Saturday, April 27, 2013

Twitter Ends Censorship of Conservative Trends

#AttackWatch Brown Shirts

Twitter Begins Censoring Conservatives

Back in September 2011 the Obama White House began #AttackWatch. It was a Twitter hashtag where people could report anything negative said against President Obama. Conservatives immediately took control and mocked the Stalinist tactic.

#AttackWatch Brown Shirt tshirts began selling online. The trend grew against the Obama Administration to the point that they realized the danger of their error.

Instead of apologizing to the American people, the Obama administration found a way to work with Twitter to shut down conservative trends. This blog and Gulagbound found that despite the fact that #AttackWatch was by far the most popular trend on Twitter it stopped being listed as a top trend. You can read all about it in our post "Twitter Hides #AttackWatch Trending - Proof."

The Administration did this by misusing the power of the presidency.
"UPDATE: Why would twitter make such an obviously corrupt move? Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is on a presidential advisory committee.
(5/26/2011) President Obama announced his intent to appoint Costolo to the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC)"
The proof of the censorship was obvious because the Twitter programming interface (API) took time to update. Until it was patched, several Twitter Trend web services clearly showed the tampering. Once that API was updated, Twitter could now censor for the Obama administration. Conservative topics never again trended for more than a day.

Twitter Smeared As Where People "Jump to Conclusions"

After the Boston Marathon attack, news outlets and other left wing organization began a smear campaign against Twitter. AP was hacked. President Obama warned the public about "jumping to conclusions." It was all out warfare because facts were being put out on Twitter before the news media could find them. Law Enforcement began releasing information on Twitter before old fahioned "news conferences."

Twitter had more and better information and the viewers of CNN could clearly contrast the coverage. Reports of dogs barking filled dead airspace on CNN while Twitter uncovered photos and videos of the Boston Marathon Bombing. While news reporters ran from bomb scares and stood on street corners, Twitter users were seeing pictures of people being arrested, a Saudi 2123b terrorist being tackled and connected the dots between the Motives, The Means and The Money behind the attack.

The establishment media, which has been loyal to president Obama, was threatened and retaliated. My guess is that the president's statement or the actions of his handlers made matters worse. Twitter began to realize they needed to fight back. Someone at Twitter then flipped a switch and emancipated the army of conservatives into trending freedom. A conservative hashtag, #YouJustPulledAnObama, began to soar.


Despite the millions of Obama Twitter bots (fake accounts) and paid social media company attack dogs calling people racists and attempting intimidation against the conservatives on Twitter, #YouJustPulledAnObama has trended for days on end.

One of the worst, unfunny, unwitty, liberal tweets of all time has more than 2000 retweets to rank as the top tweet in the trend. The Soviet style salute is a clear sign that social media bots cannot stand up to conservatives.

While Obama followers are urged to declare their loyalty, patriotic conservatives are storming the gates. Fellow SLOBS blog Beers with Demo provides insight into some of what is being unleashed on Twitter with "What We've Been Tweeting."


The cultural winds have changed. Andrew Breitbart is smiling.


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