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How to Promote Freedom on

The San Diego Local Order of Bloggers are San Diego's Finest Tea Party Bloggers. We developed a website ( to help the public quickly gather and share original ideas, news and commentary through social networking. This blog, Doo Doo Economics, is a member blog and uses website to share news and commentary from this website and a diverse collection of Tea Party inspired freedom lovers.
Figure 1: Article ShareThis interaction

Often the associated bloggers work on the same story from different points of view. It is common for a Randian Objectivist, a fiscally conservative Democrat, an Independent and a Republican to write about the same topic. The San Diego Local Order of Bloggers is an excellent source for news reporters and commentators to find interesting topics and perspectives.
Figure 2: Facebook Article Sharer website is integrated with Facebook and Twitter. It automatically Tweets new articles from the Doo Doo Economics twitter account. is the location of the automatically updated Facebook page. An Android mobile application is also available.
The automatic publishing features are useful, but user social interaction is the strength of the site. Each individual article features a shareThis link to provide access to a wide range of social networking websites. Each member blog and the most recent associated articles links to a special page with additional social interaction options.

Figure 3: Share to Facebook Groups
The San Diego Local Order of Bloggers website has its own social interaction control area on the far right side.  Controls include RSS Feed, ATOM Feed, Facebook 'likes', Google+, Stumble Upon, Twitter, and a link to the Android mobile app.

How To Share Information from

The majority of users today are on Facebook, so that is our starting point. My recommendation is to join "facebook groups" aligned with your interests. You may then share articles to those groups.  Sharing posts from theSLOBs to Facebook groups is just a click away.

Click the ShareThis link as shown in Figure 1. (You may click figure images to enlarge.) Figure 2 displays the Facebook sharer pop up window. You may need to fill in your user name and password here, but this is a webpage.  Change the "Share:" location to "In a group." Fill in the "Type a group name" box, per Figure 3, and hit the "Share Link" button.

Figure 4: "like" confirmation
 Alternatively, you can access social interactions by clicking the article or blog name. This is a framed page. You can leave the frame at anytime by clicking "Remove Frame" at the top. This page is useful for measuring how much social interaction your favorite articles have accumulated. Due to the nature of theSLOBs website, the articles are hot-off-the-press and you are likely to be the first of your friends to find interesting topics.
Figure 5: Tweet from Framed view page.

Here you can "like" (Figure 4) or Google+ the article or blog and it will show up on your "Wall." You may also Tweet about the article. Figure 5 shows a typical tweet of an post by Liberator Today. Notice the importance of hash tags (#) and @ symbols in reaching a large audience. Hash tags are automatically entered from the article's content, but you can edit the tweet to your heart's content.

Figure 6: Link to San Diego Local Order of Bloggers Facebook page
Finally, The San Diego Local Order of Bloggers website is always improving. Some recent improvements include linking to additional blogging lists, improved advertisement placement and a Facebook page link as seen in Figure 6. The goal of the website is to promote freedom and the men and women who work to preserve it. We all want to know "what can I do" to contribute in the effort to save America. Hopefully this tool will help you contribute by spreading the call for freedom. 

We Tea Party bloggers are not paid.  We work to protect and preserve the U.S. Constitution and our values. We are tireless out of duty, honor, pursuit of truth and justice, and love of our friends and families. All of us are driven by our belief in you.


Shane Atwell said...

Nice work!

Doo Doo Econ said...

I believe this will coincide nicely with your recent endeavors!

Dean said...

Sir Charles, thanks for all your hard work for the SLOBs. Link forthcoming.




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