Sunday, September 11, 2011

9.11 and Emancipation

Since the dawn of humanity some people have enslaved and ruled over others.  Kings, emperor, Caesars, and the like have held power over most human lives through history. There have been few exceptions save the people who fled to the uncivilized frontiers.

Over the last 400 or so years the new frontier has been known as America. This represents maybe 1% of human history.  This 1% of time represents around 80% of human technology and around 90% of human lives that have enjoyed freedom. 

On 9.11.2001 we saw that latest assault upon the idea of human freedom.  Islamist enslavers assaulted us in an attempt to gain a "supermarket" of slaves to pick from.  To take over the world you must defeat America. 

Sympathetic elitists in America have also used this assault to justify centralization of power. Just as America had loyalists in the Revolutionary War, slave owners in our Civil War and American Nazis in World War II, we today have elitists opposing the idea of individual liberty and self government.

Yeah, that's right! I said it, SELF GOVERNMENT aka freedom!  The most precious of all human goals, liberty.It is opposed by the evil with many names but one goal and one true name, slavery.

Ten years after 9.11, America is still largely free.  We have lost some ground, the massive assault on liberty has not been fruitless, but it has not prevailed.  Credit bravery, every day American heroes like the Tea Party, George W. Bush, the members of the military, or God. The fact remains we have not been defeated.  America remains the frontier of human freedom and a force for good.

Soon a leader shall emerge that appeals to the yearning for liberty in our beaten down, politically intimidated, hopeless youth.  The forces of liberty have journeyed through darkness over the last several years, but a new dawn is coming.  A new emancipation is in the tide of the affairs of men.


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