Friday, May 13, 2011

Will Obama release Osama's video tapes?

We release everything that we shouldn't including names of special operations personnel while holding onto pictures of dead terrorist leaders. Continuing this line of unreasoning we should release Osama Bin Masterbatin's pornography. already sinks low enough to post false transcripts about political opponents, "AUDIENCE MEMBER:  They’re racist!" so the administration might as well target a poll bump-n-grind  from the Jersey Shore crowd.  Perhaps the Oversees Contingency Operation slogan can now be "make porn not war."  Call it outreach to the Islamic terrorist community.

Obama's poll-dance may benefit from the release of Osama's porn tapes. It falls directly into Democrat smear opponents through ridicule strategy. Further, Osama's favorite adult video starlet can be invited to the White House for a photo op and then record some public service announcements:

"72 virgins can't do this" (Arabic language)
"TSA: positions available"
the list goes on...

Bill Clinton would do it!

The revelation that Osama was a porn hound does make me question if he was armed during the raid. I can understand the confusion in the administration story. Who knew that wasn't a gun in his hand?

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