants and it is the basis of America's Constitution and America's economic system.
Ok, are you still with me?

If you were a knight of old, you are now trained in what you need to know. There are many refinements to this truth and I believe in your unique abilities to find and use them.  However, your intellectual armor is not complete. You must be smacked in the head once again with the truth as a reminder to wear your helmet ("keep your thinking cap on").  

What I have just told you is summarized as: They see you as a number. There are more of us than them. They must balance this equation.

For this, there is an example to drive the point home. In World War II, there was a reason that the Nazis did not divert all available trains and materials toward Russia even after the defeat at Stalingrad. Thousand of German soldiers had died and this tipped the racial balance in Europe. Hitler was balancing the numbers. Balancing the numbers was more important than winning the war.  

Consider… DDT, CFC's, environmental regulations, the lack of energy policy, CO2 regulations, financial regulation, Obamacare Quality Adjusted Life Years, outsourcing via burdensome corporate tax rates, agenda 21, animal rights, earth religion and "green job" unemployment. False religions, false science, and bad economics are not political strategy, they are tactics.  "Alternative" energy is an alternative TO the market and is not a reliable, cheap energy alternative.  These are tactics to separate people in to the lowest of three economic classes.  As Christopher Horner describes the three classes," those who pay to lose weight, those who work to eat, and those who don't know where their next meal will come from."  They are balancing PEOPLE.

Your sword of truth

Real hope exists. We have a number of weapons at our disposal, but there is one that converts western liberals into free thinking Americans at an alarming rate. You can use this sword of truth on the masses of miseducated and brainwashed.

At the conference, a very left biased woman asked a extremely passionate question. She asked how our propaganda was different than their propaganda.  Many people shrugged and shook their heads. Hours of facts, figures and debates had not broken through to this woman.  After the end of the final discussion panel, I approached the woman and asked her if she had seen Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business. This film documents how the FDA used its power in an attempt to destroy a doctor who developed a cancer cure in order that they could steal his patents once he was either financially ruined or thrown in jail. This is just one of millions of examples available.

She had seen the movie and I then revealed the sword of truth.  "We conservatives fear that the FDA, EPA and the entire government has become corrupt," I began.  As individuals, we are no longer respected by our government and we are powerless against it.  Our individual freedom is threatened by people who do not see us as individuals. Her eyes fixed on me and her head tilted. We had found common ground to discuss the classic debate between the factions of classical liberalism, aka those who believe in self-governance.

The sword of truth is individual value. We are all unique. We are all personally invested in our own uniqueness.  Adam Smith described this as your uniqueness of perspective that has never existed prior and shall never again exist. Christians call it your soul.  It is your merit and your value. The Declaration of Independence proclaims that we each have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Everyone that wants to impede your inalienable rights is committing injustice upon you. This is the common thread.

At the conference, panelist Jeffrey Schwartz made an impassioned plea that Judeo-Christian Religion is the cornerstone and basis of our argument for individual value. Wesley J. Smith and David Prentice disputed this strategy in favor of less theocratic tactics. They were all correct, but the key concept is individuality.

Even if you went back in time and relived 10 years of your life, your two alternative "you" would be unique from each other in perspective. You would be changed. You would impact the world differently. The difference in the world would be, and is now, YOU - a Hero of the Republic.

You don’t get a horse, so don’t ask.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

George Mason University - Freedom in the 50 States

The Mercatus Center of George Mason University released an index of American "Personal and Economic Freedom." This study ranks American States in Freedom. The ranking is based on public policies that "affect individual freedoms in the economic, social and personal spheres."

You can review the entire article by clicking either image above or the link at the beginning of this post. The report is also available as a downloadable PDF.

There is also a short video available on YouTube.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Redistricting Challenges San Diego Rep. Brian Bilbray (CA-50)

San Diego Draft Redistricting Map
California congressional redistricting is showing the sad state of government. In a move that clearly favors Democrats, six Republicans are taking hits in the process while only three Democrats will face problems. 

Republican Reps. Elton Gallegly, David Dreier, Gary Miller, Brian Bilbray, Dan Lungren and Jeff Denham are at risk.  Democratic Reps. Lois Capps, Loretta Sanchez and Jim Costa face the same issues.

San Diego's Brian Bilbray of CA-50 is particularly at risk. He has been one of the few Representatives who held open townhall meetings during the ObamaCare debates.
"Bilbray is now in Rep. Darrell Issa’s (R) district north of San Diego. Bilbray’s current district got pushed into San Diego and is a good bit more Democratic now. Look for Bilbray to run in that San Diego-area district but have a significantly tougher time winning." ( )
It would appear that Rep. Susan Davis (D) will lose some of her overwhelming Democratic voting block.  She may have to actually campaign due to some of her more outrageous statements. For instance, in 2009 at an ObamaCare townhall she told the crowd of opponents that she would "vote her conscious." It was a clear slap in the face to her constituents who urged her to represent THEIR opposition to the unconstitutional law.

Complete draft redistricting maps are available at




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