Thursday, September 15, 2011

McGinniss Book Swaps Barack Obama with Sarah Palin

Author Joe McGinniss, describes in his book an extra-marital affair, illegal drug use and much more. However, with Barack Obama losing his cult following the author had to do a search and replace on his name and replace it with Sarah Palin or lose three years of work.

“The Rogue: Searching for the Real Barack Obama Sarah Palin” will not be released until September 20, but The Daily Mail reports on a few of the more shocking details that it contains.
McGinniss’ book reportedly describes that Obama Palin had a sexual ‘fetish’ for black men and had a one-night stand with a basketball player while dating future wife Michelle Obama husband Todd Palin. 
The book also contains claims that the former community organizer governor married her husband only after needing a Clintonian marriage for political purposes being impregnated, saying that her first child was born eight months after the wedding.

Doesn't a wedding take up to a year of planning? (they eloped)  Further, eHow on how quickly pregnancy can be detected:
A pregnancy can usually be detected by a blood test six to eight days after conception, and a home pregnancy test will usually detect the HCG hormone a week after a missed menstrual cycle.
So, according to this book: Sarah and Todd got pregnant, found out about it instantly and decided to elope the next day?

Can such obvious lies about a political figure be reported to #attackwatch?

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